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Mind Map. Meditations. Spirituality. Watch Your Mouth (and Thoughts)! – How What You Say and Think Influences Your Experience. How often do you really notice what you are thinking and saying in reference your ability to change how your life is going?

Watch Your Mouth (and Thoughts)! – How What You Say and Think Influences Your Experience

My guess is “Not very often”. Your words and thoughts are very powerful influencers of your vibration. Your vibration attracts experiences into your life. If you are thinking negative thoughts, then you are going to attract things into your life that are less than pleasing to you. Focusing heavily on these negative thoughts will bring unwanted situations into your experience. So, you say, what exactly qualifies as an upstream thought? Phrases like: “I can’t do …”“I’m not worthy …”“I don’t have …”“You need to stop …”“I’ll never …”“This (insert negative experience of choice) always happens to me” Any thought or phrase that makes you feel less worthy, makes you feel more disempowered, or requires anyone to change their behavior to make you feel better qualifies as an upstream thought.

Upstream Words: can’t, won’t, don’t, never, no, stop, hate Have fun with it all. Rebecca Saxe: How we read each other's minds.


The 9 Epiphanies That Shifted My Perspective Forever. By David Over the years I’ve learned dozens of little tricks and insights for making life more fulfilling.

The 9 Epiphanies That Shifted My Perspective Forever

They’ve added up to a significant improvement in the ease and quality of my day-to-day life. But the major breakthroughs have come from a handful of insights that completely rocked my world and redefined reality forever. The world now seems to be a completely different one than the one I lived in about ten years ago, when I started looking into the mechanics of quality of life.

It wasn’t the world (and its people) that changed really, it was how I thought of it. Maybe you’ve had some of the same insights. 1. The first time I heard somebody say that, I didn’t like the sound of it one bit. I see quite clearly now that life is nothing but passing experiences, and my thoughts are just one more category of things I experience. If you can observe your thoughts just like you can observe other objects, who’sdoing the observing? 2. Of course! 3. 4. 5. Yikes. 6. 7. Psychology. The Mind. Napoleon Hill - Part 1 Success Principles (Definiteness of Purpose)‬‏ Subconscious Information Processing. It's fathers day and I thought I'd tell a story about my dad and something he taught me a long time ago.

Subconscious Information Processing

I was in middle school and I had a school project due the next day and it came up at dinner that I had not done the project. My dad made me stay up very late that night until I had completed it. And he stayed up with me. He made sure I understood two things that evening. The first one is obvious. But the second thing he explained to me was more subtle and way more powerful. He explained that once your brain starts working on a problem, it doesn't stop. I've taken that approach with every big problem I've faced ever since. I'm a big fan of subconscious information processing. Thanks dad for that tip. Positive Vibes. Beyond 6 Core Frequency's (Solfeggio & binaural beats) Philosophy, paradigm shifts of human's collective conciousness,

Are you conscious now.