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The 25 Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology. Thanks to OnlineUniversities for this list of the Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology.

The 25 Best Pinterest Boards in Educational Technology

Blogs and Twitter aren’t the only social tools out there that can help you keep up with the latest and greatest developments in educational technology. Pinterest is rapidly becoming a favorite tool of educators all over the nation, and many have amassed some pretty great collections of edtech-related pins that teachers and students alike can use to explore new ways to learn, share, teach, and grow. While it would be nearly impossible to highlight every edtech pinboard out there, we’ve shared some of the boards we think stand out among the crowd here.

Many are maintained by major educational websites, key figures in edtech, and well-known bloggers, but others were created by teachers just like you who simply want to share resources and tips with others in education. iPads in the Classroom. New Padagogy Wheel Helps You Integrate Technology Using SAMR Model - Edudemic. Sometimes a visual guide comes along and it just makes total sense. That’s how I felt about Allan Carrington’s clever ‘Padagogy Wheel‘ which we featured on Edudemic last week. Check out the previous version then view the one below to see the differences. From what I can tell, putting the wheel on this site has generated a bit of buzz and I’m glad we could help spread the knowledge. But I was quite amazed this morning when I saw that the Padagogy Wheel had been updated. Now at version 2.0, it features another band around the edge focusing on the SAMR Model and on helping teachers (and admins) effectively integrate education technology.

Top 10 Sites/Apps for a Flipped Classroom. Flipping Tools for Success: 10 iPad Apps for Digital Classroom Management. 20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention. As the end of the year approaches, it can be more and more challenging to keep your students' attention.

20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention

Brain Breaks are important, but there are plenty of things you can do within a lesson to keep kids from day dreaming...or worse yet, nodding off. Here are some ideas:Desk Switch: Students have ten seconds (count down from ten) to find another desk to sit in that is in a different part of the room than his or her normal desk. Students stay in that desk for the rest of the lesson. Why? Two reasons, first switching desks gets them up and moving. Did you get a new idea? iPad App Evaluation. 2013-02-25_1010.png (PNG Image, 702 × 503 pixels) 2012t1coreteacherapps.pdf.

Ed tech. 1:1 iPad Classroom. How To 'App Smash' And Implement Digital Storytelling On The iPad. App smashing, the process of using more than one apps in conjunction with one another to create a final product, is a concept that allows students to create engaging educational projects and illustrate their creativity in multifaceted ways.

How To 'App Smash' And Implement Digital Storytelling On The iPad

One of the most gratifying and effective ways to use app smashing in the classroom is to create digital storytelling projects. The concept of digital storytelling is emerging as a form of personal and collective expression of knowledge, ideas, and perceptions. Its numerous and positive effects on students’ communication skills are well documented. Digital storytelling is the perfect vehicle for the delivery of visual and audio stimuli that greatly enhance a storyline or a simple narrative. Safe and simple blogs for your students. iProductivity: Student Workflow in the iClassroom.

Reading Without Tears: Use the iPad to Encourage Reluctant Readers. By Emily | October 18, 2012 | 2 comments If your child has a meltdown when it’s time to “drop everything and read,” consider using the iPad to build good reading habits and to help your child find content that interest him.

Reading Without Tears: Use the iPad to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Of course parents can tell a child that “there’s no iPad until you’ve done your reading.” And, there are many, many high-quality kids book appsavailable that encourage children to read, for some kids reading remains a chore. Look for apps which, while they aren’t books, still require reading. Let your child watch BrainPop with the mute button on, so he has to read along on his own. Make reading more like a game. Excellent Audio Recording Apps for iPad. The huge importance of iPad as a learning and teaching device lies in the fact that it can be used as a fundamental media production tool with students inside the classroom.

Excellent Audio Recording Apps for iPad

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been tapping into some of the areas and ways teachers and educators can use iPad both constructively and productively. We have , for instance, reviewed apps for video creation , apps for storytelling, reading apps, apps to improve writing, and the list goes on. Writer's Workshop poetry lesson with the iPad. iPads in Guided Reading. Before a class set of iPads I was differentiating my literacy centers for guided reading.

iPads in Guided Reading

Here were some of literacy centers and how I differentiated them: 1. Word Study--At the beginning of the year, it is beginning sounds. As the year progresses it is ending sounds, short vowel sounds, blends, digraphs, long vowels, irregular verbs. 10 iPad Management Tips and Tricks. How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone's Touchscreen.

Cleaning a smartphone touchscreen is simple.

How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone's Touchscreen

You don’t need a special cleaning kit or cleaning solution to safely clean your tablet or smartphone’s touchscreen – you can do it with materials you probably have on hand. However, you do need to know what to avoid – many common types of cloths and cleaning solutions can damage a touchscreen. Once you understand what to do and what not to do, you can safely clean a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen in just a few seconds, removing the build-up of oil, dust, and other grime that can accumulate on these devices as we rub our fingers over them all day. Megan's Recommended Apps for Deployment. Let’s Talk About Captions! 21 Aug I’m always looking for ways to help history come alive for my students.

Let’s Talk About Captions!

The Perfect Captions app is a great way to incorporate technology in your classroom in an engaging way. Students can add captions to demonstrate their understanding of what a fiction character or historical figure might be thinking. Ipads in primary. 9 Outstanding Apps to Teach Creative Writing.

7 Excellent Tools to Publish Students Work. YouTube. Top iPad Apps for PDF Files. Many students and teachers at BHS have trouble with PDFs on their iPads.

