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10 Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills. A few months ago I wrote about how setting myself photographic assignments was one of the things that had helped me to improve my photography the most.

10 Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills

The idea was that it is often when you put yourself into a situation specifically for photography that you are forced to practice the theory that you know and you see your photography improve. The assignments I mentioned were all different types of photography or places to take photos – weddings, road trips, sporting events, festivals, portrait sessions, concerts, trips to the zoo etc. What I didn’t mention in the post was another set of ‘assignments’ or challenges that I’ve set myself over the years which have also led to a lot of photographic growth. In these challenges I tend to set myself the challenge to only shoot in one particular way for a period of time (for me it is usually a weekend challenge as that is when i take most of my images).

A Concise Guide to Lightroom Develop Presets. The Presets panel (found in the left-hand panels in the Develop module) is one of the most useful in Lightroom.

A Concise Guide to Lightroom Develop Presets

The most obvious benefit of Develop Presets is that they can save you time, which is always a good thing. But they do more than that, including help you maintain a consistent approach to post-processing and using creative effects. Develop Presets tend to fall into one of two categories. The first are what you might call one-shot presets, which seem to work well on one or two images but not many others. A good example is Develop Presets intended to create a vintage or cross-processed look.

The second category is what you could call genuinely useful presets. In this guide to Lightroom Develop Presets we’ll go over some your options. Free Develop Presets. Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens, USA 2520A004. The fastest 135mm telephoto lens in its class.

Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens, USA 2520A004

Ideal for indoor sports and portraits with background blur. Two UD-glass elements correct secondary spectrum for outstanding sharpness and color. Compatible with Extender EF 1.4x II and 2x II. PicFlow - photo slideshow video maker for Instagram. Flipagram - Bring Moments to Life! Create short video stories from your photos, set to music you love! BigLens - Create Super High Quality Photos. No longer do you have to guess which pixel your friends are.

BigLens - Create Super High Quality Photos

With Big Lens, now you can work with higher resolution images imported straight from your onboard digital camera. iPhone 3G users can import up to 2MP images, and Big Lens will optimize the images to 960x720 for editing and sharing. iPhone 3GS / first generation iPad users can import up to 10MP images, and Big Lens will optimize to 3MP. iPhone 4 / 4S / second generation iPad users can import up to 12MP images, and Big Lens will optimize to 8MP. LensLight. Light Sources LensLight includes light sources such as spotlights, light rays, cloud rays, and light cones.


The spotlights dynamically point to center, while the light cones and rays can be positioned and pointed in any direction. Bokeh Bokeh are points of light that expand into glowing shapes as the camera is set out of focus. The LensLight Bokeh effects are completely interactive - adjust the size, rotation, and density. Light Leaks A light leak is an area within a camera where extra light is able to shine in, causing the film to over-expose. LensFlares Several lens flare elements are also included, such as glints, spikes, sparkles and streaks.

Revealers Of Lost And Found Treasures. Canvas Photos, Canvas Prints, Canvas Printing, Canvas Photo Prints, Print Photos, Photos On Canvas. Families » Coty Jones Photography Blog. I launched my photography business in 2009 after I graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fine Art Photography.

Families » Coty Jones Photography Blog

While my time in the big city was an experience I'll never forget, I couldn't deny the pull to return to the beautiful little island nestled in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay where I was raised. I believe the root of my passion for documenting life's moments lies in the idyllic landscape of my childhood home. It's a quaint fisherman's village of weathered old docks, work boats, and high tides, and it's where I learned to appreciate the little details of the everyday and embrace my undying love for the water.

My island inspires me beyond measure. It's where I go to spark the creative spirit, and filter out all the noise. 15 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography. With the summer coming up and different celebrations you may have the opportunity to photograph some fireworks.

15 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography

If you’re in the USA you have the 4th of July, in Canada July 1st. In many other places you can find fireworks festivals or competitions even, or special occasions when fireworks may be set off including weddings, New Years Day or course and of course at Disneyland! So here’s a few tips to help you photograph fireworks. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s all about practice, experimentation, and the following mantra (say it with me!) Andrew S Gibson (andrewsgibson) on Pinterest. Customer Login. Snapstagram - Quality Prints Of Your Instagram Photos. The Easiest Way to Send Photo Prints to Friends and Family — Picplum.