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Islam to Deism: Why I became a Deist. Microcontroller Projects for Hobbyists: » PICAXE Microcontroller » Arduino Microcontroller Deism versus Islam Islam to Deism: Why I became a Deist On my way to Deism, I've made pit stops in various forms of Catholicism and Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so forth.

Islam to Deism: Why I became a Deist

SEX and Islam. The World’s Stupidest Fatwas. Muslim Public Service Network - Home of the MSN Summer Internship Program. Muslims in the West and around the world today. Muslims in the West and around the world today Click on a link or scroll down (This is a very long page) USA, Canada and the Americas Britain, Ireland and Europe. Keeping your children Muslim in America. Keeping your children Muslim in AmericaSource: Soundvision "Fatima" was a young, practicing Muslimah.

Keeping your children Muslim in America

At 13, she was part of a family that tried to apply Islam in all aspects of life. They were role models for their local Muslim community. Muslims In America - Home. In Dr.

Muslims In America - Home

Barry Fell’s book Saga America, he reports that the southwest Pima people possessed a vocabulary which contained words of Arabic origin. Dr. Fell also reports that in Inyo County, California, there exits an early rock carving which stated in Arabic:"Yasus ben Maria" ("Jesus, Son of Mary"). Dr. Fell discovered the existence of Muslim schools in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Indiana dating back to 700-800 CE. Expressions of Islam in America by Gisela Webb. Expressions of Islam in America Gisela Webb introduces Islamic beliefs and profiles America's Muslim communities. The 1990s may be the last decade in which Islam is viewed as a "non-mainstream" religious tradition in America. At its current rate of growth, by the year 2015 Islam will be the second largest religion in the United States, following Christianity. There are approximately four million Muslims in the United States and 650 mosques. (1) Foreign-born Muslims and their descendants constitute about two thirds of those numbers; indigenous Americans (born in America), mostly African Americans, constitute the other third. (2) Islam is already the world's second largest religion, with 900 million members--about one sixth of the world's population--living in geographic regions that include, but extend far beyond, the Middle East.

Islam Yesterday Audio Video MP3 Yusuf Estes. IslamTomorrow - Islam Always in Plain English - Priest and Preachers Entering Islam. Essential Dua's in Islam (Prayers, Supplications) Greeting another Muslim As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Essential Dua's in Islam (Prayers, Supplications)

Translation: May the peace of Allah descend upon you and His Mercy and Blessings. - your guide to halal eating. Skeptic's Annotated Quran. IslamicFinder: Info about Islam and Muslim Mosques (Masjids), Calendar, & Prayer times. Islamic Awareness. Islam Guide: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran.

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