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The Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life - Economix Blog. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Satyajit Das's Blog - Fear & Loathing in Financial Products. Planet Money. Marginal Revolution. Going as far back as Andrew Weiss’s survey paper , there are various attempts to argue that the two theories make the same predictions about earnings and education. A randomly elevated individual will earn more money but is this from having learned more or from being pooled with a more productive set of peers? To explore this, let’s pursue the very good question asked by Bryan Caplan : How do they get them on the B*ngBus? What do pornographers know that we don't?

How do they get them on the B*ngBus?

Namely, how to convince people to have sex on camera for not much money? I'm not talking about big name stars working for the major studios - I consider that the porn version of making it big in the music industry. What I'm curious about is the bar band or even open mic level equivalent. There's a lot of "amateur" / "reality" porn out there, of the casting couch/sex-in-a-van/what if I gave you $500 and your boyfriend could watch variety. Learning Economics. Online economics textbooks. Freakonomics.