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The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Nancy McCabe When I come across a well-designed pattern I tend to marvel at the time and effort that must have taken place to achieve such perfection.

The Fox Is Black » The Desktop Wallpaper Project

In my mind I see it as an artist creating a jigsaw puzzle in their head without the photo on the box to guide them. One such master is Nancy McCabe, a surface designer from Chicago who runs No Ocean, a design studio that specializes in surface designs and prints. Wallpaper on deviantART. Social Wallpapering. Wallpapers - Smashing Magazine.

Free desktop wallpapers, widescreen, dual monitors, iPhone wallpapers, iPad wallpapers, backgrounds for mobile phones, wallpaper clocks, e-cards. The Paper Wall. 20+ Excellent Resources for Desktop Wallpapers. If you have to stare at something for 8 or more hours a day, why not make it something interesting?

20+ Excellent Resources for Desktop Wallpapers

Sure there are tons of places to find wallpaper on the web … but a lot of them are hard to navigate and highly disorganized. Divided into five helpful categories, with introductory descriptions and sample screenshots, here are over twenty of the best collections, communities and other resources on the web for finding excellent desktop wallpaper. User-Submitted Wallpaper Communities: InterFaceLift has a really useful system for cross-tagging wallpapers by size, category and type.

You can browse their selection by most viewed, highest rated, date posted as well as by monitor size and aspect ratio as well as double and even triple-monitor.