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Le blog Ufologique de Gildas Bourdais: Après Roswell, des études secrètes ? Leonard Stringfield: de la nourriture pour ET? ~ Veritas-Europe. L’une des plus étranges histoires d’OVNI enregistrées nous provient de feu Leonard Stringfield, qui, pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et les années suivantes immédiates, était attaché à la 5ème US Air Force dans une unité de renseignement militaire.

Leonard Stringfield: de la nourriture pour ET? ~ Veritas-Europe

Le 28 Août 1945, en volant dans un C46 au-dessus de Iwo Jima, Japon à environ 10.000 pieds, Leonard Stringfield et le reste de l’équipage a rencontré trois OVNIs en forme de larme qui affectèrent les moteurs et l’équipement de navigation de l’avion et entraîna presque la mort violente de tous ceux qui étaient à bord. Heureusement, quand les OVNIS ont quitté la zone, le pilote a réussi à reprendre le contrôle de l’avion et la catastrophe fut évitée. Ufo - UFOS at close sight: URECAT-000506 - July 3, 1955, Stockton, Georgia, USA, Margaret Symmonds. Brief summary of the event and follow-up: Ufologist Leonard Stringfield wrote on the multiple reports of encounters of weird small creatures, often without any corresponding UFO sighting, at the time when the Press published sensationalist articles on the case known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville little men.

ufo - UFOS at close sight: URECAT-000506 - July 3, 1955, Stockton, Georgia, USA, Margaret Symmonds

Among them was that of Mrs. Margaret Symmonds of Cincinnati, who said that while going to Florida, near Stockton, Georgia, on July 3, 1955, 03:30 a.m., driving the car with her husband sleeping in the back, she saw four figures standing in a group on the right side of the road. She first thought they were a group of pigs, but getting closer she saw that they were not. These figures were between 3.5 and 4 feet tall, they seemed to wear a greyish one-piece cape covering thin arms ending in appendices similar to claws.

Two of them stood in the background, turned their back at Mrs. Mrs. Basic information table: UFO lands and humanoid taps young schoolboy on shoulder - Kofu City, Japan - February 23, 1975. Revisits crash-retrieval expert research - Mufon. Leonard Stringfield case files revisited - Mufon. Leonard Stringfield Case files revealed - Mufon. Inside Saucer Post 3-0 Blue. Inside CRIFO views the status quo: A summary report by Leonard H.

Inside Saucer Post 3-0 Blue

- X-Files. The Event Shortly after 8:31 P.M. on Wednesday, July 17, 1996, radar contact was lost with a Paris-bound jetliner and news of the horrible downing of TWA Flight 800 spread around the world.

- X-Files

The aircraft, bounding from the John F. Kennedy International Airport with a destination for France was blown away by a catastrophic happening at an altitude of 13,700 feet, breaking apart into 5 large pieces that fell into the waters off of the Long Island coast. Traces Physiques d'OVNI. Les rapports de traces physiques furent étiqueter Rencontres Rapprochés du deuxième type (RR-II) par le défunt J.

Traces Physiques d'OVNI

Allen Hynek et impliquent les cas où il y avait une interaction physique entre l'OVNI et son environnement. MUFON revisits crash-retrieval expert research - Mufon. Leonard H. Stringfield. Leonard Stringfield (1920–1994) was an American Ufologist who took particular interest in crashed flying saucer stories.

Leonard H. Stringfield

He died in 1994.[1] Stringfield was director of Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects (CRIFO), and published a monthly newsletter, ORBIT. In 1957 he became public relations adviser for the civilian UFO group NICAP under the direction of Donald Keyhoe, a friend of his since 1953. From 1967-1969, Stringfield served as an "Early Warning Coordinator" for the Condon Committee. During the 1970s, he wrote a number of books about alleged recoveries of alien spaceships and alien bodies. In 1978, Stringfield served as UFO research adviser to Grenada Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy. Publications[edit] References[edit] ^ Jump up to: a b "WHO's WHO in UFOLOGY". External links[edit] Bio - Leonard Stringfield. Leonard H. Stringfield. Stringfield naît en 1920.

Leonard H. Stringfield

Au lycée, on le surnomme "Webster" parce qu'il aurait mémorisé la totalité du dictionnaire. Il obtient son diplôme en 1939. Leonard Stringfield Case files revealed - Mufon. UFOs: Food For Thought (Or Food For ETs) One of the strangest of all UFO stories on record came from the late Leonard Stringfield, who, during the Second World War and its immediate aftermath, was attached to the U.S. 5th Air Force in a military-intelligence capacity.

UFOs: Food For Thought (Or Food For ETs)

On August 28, 1945, and while flying in a C46 over Iwo Jima, Japan at around 10,000 feet, Stringfield and the rest of the crew encountered a trio of teardrop- shaped UFOs that adversely affected the engines and navigation equipment of the aircraft and almost resulted in violent death for all aboard. Fortunately, as the UFOs exited the area, the pilot was able to regain control of the aircraft and disaster was averted. It was this experience which led Stringfield to devote much of his post-military life to trying to unravel the complexities of the UFO mystery. Although Stringfield chiefly focused his investigations on reports of crashed UFOs held by the U.S. Leonard Stringfield case files revisited - Mufon. Crashed UFOs: The Bolivian Affair. Regardless of whether or not UFOs really have crashed to Earth, there can be no doubt that mentioning the words “crashed” and “UFO” in the same sentence inevitably brings the controversial Roswell, New Mexico affair of July 1947 to mind.

Crashed UFOs: The Bolivian Affair

But, there are numerous other cases on file that could, perhaps, be termed the “little brothers” of Roswell. And even though, as people may know from my Body Snatchers in the Desert book, I’m not a particularly big fan of crashed UFO cases, there are some that even I still find very intriguing, including the following… The genesis of the affair in question appeared to come from a U.S. Department of State telegram transmitted from the American Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, to the U.S. Secretary of State, Washington, D.C., on 15 May 1978. It began: “The Bolivian newspapers carried this morning an article concerning an unidentified object that apparently recently fell from the sky. Six days later a communication was transmitted from the U.S. UFOs: Food For Thought (Or Food For ETs) Ohio’s Freaky Frog-Folk. Loveland is a city in southwest Ohio, USA that has a population of around 12,000, and which was settled back in 1795.

Ohio’s Freaky Frog-Folk

It’s a small, picturesque place, filled with mountains of history and cool, old buildings. Then there are Loveland’s resident frog-people. Yes, you did read that right. And, no, I’m not joking. The controversy all began in the summer of 1955 – specifically the month of July. Alien Encounters. "Quoi de plus important que d’identifier une organisation extraterrestre qui possède une telle supériorité technologique qu’elle peut se permettre d’agir au grand jour sans être reconnue. "