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Troundup – The T-shirt Lover's Blog Troundup – The T-shirt Lover's Blog Fear the Beard T-Shirt from Octane Shop Published November 8, 2013 in Pop Culture T-Shirts T-Shirts. Comments (0) The Beard’s defense hasn’t been so hot lately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy that illustrious beard (especially in No Shave November). This is definitely one of the better James Harden beard themed t-shirts out there–buy it if you’re a Rockets fan or a Thunder fan still holding on to older and better memories. | a t-shirt competition guide for designers and enthusiasts Flying Far Far Away by HeyAle (aleemca) is my favorite shirt this week because I think it really captures the heart of what people want to achieve when they go on a hot air balloon ride. I love the way the balloon becomes a part of the environment, making the riders aloft among the birds and trees instead of just observing them. It’s not about conquering the sky, it’s about experiencing nature and seeing things from a new perspective. There’s a great visual flair in having the birds start to escape the balloon’s shape, which draws the eye and makes the composition more dynamic. Plus, the colors and containment of the imagery within the balloon feels very true to the bold, bright colors and eye-catching style of real hot air balloons. | a t-shirt competition guide for designers and enthusiasts
Panda Polo Sure, pandas are pretty to look at and wondrous to contemplate. But what have they ever done for us? Aside from raising revenues for zoos and protecting us from rampaging bamboo, not much, friend. Not much. So we're busting out our tack, grabbing our mallets, and saddling up for a bruising chukka of Panda Polo, America's hottest ailuropod sporting sensation. Panda Polo
GI Metro From Monday through Thursday this week, Shirt.Woot will be selling some of our favorite non-winning designs from the first few weeks of our Derby. There may be no second acts in American lives, but it turns out there are second acts in American t-shirt design competitions. You're trying to get to the liver? See, what you wanna do is take the red line past the stomach, then switch trains at the small intestine. GI Metro
Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения! Is fifty years since glorious Sputnik triumph establish incontestable Soviet supremacy in all things technical! Forces of people's revolution encircle final capitalist bastion of Earth! Satellite's mighty "beep" herald universe free of exploitation, corruption, and ! Only matter of time until imperialists collapse under force of intergalactic socialism! Outer space biggest domino of all! Счастливый Пятидесятый День рождения!
The Apathy Monster It’s so boring up on Cranberry Mountain. Boring and soft. It’s like a big carpet up here. Mmmm. Maybe there won’t be any hikers today. The Apathy Monster
When Penguins Bribe Polar Bears Because we like holidays too, overnight orders will arrive by 12/27. Welcome to Antarctic Sensations Resorts, sir! I trust your trip down wasn’t too uncomfortable? Allow me to help you out of your coat. No? Rather keep it on? When Penguins Bribe Polar Bears
Remember Three’s Company? Fonzie was on that, you know. My mom told me all about it, or maybe I saw it on Nick At Night. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember. But back then everybody had these big afros and roller skates. And Led Zeppelin was huge! I've Heard of the 70's I've Heard of the 70's
Sailors tell the story of the woman made of water. They say she comes silently, like a slow tide, drawn by the harvest moon. They say the water churns crimson, like the lips of a preschooler who holds a half-chewed Maroon Crayola. Lady out of water Lady out of water
2nd place in Derby #96 : Dance, with 934 votes! Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten violent with the meatbag. But enough is enough. Oh yeah, everybody thinks the robot is hilarious – except those of us who actually have to live as robots. If you could only move your arms and legs in stiff, right-angled jerks, you wouldn’t have much tolerance for some doofus in a sweatsuit and goggles imitating you, either. I mean, come on: would you do the Watusi in front of an actual Watusi? Do the Robot! Do the Robot!
Music industry We’re not working today. Overnighted orders will arrive on Tuesday. There’s an old saying about legislation and sausages, often attributed to Otto von Bismarck—a guy who knew a little something about both. If you care about music, though, you probably want to see it being made.
On the Prowl 1st Place in Derby #74: One Continuous Line, with 706 Votes! Nice try, leopard. We appreciate the effort, jaguar. You’ve done some good work, lion. But let’s face it: of the Big Four wild cats, can’t nobody touch the tiger. It’s the biggest.
Little-know fact: Karl Marx was almost born an Iguanadon. What killed the dinosaurs? Capitalism. Dinosaurs Who Are Communist for Some Reason
They are the very model of a loudly vocal minority: “Why doesn’t Shirt.Woot sell more artistic grownup-type shirts?” A cartoon penguin gives them fits. Nintendo gags make them gag with bile. New Waves
Revolting? Comrade, until you’ve had one of those hot dogs they serve at the snack bar, you don’t know what revolting is. But listen now, for action must be taken. For ten long winters we suffered, putting the good of our league before the good of our own family. Strike!
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