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Tutorial: Sy en enkel ficka. How to Make Ruffle Butt Undies – video tutorial. I finally got this tutorial uploaded to Youtube without problems.

How to Make Ruffle Butt Undies – video tutorial

YAY! This two part tutorial will show you how to make a damn cute pair of ruffle butt underwear. Spring Sewing ~ Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial. From Rae: This spring top is perfect for layering under cardigans in cool spring weather and can be worn right into summer!

Spring Sewing ~ Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial

Choose two contrasting fabrics for extra pizzazz. The instructions here can be tailored to any size. Side view with pockets. Step 1: Take your chest and hip measurements. Women's Clothing. Married to a bmw Free Sewing Patterns: Women’s Clothing 06.

Women's Clothing

February 2009 · 18 comments · Categories: Sewing Back to Free Sewing Patterns. ORDER. Sy dina egna trosor. Stepping Thru Crazy: Men's Button-Up Refashion... into Ladies Tank! A few years ago, when the hubby and I lived in Florida (this was pre-kids, so make that 5-ish years...)

Stepping Thru Crazy: Men's Button-Up Refashion... into Ladies Tank!

I bought him a button-up shirt for his work. The deal was that he had to wear blue or white button-ups, so I thought, "Why not both at the same time? " And I got him this:Apparently when he wore it to work, his boss told him he looked like a picnic basket, aaand the shirt was retired to the closet. Well, I don't care if I look like a picnic basket, so I decided to turn it into a tank top for myself!


BABY DOLL SUMMER STYLE. Let’s begin by folding the paper in half, lengthwise (for symmetry).


At the top of the paper, square a line across from the fold. From this line, measure along the fold the finished length of the dress. For example, the finish length of the model photo is 28″. Square a line from this point across the paper from the fold. Now along each of these draftlines, measure half the hip or bust measurement plus 6 inches (whichever is larger).

Kostenlose Schnittmuster. Racerback tank tutorial: sewing with knits mondays. Hi everybody!

racerback tank tutorial: sewing with knits mondays

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Several months ago Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood and I got chatting about sewing with knits. We were both on a little kick and wanting to sew more with knits and just learn a few more tricks. Who doesn't love a comfy knit t-shirt or top? Mönster till dregglis. Painted Jeweled Onesie.