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Causes of the Revolution

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There are ,many different interpretations that exist about the causes of the American Revolution. These have been re-interpreted over time and historians still disagree...

David Ramsay and the Causes of the American Revolution on JSTOR. Historiography of the American Revolution. The Debate on the American Revolution. How Historians View the American Revolution. In the 200 years that historians have written about the American Revolution, four major arguments, or schools of thought, have emerged.

How Historians View the American Revolution

Each of them presents a firm argument about what the Revolution really meant and how we should view it. Which school of thought is right and which is wrong is ultimately for you to decide. Covered in glory: The first historians These people actually lived the event. Whether Loyalist or patriot, they wrote colorful, biased accounts espousing the justice and glory of their cause. The%20American%20Revolution%20historiography. Changinginterprevol. Unit1 14. Modern Historians Confront the American Revolution. [This article was originally published in Literature of Liberty.]

Modern Historians Confront the American Revolution

I. Basic Causes of the Revolution The historian must be more than a chronicler, a mere lister of events.