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Polymer clay

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Premo! Faux Stone: Opal Tutorial. Pinterest. Polymer Clay - Mokume Gane. Melanie Muir - Polymer Clay - Petite Paintings ... Stratographic Sea Handmade Mokume Gane Polymer ... Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Bracelet, with yellow ... Polymer clay mokume gane bracelet. Tutorial Filigree Mokume Gane. Deoarece acest tutorial este creatia mea originala si il ofer gratuit, va rog sa nu-l postati pe blogurile voastre sau alte site-uri fara acordul meu iar cand faceti lucrari dupa acest tutorial va rog sa faceti trimitere catre acesta postare.

Tutorial Filigree Mokume Gane

Va multumesc pentru intelegere.1. Materiale necesare: - 2 nuanţe de polimer pentru degrade si o nuanţă pentru bază. Au carré. Par Absinthe La photo de base eh oui des draps!!!!

au carré

Il faut divers coloris de fimo pour faire les mélanges Ensuite le matériel avec embout carrééééééééé!!! Art-on0107. Shelley's Lace Cane. Canespinner's Designs in Polymer Clay! - Peace Cane Tutorial. PostThumbnailView. 눈꽃케인 만들기 [폴리머클레이, Polymerclay]


Meg Newberg's Polymer Clay Millefiori Canes Tutorial & Giveaway. Meg Newberg and Her Awesome Canes Posted on March 14, 2013 in Featured Artists, Tutorials by Katie.

Meg Newberg's Polymer Clay Millefiori Canes Tutorial & Giveaway

Snowflake Cane Tutorial. Fall is here and winter is coming on. We've been busy preparing for some Christmas shows coming up soon and so I've been busy creating things with winter and Christmas themes. I was thinking of making a snowflake cane and had been looking around for various ideas. One of my ways of getting inspiration is going through magazines, flyers and colorful brochures.

Polymer Clay : Welcome to Flickr! Redwood Coast Creative Arts: Polymer Star Cane Tutorial-In Celebration of International Charm Day. A while back I made this star cane and due to popular demand I promised to put it out there as a free tutorial.

Redwood Coast Creative Arts: Polymer Star Cane Tutorial-In Celebration of International Charm Day

There are many different ways to approach the star as a cane but this "cookie cutter" method is my all time favorite. It's just what works for me. This is the finished cane reduced down to various sizes. For this tutorial I used black and white because well, I like black and white and It contrasts well in the photos. And my photos need all of the help they can get! The first thing we need to do is condition some polymer clay. PCC Instructions - Snowflake Cane. Here is another holiday idea submitted by Jane Mahneke.

PCC Instructions - Snowflake Cane

She learned to make these little Snow Flakes at the classes she attends at the Los Angeles Polymer Clay Guild. At the right is a scan of Jane's Snowflake cane. Lesson: For this example, we used Cyan and White Fimo. Step 3: Reduce the design, cut off the ends until you reach a good section of the design at each side, and then cut into six even lengths. Step 4: Make a white bullseye for the center and place the six sections of the snowflake you have just reduced around this bullseye.

Step 5: Reduce to desired length and outline in color that looks well with your chosen background color. Jane MahnekeIllustrations by Arlene Thayer. Floral Polymer Clay Pendant : Archive. Rather than caning a complete flower, try what Donna calls "component caning.

Floral Polymer Clay Pendant : Archive

" All you need to know is how to make a single element — the petal. The leaf and the reed are also made the same way; the difference is color and the way the elements are shaped. Google Translate. Pinterest. FIMO karkötő. 1-3 óra közepes Amit elkészítünk FIMO süthető gyurmából készült, vidám, meleg színekben pompázó karkötő, mely kitűnő kiegészítője lesz majd a napbarnított bőrnek a nyári éjszakákon!

FIMO karkötő

Fantastic! Fimotic! [Alles aus Fimo] Урок- простая розочка-кейн. Многим уже надоели розочки, но только не мне.

Урок- простая розочка-кейн

Может еще кому-то пригодится)Для лепки понадобится 2 или более цветов глины. Polymer clay canes tutorials. Polymer clay canes tutorials. Ronit golan's most interesting photos. Making a Magic Swirl Cane. Here's a goodie for using up some of your random fun scraps.

Making a Magic Swirl Cane

I originally published this in my April newsletter. If you want to read the whole newsletter, the link is I'd love for you to post your canes or any projects you make from them on my Facebook Page! 1) Grab some piles of left over scrap clay in colors you want to blend. Make sure the piles are similar in size. 2) Chop up the different piles of scrap clay with a blade or in your food processor. 3) Stack the different piles of chopped clay next to each other. 4) Chop up a bit of scrap black clay and divide it evenly between the piles. 5) Roll and press your pile of chopped bits into a square. 6) Run the slab of clay through the pasta machine on the thickest setting - from one color to the next as shown.

Pinterest. Polymer clay cane tutorials. Техника "Калейдоскоп" Калейдоскоп - это техника лепки из полимерной глины, в которой как в оптическом приборе складывается симметричный разноцветный узор. В этом уроке я подробно расскажу как изготовить изделие в этой технике. Мастер-класс написан мной уже довольно давно, и будет замечательно, если его прочтут и на Ярмарке Мастеров, и он окажется кому-то полезен) Если эта техника покажется вам сложной, или будут вопросы, возможно, ответы на них вы найдёте в моих предыдущих уроках. Tutorial pour une cane fleur. Pinterest. Faux turquoise tutorial... Hi friends – we made it through Monday, Yay! Today was the first time in over a year that I had the house all to myself. It felt a little quiet and lonely, but perfect for crafting and just catching up on house work. I also managed to put together a tutorial of a little project I did over the weekend.

On our recent trip to Mexico, hubby bought me some beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry. Mexico is well known for its turquoise and silver, but as usual, you have to be careful of impostor jewelry. There are various ways to tell real turquoise from fake, but as technology advances so does the ability for manufacturers to make very realistic looking turquoise. Set of two Drawer Pull with purple yellow and ... White Polymer Clay Giraffe Design Glass Vase - Altitude / ... Pinterest. Polymer Clay: Home Decor and Gifts. Pinch pots or "bubble bottles." Be sure to ... Pinterest. Pinterest. Polymer Clay: Home Decor and Gifts. Polymer clay bowl tutorial. Uniqe Coloredl Mix Bowl made with Millefiori ... Pinterest. Polymer clay rings Noa Noir. Pinterest. Pithagoreio vol13 Made from Pardo Translucent polymer clay by ... Pinterest. Janice Abarbanel, Raphael's Valentine. Welcome to Flickr!

Textured Folded Bead using Pixie Art texture stamp ... Premo! Dichroic-Look Pendant. Pinterest. Faux Tie Dye Coasters. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing.

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DIY// Faux Agate - Fall For DIY. I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this project with all of you. After my first venture into polymer clay I realised what a wonderful and versatile material it was. It got my mind ticking over. I wanted to see how far I could take it. Can I transform a cheap and accessible substance into something precious and desirable? I had a ton of ideas, many of which I’m still planning on experimenting (and hopefully will be showing you all) with.