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The Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life - Economix Blog. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Satyajit Das's Blog - Fear & Loathing in Financial Products. Planet Money. Marginal Revolution. Going as far back as Andrew Weiss’s survey paper , there are various attempts to argue that the two theories make the same predictions about earnings and education. A randomly elevated individual will earn more money but is this from having learned more or from being pooled with a more productive set of peers? To explore this, let’s pursue the very good question asked by Bryan Caplan : Our story begins with a 22-year-old high school graduate with a B average.

He knows an unscrupulous nerd who can hack into Harvard’s central computer and give him a fake diploma, complete with transcript. In the U.S. labor market, what is the present discounted value of that fake diploma? If he can fake a good interview (a big if, but let’s say), and if certification from recommenders is not important in the chosen sector (another big if), he may get a Harvard-quality job for his first placement. In most jobs they figure out your productivity within two or three months after training, if not sooner. How do they get them on the B*ngBus?

What do pornographers know that we don't?

How do they get them on the B*ngBus?

Namely, how to convince people to have sex on camera for not much money? I'm not talking about big name stars working for the major studios - I consider that the porn version of making it big in the music industry. What I'm curious about is the bar band or even open mic level equivalent. There's a lot of "amateur" / "reality" porn out there, of the casting couch/sex-in-a-van/what if I gave you $500 and your boyfriend could watch variety. I assume that the deal is not actually happening as it plays out on camera and that these aren't really amateurs (? So how do the producers get the actors on camera for the minimum amount over the "tipping point", and how would I find out how much money that generally is? The tamer version might be the GirlsGoneWild question: "OK, I understand flashing one's stuff - but what does it take to get someone to sign the release form? " Learning Economics.

As of 10-19-04, Learning Economics is available at the following online outlets: "Arnold Kling brings an incisive economist's eyes to the current problems of the day, with a readable style and a substantive emphasis on the creative destruction of America's dynamic high-tech start-up world.

Learning Economics

" --Jeffrey Frankel, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University "In the 20th Century, a couple of generations learned sensible economic policy from Henry Hazlitt's classic Economics in One Lesson. In the 21st Century, we are fortunate to have Arnold Kling's astute and highly readable update, Learning Economics. --Ronald Bailey, Science Correspondent, Reason Magazine "I have learned more from Arnold Kling than any other living writer I know. "Learning Economics is the the perfect source for learning how economists think. Online economics textbooks.