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ConceptMODEL. JULIA KOERNER. Project | elsewarecollective. Cara(s)pace Cara(s)pace was a commissioned bar and installation for MSDx, the annual exhibition by the Melbourne School of Design. The design emerged from research into digital detailing and fabrication techniques of composite panels and employs an experimental structural system of flexible sheet metal that is actively bent and restrained by the panels. Like exoskeletal systems found [...] Read more Field Fabrication Recognition: de/Develop Exhibition, Federation Square Melbourne 2013 Field Fabrication is an excerpt from ongoing research into the design and fabrication of topologically complex entities and diagrammatic descriptions of deterministic ‘mesh stripping’ processes. The project masquerades as a continuation of an existing lineage of computer graphics research that reduces memory load by generating chains of [...]

Read more The City Beyond The City Read more Machine Translations Supervisors: Paul Minifie, RMIT & Tim Schork, Monash University. Read more 8 Bit Lequeu Read more Fin de Siecle. The Bulb | tamthientran. Int inputPin = 2; int pirState = LOW; int val = 0; int temperaturePin = 0; const int RED_LED_PIN = 9; const int GREEN_LED_PIN = 10; const int BLUE_LED_PIN = 11; void setup() { pinMode(13, OUTPUT); pinMode(inputPin, INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); void loop(){ val = digitalRead(inputPin); if (val == HIGH) { float temperature = getVoltage(temperaturePin); temperature = (((temperature - .5) * 100) * 1.8) + 32; Serial.print(temperature); Serial.println(" F"); delay(1000); if (temperature >=85) digitalWrite(13, HIGH); int redValue = 255; int greenValue = 0; int blueValue = 0; analogWrite(RED_LED_PIN, redValue); analogWrite(GREEN_LED_PIN, greenValue); analogWrite(BLUE_LED_PIN, blueValue); else if (temperature >= 78 && temperature <85) int redValue = constrain(map(temperature, 78, 85, 0, 255),0,255); int greenValue = 255-(redValue); digitalWrite(13, LOW); else if (temperature >=70 && temperature<78) int greenValue = constrain(map(temperature, 70, 77, 0, 255),0,255); int blueValue = 255-(greenValue); int redValue = 0; else.

Rhino « un didi. Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Join 50 other followers Powered by Parametric. Parametric design. Flexible – Vertebra by Liviu Paicu While experimenting with the “Future Wood” Resysta beams I came with the idea of … Continue reading Intelligent panels – by Liviu Paicu The following video showcases a new type of interactive panel design created by … Continue reading Evolving Maya nCloth patterns by Matthijs la Roi This post is a sneak preview in the design research of Matthijs … Continue reading. M.juliakoerner. Grasshopper. Daniel Widrig. L'usine du futur: Degenerate Chair exhibited at Lieu du Design, Paris. More Design Poetry: Recent UCL research projects featured at Salone del Mobile Milano 2016. More Synthetic: Some of our research lab's work is currently exhibited at Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans. More ZKM Karlsruhe: 'Globale: Exo-Evolution' an exhibition focusing on new technologies and their application in art opens October 30th.

Kunsthaus Nuremberg: Daniel Widrig invited to exhibit at Kunsthaus Nuremberg, Germany. Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles: Making A Difference / A Difference In Making, an exhibition focusing on additive manufacturing processes in art and design, features Degenerate Chair and Escapism. Daniel Widrig Studio included in 'Process', an exhibition featuring visionary design and architecture in Shanghai. Design Museum Moscow: Daniel Widrig exhibits at Moscow Design Museum hosted by Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Biothing. Algorithmic design. XEFIROTARCH. Circle Packing - Miu Ling Lam. Parametric World. a3reel: Prove di voxelizzazione dipendente dai vettori del campo fluidodinamico.Catalogazione dei risultati variando:-il numero di celle in cui è diviso il campo-soglia-parametri di coesione,allineamento,separazione degli agents-viscosità,diffusione,influenza del fluido sugli agents,influenza degli agents sul fluido.I risultati ottenuti forniscono una gamma di mesh più o meno compatte a seconda della variazione dei parametri. Branch & Blaze.

Architecture - procedural architecture and design. Lasvit LIQUIDKRISTAL parametric Architecture Salone Milan 2012: At the triennale di milano during milan design week 2012, lovegrove and lasvit exhibited an parametric architecture pavilion. The ‘liquidkristal’ technology in the ‘lasvit liquidkristal (LLK) pavilion’: a curved, flowing installation open to exploration by visitors, upon which video by computational designers biothing was projected to highlight the [...]

EMERGENT DESIGN The model of present interior spaces – being a collage of simple and unrelated elements, cannot compete with their historical counterparts in terms of their richness,coherency and precision of formal organization. These emergent design interiors create a high level of qualitative differentiation and intensity in respect to the part to part and part [...]

PARAMETRIC ARCHITECTURE : The Sigmund Freud Park located in the very center of Vienna operates as the regions main recreation area. Studios. Parametric. Attractor Curve | Sean Madigan. Sevensixfive. Parametric dot patterns | Frank Kleemann industrial design. Grasshopper is a great tool for pattern generation. Some time ago I made experiments with different dot patterns. The first and most simple one was a radial dot pattern with variable amouts and sizes of dots – see below. Another way to create nice dot patters is to use attractor objects that influence the size of each dot in a grid. In the picture below the distance of each dot to a curve determines its size – the closer the distance, the larger a dot. Patterns can also be arranged along a curve, another simple dot pattern in this case: ComputationalMatter. LEM3A. Digital [Sub]stance | Architecture +Design + Computation.


Program & plugin's SJET. Patternism. Nuclei. Nuclei is a project about space, space filling and fields. Starting from a Sphere, the solid with the smallest description (4 float numbers, center and radius) and applying several type of scalar fields to its volume, a large set of boxes is used to highlight the shape and the tension of the underlying forces, through the modification of their size, aspect ratio, density and orientation. A Processing applet has been used for fast experiments and to produce the DXF files for final renderings.

Nucleus 04 / ellipsoid with boxes aspect ratio defined by their orthogonal distance from center Nuclei::states_of_matter from novastructura on Vimeo. Nucleus 05 / ellipsoid with boxes aspect ratio function of their abs(x) distance from centre Nucleus 03 / spherical set of boxes whose orientation is driven by a field Nucleus 02 / ruled based boxes aspect ratio Nucleus 04 / randomly generated boxes approximate a spherical volume, with progressive smaller size Nuclei - Processing applet snapshots. Daniel widrig's Photostream.