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Recondite Baseball One of baseball's "big" numbers is .300. If you hit .300 or better, you're a good hitter. As the following players can attest, however, hitting .300 isn't always enough to stick in the major leagues. Since 1954, thirteen players have hit .300 in more than 50 but fewer than 500 career plate appearances. Players who appeared in the majors during 2009 were not included. I chose fifty PA as the minimum because it takes at least ten starts to rack up that many times at the plate. Recondite Baseball
Friday, January 10, 2014 The Mets are having trouble trading Ike Davis by Brad Johnson Perhaps it's because they are asking for too much6 comment(s) The Hardball Times The Hardball Times
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Baseball Toaster: Catfish Stew And So To Fade Away by Ken Arneson To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme. Baseball Toaster: Catfish Stew
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Minor League Splits dot com Minor League Splits dot com Minor League Splits will no longer exist in its original form. Instead, I have elected to make all of the data available, for free, to the public. If you use the data, please take the time to read and understand the terms of the Creative Commons license linked below. This only applies to the contents and characteristics of the database that are not already in the public domain.
Baseball Newsstand— All the News That's Fit to Link Monday, January 13, 2014 Nationals, Strasburg Avoid Arbitration The Nationals reached an agreement with starter Stephen Strasburg on a contract to avoid an arbitration hearing, a procedural move that, due to the timing, suggests a harmonious relationship between the Nationals and their 25-year-old ace. BBTF's Sabermetrics Newsbeat BBTF's Sabermetrics Newsbeat
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Royals Authority - Deconstructing The Process Knowing that Luke Hochevar was on the mound for the Royals in their second game of the Astro series, I prepared two leads: Luke Hochevar was awful on Tuesday. Or… Royals Authority - Deconstructing The Process
Baseball·Basketball·Football·General·Hockey·S-R·Soccer·UncategorizedStathead is Closing Down: Stathead is Closing Down With apologies to our dedicted users, we’ve decided to stop publishing the Stathead blog. Stathead Stathead
Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. Three-hundred and sixty-four days ago in this space I lamented turning 30 years old, wondering where my twenties went and whether my thirties had anything better in store after a decade of writing about baseball players being past their prime when they reached "the wrong side of 30." Here's an excerpt from last year's birthday post that delved pretty deep: » Aaron Gleeman's Baseball and Minnesota Twins Blog » Aaron Gleeman's Baseball and Minnesota Twins Blog
Bugs Bunny, greatest banned player ever Bugs Bunny, greatest banned player ever DMZ · March 12, 2006 at 3:33 pm · Filed Under Mariners Update 2/21: I found out today from Glenn Stout, the series editor, this has been selected for the 2007 Best American Sportswriting annual! Woo! This makes USSM the first blog and the first site to be so honored.
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Friday, July 15, 2011 Trade Trees Hiatus Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Even though we’ve tried to get things restarted, two factors have been against us. 1) 1/2 of the Trade Trees team (the Tumblr half) is going through a whole bunch of personal stuff - housing, job, relationship all at the same time. MLB Trade Trees
They did their best to fit it into the plot, but bow howdy I’m with Dave, this was cringe-worthy TV. - teddaveshumka:I’m catching up on House of Cards, and Kevin Spacey sure can’t throw a baseball. To the 17 full-fledged members of the GIIB, the feeling and understanding of baseball are inseparable from one another. They’re intellectuals, empiricists, the kind of guys who believe that the best way to express your love of something is to spend years studying and arguing about it. They talk about sabermetrics in the context of classic economists: “Marx’s economic theories are basically sabermetrics,” says Aldama. “It’s the elimination of subjectivity.” “Opening Day, 1986 - Nolan Ryan warms up in the bullpen before the Astros-SF Giants matchup.” via Mike Acosta’s Twitter account: @AstrosTalk #dadsknow "I played catch with him," [Chris Archer’s] father says. Pitchrs & Poets.
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Rany on the Royals “At some point, I hope they make some moves that make the team better for 2014.” – me, three weeks ago. Well, they’ve made some moves that make the team better for 2014. Let’s start with the first one: trading Will Smith for Norichika Aoki. My initial reaction when this deal was finalized was colored by the fact that, the night before the trade was completed, the enterprising bloggers at Royal Revival reported that a trade was in the works, and the report had enough credibility that I took it seriously.
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