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If you hold down the 'Windows' key (Called 'Super' in the Linux world) you will get an overlay on your desktop, containing the most common shortcuts. Some of the most common include: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key : changes workspace. Super + S : Workspace Overview Ctrl + Alt + L : Lock Computer Alt + Tab : Windows Switcher Super : Opens Dash Among the commands you want: 04 - Unity keyboard/mouse shortcuts 04 - Unity keyboard/mouse shortcuts
Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation Ubuntu is a free operating system or a Linux distribution ("distro") which currently receives the second highest hits after Linux Mint at DistroWatch. If you have the Ubuntu system which comes with the default Gnome desktop environment installed in your PC, you might find these tips and tricks useful for working with the system. Looking for a desktop interface with a start menu that looks closer to the Windows system?