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We need an outcomes-based approach to doctoral education. It’s crucial that we restructure our PhD programs from beginning to end to reflect the actual – as opposed to imagined – career outcomes of our students.

We need an outcomes-based approach to doctoral education

Recently, Statistics Canada published its “Labour market outcomes of postsecondary graduates, class of 2015.” No one should be surprised that the report does nothing to lessen the urgency of the need to reform doctoral education in the 21st century. In fact, several statistics are downright concerning for an educational enterprise that successfully places but one-fifth of its graduates on the career path for which it was designed. Learning management systems are more important than ever. Somehow, last spring, teaching and learning staff at the University of Saskatchewan found the time to make a big decision: the university would migrate its learning management system, or LMS, from Blackboard Learn to Canvas.

Learning management systems are more important than ever

Back in the fall of 2019, the university had narrowed its search to two competing systems. Consultations and tests wrapped up before the university went into lockdown due to the pandemic, and in May 2020 it had signed with Instructure, the Salt Lake City company that offers Canvas. Glossary Redefining Workplace Learning Analytics. HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case Ebook + Tools. Active Learning Activities - SALTISE. Helpful Resources - SALTISE.

Designing Microlearning. Adjusted Syllabus - Google Docs. Microlearning Resources. Icebreakers: Be Strategic. The best free PowerPoint templates online. When creating presentations in PowerPoint it’s important to have a template to ensure design consistency, but it takes time, effort and skill to create high quality templates and masters.

The best free PowerPoint templates online

Of course, there are lots of places you can get free PowerPoint templates, but are they any good? Well, we’ve done the legwork for you and have collected a few of the best free PowerPoint templates online. Before we get started, a word of warning: Even nice-looking templates can be ineffective if the layouts are just bullet points on bullet points. Whichever PowerPoint template you chose, you should still try to create visual, engaging slides. Treating these free PowerPoint templates as building blocks, rather than finished masterpieces will help you create something more customised to your needs. Slidesgo Slidesgo has lots of templates that can be used either in PowerPoint or Google Slides. The Slidesgo templates are easily editable: you can move elements around and duplicate or delete them.

How to Write a Syllabus. Using Zoom to Engage Students. 1.

Using Zoom to Engage Students

Alternative Host – when you schedule your session, you can identify an Alternative Host. Building blocks for online learning. This school year will be my 20th year in the classroom.

Building blocks for online learning

For the past 19 years, summer months have provided necessary respite—the quiet pause—I’ve needed to refuel for the coming school year. How to compress PowerPoint presentations. Media-rich presentations are great.

How to compress PowerPoint presentations

Including high-quality images and videos often adds hugely to audience engagement, but it also adds file size. Adding to your file size means that your presentation is likely to sit on the unfriendly size of email etiquette, but it also means your PowerPoint will run a lot slower (and it may crash – see this article for more on that). But is there an answer? Absolutely. Here are five ways to compress PowerPoint file size for easy emailing and speedy running of your presentation. View our tips in this video. Support Online Learning with Powerful Thinking Routines – Dr. Catlin Tucker.

Project Zero at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education has created a collection of Core Thinking Routines as part of their Visible Thinking Project.

Support Online Learning with Powerful Thinking Routines – Dr. Catlin Tucker

Teachers can view the entire collection on the Project Zero website, where each routine is described in detail (e.g., purpose, application, launch) in both English and Spanish. These routines encourage students to be intentional thinkers. What do they know or notice? What is their perspective or position on an issue or idea? Teaching: How to Give Students a Break From Their Screens — in an Online Course. The article closed out with comments from James Lang, who argued that instructors should give students something worth paying attention to, at least during key moments of the class — but also not expect to hold their focus every minute.

Teaching: How to Give Students a Break From Their Screens — in an Online Course

When I re-read that story last week, I felt like I’d opened a time capsule. Remember laptop bans? Capturing students’ attention is obviously a much greater challenge now, with classes taught online or physically distanced and students under significant stress. Beth wrote about faculty members finding ways to engage them in her latest story — which also quotes Lang, who has a new book out soon on distraction. Moodle. Moodle. 6 Exercises to Get to Know Your Students Better—and Increase Their Engagement. The Power of Student Check-Ins During Distant Learning and Hybrid Courses - John Spencer. 5 Ways to Prepare for Adobe Flash Expiration. Adobe has announced that, as of December 31, Flash-based content will no longer work, and the company will no longer support the technology.

5 Ways to Prepare for Adobe Flash Expiration

Plan ahead to ensure that learning content isn't left in the dark. 4 Favorites for Phenomenal Virtual Facilitation. During college, childhood fantasies of stage and screen turned into nightmares of clumsy waitressing.

4 Favorites for Phenomenal Virtual Facilitation

Leaving Broadway dreams behind, I joined an HR firm. Don't Overlook Accessibility in E-Learning. As online learning expands, organizations need to adapt courses for all learners. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying social distancing guidelines, many organizations have had to bring more learning online, converting traditional classroom training into self-paced e-learning and live virtual classroom formats. What is Facilitation? What Are the Differences Between Facilitation, Presentation, and Training?

Trainers help others improve their performance by teaching, instructing, or facilitating learning. As such, facilitation and presentation are both tools in a trainer’s toolkit. In most cases, effective and engaging trainers will spend less time presenting content through lectures or lecturettes and more time facilitating learning around that content. Presentation vs. Any Questions? UDL + Design Thinking = Designing for All Learners. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and design thinking frameworks advance instructional design practice and should frame design from the start. In the first steps of design thinking, effort is focused on understanding by empathizing with the users and exploring the users’ challenges. Then you start to identify by ideation with resulting prototyping steps. Following these, you test the prototypes and implement your new design for the users.

Empathy: Beyond the Jargon - Microsoft Design. 5 insights from relationship therapy, zoos, ethics, and journalism on bringing empathy to the forefront Empathy has long been touted as a critical component for business success and positive employee and customer outcomes. As designers, we frequently discuss the value of empathy in our industry. But the word has become almost meaningless through its regurgitative over use, frequent misuse, and under implementation. 8 Steps to Creating a Virtual Employee Onboarding Program. 100+ Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs For Critical Thinking. 100+ Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs For Critical Thinking. An Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy for Instructional Designers. Start (and end) the term with student questions — Pedagogy Unbound. The 3 Essential Functions of Your Syllabus, Part 1.

Our campus teaching center recently invited a brave group of student tutors to share their views on effective teaching with our faculty.