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Дом в ландшафте

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Modern Residence In Japan Integrating True Trees In The Structure ~ Modern Interior Designs. The Garden Tree House is a project restored by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates in Kagawa, Japan. Observed from the outdoors, the property looks completely regular (it has a modern design, a straight neat façade and a beautiful zen garden surrounding it). The “anomaly” consists in a pair of trees (an Azelkova and a Camphor tree), with sentimental worth, that ended up getting integrated in the residence’s structure. A actual challenge for the architects and a feeling of satisfaction for the owners that (still) wanted to appreciate the trees as a element of their lives. “These trees looked more than the loved ones for thirty-5 years. They colored the gardenand grew up with the family. For that reason, using these trees and generating a new location for the client became the principal theme for the design and style.” You are reading Modern House in Japan Integrating Real Trees in The Structure.

The Private House With a Modern Interior in L.A - Ideastodecor. The Private House-this super stunning residence could be a project developed by meridith baer and la kaza. ravishing and gorgeous, The Private House residence located within the spectacular town of los angeles, aims out to provide a unique living experience out to its inhabitants. the house promises a staggering panoramic view within the town and a few as to the most exquisite high class facilities : a gorgeous wine cellar, a home theatre area, where you might want to soak the shape of your toes into comfy pillows whereas watching time and again once more your favourite movies, beside your folks, a surprising luxury swimming pool with a broader patio but a refined terrace, on top of all this. Tags : modern house design 2014lHOUSE INTERIORS 2014l2014 interior decorating inspirationlhouses interiorlmodern interior house designslmodern church interiorsl2014 modern home decorl Luxury House Designed To Shelter Im Luxury House Designed-When planning the look and layout the.

JAPAN HOUSE | Chris Clout Design. Minimalist Japanese Residence With An Great Car Elevator | Home Design. The Japanese have often been followers of minimalistic type, living straightforward lives using basic layout. The Kre House is a prime example of minimalist Japanese layout. It sits in a little plot with a large garage on the ground floor capable of holding 9 vehicles. Generally when you can afford 9 vehicles, you&#8217re most probably driving some really nice autos. The Kre Residence has a auto elevator so the proprietor can have one particular of their automobiles on display proper in the middle of their property. Via BlazePress Unique Write-up – Minimalist Japanese Home With An Wonderful Auto Elevator.

Archetonic Design The Interior Of An Apartment That Overlooks Mexico City. ARCHETONIC have designed the interior of a penthouse apartment that overlooks Mexico City. The designer’s description Penthouse MK is an interior design project where our principal design premise was to enhance the sense of spaciousness. The building that is home to the penthouse boasts a transparent façade that inspired to take best advantage of the spectacular views over western Mexico City, and the sunsets. To achieve this we resorted to a very clean, lightweight geometry, using rectangular prisms to delimit the spaces without obstructing the visual communication between them. These architectural elements that distribute the spaces also serve other specific functions depending on their location, and make sense of how the space is used. The public and private areas are circumscribed by their two levels. The lower floor contains the kitchen, dining room, lobby, reception, and lounge.

This Outdoor Lounge Area Is Like An Oasis In The City. SVOYA Studio have designed a multi-function lounge area in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, that features sunken seating and a drop-down projection screen for watching movies. The designer’s description The cozy and very compact patio in the center of Dnepropetrovsk has been converted into a multi-functional lounge area, where you can spend time comfortably admiring the beauty of nature in a small oasis of the noisy city. A laser light projector with the play of light and color on textured surfaces create the special atmosphere and tone of the events. A small lawn at the entrance, which is isolated from neighbors with hedges, complements the space and serves as a play area for children. Natural environmental materials like wood, Ekaterynoslavsky brick, metal, stone gabions combined with an abundance of greenery were used in the finishing.

Natural facture and texture are combined in harmonious way with each other. Photography by Alexander Angelovsky. This Floor Is Made Of Broken Shards Of Glass. Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio. Currently on show until October 4th at Villa Aymoré, Casa Cor Rio invites architects and designers to design their spaces, like a fashion show, using a lot of creativity and seeking to present to the public the biggest releases of materials, technologies and design concepts. This year, LAB LZ by GT, have designed a space with a suspended glass floor, featuring mirror shards located in the empty space between the existing subfloor and finished floor.

The designers used the mirrors to highlight the concept of depth and reflection that they were aiming to achieve with this interior. Collaborators: Maneco Quinderé (Lighting), Vanda Klabin (curating art) and Landscape (landscaping) Corben Architects Design A Home That Is A “Resort Away From A Resort” Corben Architects have designed the renovation of the Clareville House in Sydney, Australia. The architect’s description This substantial alterations and additions project has transformed an elevated and highly exposed west-facing waterfront double block into a private oasis encapsulating the peace and tranquillity of its setting. The disciplines of architecture and interior design have successfully combined to fulfill the client brief to create a home that is a “resort away from a resort”. The double height entry foyer extends over the outdoor deck framing the view of the landscape beyond giving it a vertical dimension rarely found in dwelling houses.

