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Create Digital Motion

Create Digital Motion Rodrigo Carvalho’s experiments meld choreographic data with generative visualization. Photo courtesy the artist. When it comes to dance technology, it isn’t enough to team dazzling engineers with dancers. Making digital technology meaningful to those steeped in the craft of dance means artists getting their hands dirty. Dance has a history in experimental exploration, from Merce Cunningham’s pioneering work with the LifeForms software (directly in his choreography) to digital dance hybrids created by the likes of Troika Ranch (Dawn Stoppiello/Mark Coniglio). The Motion Bank and Frankfurt, Germany could be the scene for dance tech’s next act.
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The @KISSmetrics Marketing Blog

The @KISSmetrics Marketing Blog Growth hacking is the name of the game right now for startups, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s all about bringing in more traffic and putting more users at the top of the conversion funnel. Many consider these goals to be the…