Top iPad Apps for PDF Files

They don’t know what apps to use to view them or how to edit them within those applications. Thats why in this article I compiled a list of the top iPad applications for viewing and editing PDF files in no particular order. They are all pretty good at what they do so it’s up to the user to decide what app fits them best. 1. Goodreader. iPad Acceptable Use Policy. iPad Aceptable Use Policy Although many schools have a good ICT Acceptable Use Policy, the introduction of iPads and other handheld devices is a great time to revisit your current policy.

iPad Acceptable Use Policy

Bringing in a new policy will also re-focus staff and pupils on your policy. Download the iPad Acceptable Use Policy (Word) Download Enter your email address and download the document here. iPad As....use to address specific goals. iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms. Their flexibility, versatility, and mobility make them a phenomenal learning tool. As teachers seek ways to integrate these devices, we recommend focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments.

In other words, begin with..... iPads in schools! They just play games! 20th Century pedagogy + iPads = Gaming So, you’re in your classroom and annoyed that the kids are playing games on the iPads. You have devised a strategy and at random intervals, you ask them to double-click the ‘Home’ button to see the last apps used. Great! Teacher Experience and Expectations for the 1:1 Elementary Classroom. In my last two posts, I detailed the iPad initiatives at Burlington High School. I talked about what we learned after a year of a 1:1 iPad environment and dispelled some myths surrounding iPads in education.

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with two of my elementary teachers at Pine Glen Elementary and Francis Wyman Elementary schools. This year, four first grade classrooms will be piloting a 1:1 iPad environment. The iPads stay in the classroom and are only used during class time. Two of the teachers involved, Irene Farmer and Erin Guanci, sat down with me and answered a few questions about their expectations of the initiative, how they are using the device at the moment, and how they feel it will work in an elementary classroom.

iMovie for iPad: how to edit your videos quickly and easily. Apple has made it really easy to edit home movies on your Mac thanks to the constantly refined iMovie app. But with the release of the iPhone and iPad, Apple went one step further and introduced a portable version of iMovie to enable you to edit on the go. Of course, it's pretty bare bones compared to what you can do on a Mac, but that's not the point: with iMovie for iOS, you can edit wherever you are, taking advantage of the long battery life of iOS devices. iCan iPad - The Uncommon Core. The 12 Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps Released In 2012. Best Elementary Math Apps by iAppleLearner. 9 Apps for Young Scientists · Playful Learning.

The Best Free iPad and iPhone Kids' Apps According to Apple. EmailShare 18EmailShare There’s a difference between popular kids’ apps and games that grab the world’s fancy momentarily, and the best kids’ apps and games that become all-time favorites, classics and “must-haves.” So which type of kids’ apps do you seek? IPAD 4 SCHOOLS.

Yes, we are at the beginning of a revolution in Education. Yes, we have witnessed the world going mobile and yes, there is a variety of tools available to help us make learning mobile and personal. But… iPads in Education - Blog. 7 Resources for Developing Typing Skills. This morning my friend Ken Shelton asked me via Twitter if I had any resources for online keyboards. Of course I do, I just need to find them.

Mapping Media to the Curriculum » What do you want to CREATE today? 12 Crucial Questions to Ask before Using iPad with your Students. iPad is making huge inroads into education and it is believed to have revolutionized the whole concept of mobile learning. More and more schools are, if not already adopting 1:1 environments or BYOD projects , then they are at least debating a future inclusion of this mobile device in the classroom. 5 Things To Know About The BYOD Trend.

Recent Mobile Learning Findings. iPads in Education - Home. Where Can I Learn More about iPads in Elementary Schools. Where Can I Learn More about iPads in Elementary Schools I get asked regularly, besides my writing about our iPad initiative, who else writes about iPads in elementary education. Here are some of the folks I read: Sidwell Friends School (the primary grades iPad initiative at the school the Obama girls attend)Fraser Speirs (Scottish tech integrator. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Awesome iPad Writing Apps. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a 1:1 Classroom* (Lessons Learned from Year 1) As I was watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the way to New York City on Sunday, I came across this piece of dialogue: This exchange happens when Arthur Dent attempts to save his house from demolishment for the sake of progress.

Arthur, who was quite attached to his house, wanted to find out the reason why it was going to be demolished and was unsatisfied with Mr. Prosser’s answer. Elementary App List. iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler? - From the Principal's Office: Looking Back At Year One of 1:1 iPads, Part Two. iPads in the Classroom. From 1 iPad to 20 iPads and How It Has Changed My Classroom ~ Mrs. Wideen’s Blog. Cageless Thinking: Innovation and Creativity in Education. iPad implementation articles, teacher experiences and scholarly reviews.

The Dos and Don'ts for Integrating iPads. The Biggest Concern For Schools Deploying iPads. Change for the Better – 1:1 iPad Program. The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big. A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Use of iPad in Teaching.

Freebie Friday: 50+ Editable iPad Graphic Organizers and Project Templates. A Simple Way To Introduce Your Students To Coding. The 5 Steps of Effective Technology Integration - Getting Smart by Dave Guymon - edchat, EdTech, education. Excellent Classroom Poster Featuring 10 iPad Usage Rules. 1:1 implementation. Top 10 Apps in an Established 1:1 iPad School. 40+ iPad Lessons and Resources for Primary Grades Sorted by Subject. The Answer Pad – Enhancing Student Engagement in a BYOD or 1 to 1 Environment.

How to share your book to YouTube : Book Creator Support. 1 to 1 iPad Class. Awesome Chart Featuring 4 Mindsets Towards Learning with Technology in Schools. How To Address Negative Student Behavior in 1:1 Classrooms. Creating a Classroom Studio with an iPad and a Green Screen. The Practical Side of Using iPads in the Classroom.

Ten reasons the iPad is an awesome tool for classrooms and education. iPad Adventures at Lower School. 50 Mobile Learning Statistics For K-12 Education [Infographic] Our First Year as a One to One Primary Classroom. iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett. 10 Must-Have Tools for Schools Implementing 1:1. iPad sites.