This combines with large sliding glass doors to ensure the panoramic view is well and truly captured. The seamless transition from indoor to outdoors throughout the house adds to the spectacular sense of being ‘in’ the landscape. From the main entry a flight of stairs takes you up to the top level and three bedrooms and associated bathrooms. A Contemporary Redesign For A 1960s House In New York. Photography by John Muggenborg CDR Studio Architects have designed the renovation of a house on Long Island in New York. The designer’s description The Long Island Residence is located in a rural community on the edge of the Long Island Sound. Approximately twenty-five miles from the heart of Manhattan, the area is known as a tranquil counterpoint for daily commuters seeking to escape the city’s frenetic pace.

The project is the result of a renovation seeking to both preserve and refine an existing dwelling that has stood on the site since 1961. Externally, the dilapidated skin of the residence was stripped back to its framing, which was then altered to create a more seamless roofline and expanded openings within the facade. Internally, structural alterations were made to allow for the removal of a wall separating the kitchen from the main living area, integrating these zones as a new activity core for the home. Pitsou Kedem design a home of concrete and glass. Photography by Amit Geron Tel Aviv-based studio Pitsou Kedem, have designed the “Concrete Cut” house in Ramat Gan, Israel. From the street, you can see that the mostly concrete home has multiple levels. A glass enclosed cut-out offer views of the internal staircase. At night, the home is brightly lit. A half-size concrete wall defines the property line of the home.

Hidden lighting under the treads make it easier to walk at night. A straight on view of the home from the swimming pool, shows the various levels of the home. At night, a variety of different sized pendant lights become a focal point. During the day, the pendant lights are like a sculptural piece of art. Exposed concrete walls are found throughout the home. The interior features large expanses of open space. In the dining area, the glass walls open to the outside. Additional sculptural lighting fixtures were installed above the dining table, to help define the space and add visual interest.

An upstairs balcony offers a private getaway. Inside The Redesign Of A Concrete Home In Vancouver. BattersbyHowat Architects have completed a contemporary update for the Eppich house in West Vancouver, Canada, that was originally designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson in 1972. Photography by Sama Jim Canzian The ceilings are covered in unfinished fir, a type of wood that is very common on the west coast of Canada. The kitchen has a combination of wood for the warmth, and white for keeping it bright. This is what bush-hammered concrete walls look like.

Bush hammered concrete is a great way to get a lot of texture. The original house is a post-and-beam aesthetic done in concrete. This poolside sunken seating area was designed for an Italian winery. As part of the design of Le Monde winery in north east Italy, Alessandro Isola has designed a private poolside retreat, that features this sunken seating area, for the guests of the winery.

At the far end of the garden this timber surface seems to fold back on itself, raising up on curved steel beams and becoming a shade for the sunken seating below. The pool is divided into two separate sections by stone steps that sit just above the level of the water, giving the illusion that they float. This 1980s house was updated with a lot of glass.

Duncan Foster Architects have recently completed the transformation of a 1980’s house in London, England, into a contemporary home with lots of glass and a landscaped yard. First, lets have a look at the updated home. The home received major extensive rear landscaping, which carved out space for a new glass extension. The home has white walls and skylights to add to the brightness of the living areas. This is the front of the house. The rear of the house. A very typical 1980’s home, with walls separating the various living and dining areas. The old kitchen The original hallway with the stairs on the left. The home was almost completely torn down, with only 3 external walls retained. Architect Luciano Kruk designs a house made of three stacked forms of rough unfinished concrete overlooking a golf course in Argentina.

Photography by Daniela Mac Adden Architect Luciano Kruk, has designed a house located just north of the coastal town of Pinamar, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The home is built overlooking a golf course, on a somewhat sandy dune. The home has multiple levels, with some aspects of the home being half buried into the sand dune.

The architect designed the house to be built from concrete, and kept it unfinished throughout the home, inside and out. Inside, a neutral color palette allows the views to take center stage. Touches of wood break up the concrete. The home features a somewhat open living floor plan. There is a clear sight-line from the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen. Walls of windows on both sides, brighten the entire living space. There is a deck just off the main living area, that can be accessed through multiple doors. Here is a close-up look of the stairs in the home.

Just under the stairs is the kitchen, it too has concrete used as its countertops. A home in California designed for an art collector. Photography by Russell Abraham Photography Swatt|Miers Architects have completed a home in Portola Valley, California, that was designed for an avid art collector. The home, built on a 3.8-acre site, is a beautiful, gently sloping parcel, with mature oak, cedar and pine trees. The architects mention that their client’s main desire was to “live in a house that was itself a work of art.”

The home is L-shaped, anchored by a three-story concrete wall, that projects into the landscape to frame outdoor spaces on both sides of the house. Perpendicular to the house and topography, is a 75’ long swimming pool with linear wood deck, and rectangular lawn. Wooden slats have been used to provide privacy and to break up the concrete wall. Art is on display throughout the home, such as this piece in the garden. A bold orange door welcomes you to the home. Each floor is connected via the large wooden staircase. A wall of windows adds lots of light to the space.