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LibriVox LibriVox by Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island is one of the great pirate adventure stories, and is our featured book seeking volunteers this week, comment below here to sign up to read a chapter. Chapters to be claimed: *ch 1-2 - Squiddhartha *ch 3-4 - Gord *ch 5-6 - Kara *ch 7-8 *ch 9-10 *ch 11-12 *ch 13-14 - Squiddhartha *ch 15-16 - Hugh *ch 17-18 *ch 19-20 *ch 21-22 *ch 23-24 *ch 25-26 *ch 27-28 - Alex Foster *ch 29-30 *ch 31-32 *ch 33-34 If you are interested in volunteering to read chapters from another book, or suggesting a book to read, take a look at our Forum , where readers are needed for Kafka, Edith Nesbit, Jules Verne, Walt Whitman, and Thucydides, among others.