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ThriftExamples. If you are new to Cassandra and just want to get started, take a look at the available clients ClientOptions (v0.6) instead.


This page shows examples of using the low-level Thrift interface, primarily intended for client library developers. To generate the bindings for a particular language, first find out if Thrift supports that language. If it does, you can run "thrift --gen XYZ interface/cassandra.thrift" for whatever XYZ you fancy. These examples are for Cassandra 0.5 and 0.6. As of 0.7 and later, the default thrift transport is TFramedTransport so if you get an error such as "No more data to read", switch transports.

Before working with Cassandra and PHP make sure that your PHP installation has APC enabled. To create Cassandra.php and cassandra_types.php you must use thrift -gen php interface/cassandra.thrift of the cassandra package the rest of these files come from the main thrift package. Java Toggle line numbers. WTF is a SuperColumn? An Intro to the Cassandra Data Model — Arin Sarkissian. HBase vs Cassandra: why we moved « Bits and Bytes. My team is currently working on a brand new product – the forthcoming MMO

HBase vs Cassandra: why we moved « Bits and Bytes.

This has given us the luxury of building against a NOSQL database, which means we can put the horrors of MySQL sharding and expensive scalability behind us. Recently a few people have been asking why we seem to have changed our preference from HBase to Cassandra. I can confirm the change is true and that we have in fact almost completed porting our code to Cassandra, and here I will seek to provide an explanation. For those that are new to NOSQL, in a following post I will write about why I think we will see a seismic shift from SQL to NOSQL over the coming years, which will be just as important as the move to cloud computing.

That post will also seek to explain why I think NOSQL might be the right choice for your company. Did Cassandra’s bloodline foretell the future? One of my favourite tuppences for engineers struggling to find a bug is “breadth first not depth first”. Like this: Installing Cassandra and Thrift on Snow Leopard – A Quick Start Guide. Update March 25 2010: I will soon update this for Cassandra 0.6 (which is currently in beta).

Installing Cassandra and Thrift on Snow Leopard – A Quick Start Guide

Until then, this process still works – just install Cassandra 0.5.1 I couldn’t find much in the way of an OS X install guide for Cassandra and (particularly) Thrift, so here’s a brief summary of the steps I took to get Cassandra up and running on Snow Leopard. Requirements: xcode (provides java, ant and g++, autotools etc for compiling thrift) & svn. I used macports to get “boost, “pkgconfig” and “libevent”, all used by for Thrift. Part 1: JAVA_HOME OSX does not set JAVA_HOME for you, instead it must be done manually. A simple way is to add the following line to ~/.bashrc export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home) So, Why is Twitter Really Not Using Cassandra to Store Tweets? A firestorm of accusations circled around recently saying that Cassandra, the elected-by-major-adopters emperor of the NoSQL movement, has no clothes.

It was said Twitter was dumping Cassandra; Reddit outages were linked to Cassandra; and even Facebook, Cassandra's cradle of birth, was said to have abandoned Cassandra. Shouts of NoSQL Fail! Were heard in the streets. Rich Atkinson. Rich Atkinson Rich Atkinson's Personal Blog Cassandra For my benefit and yours, here is a collection of useful links about Cassandra, the non-relational database.

Rich Atkinson

The Cassandra Project – by Jonathan Ellis summarises Cassandra and discusses Rackspace’s involvement in the project. Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King « myNoSQL. There have been confirmed rumors about Twitter planning to use Cassandra for a long time.

Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King « myNoSQL

But except the mentioned post, I couldn’t find any other references. Twitter is fun by itself and we all know that NoSQL projects love Twitter. The Apache Cassandra Project. ThriftExamples.