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Homepage. Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental 'heresies' The Joe Energy Cell by Ken Adachi. Chemtrails: Wilhelm Reich, The Orgonite Cloudbuster And Orgone Energy Help You Take The Initiative Against Chemtrails. The Cloudbuster as designed by Wilhelm Reich did something amazingly well–it absorbed the negative orgone energy that surrounds us and induced rain.

Chemtrails: Wilhelm Reich, The Orgonite Cloudbuster And Orgone Energy Help You Take The Initiative Against Chemtrails

It made rain happen. The main trouble with Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster was that because it pulled negative orgone energy from the space surrounding it, the cloudbuster accumulated, and soon became saturated with, negative orgone energy. Because negative orgone energy had a harmful and potentially fatal effect on any human being that touched the device itself, the cloudbuster had to be consistently drained of the accumulated negative orgone energy by either, a) connecting it to a body of running water or, b) connecting it to an orgone accumulator, which soon became saturated itself and began to cause trouble for the human operator of the device. So, this accumulation of negative orgone energy in the Wilhelm Reich Orgonite Cloudbuster is one of the reasons that Wilhelm Reich’s work was not, and has not been implemented worldwide.

USAF: Weather as a Force Multiplier for False Flag Attacks to Ensure Genocide. Weather as a Force Multiplier:Owning the Weather in 2025 A Research Paper Presented To. How to Win a Prize from a Crane Machine. How to Survive a Zombie Attack. How To Survive an Alien Abduction. How to Survive 2012: End of the World. How To Pick Any Padlock or Combination Lock. How To Pick a Lock. EMERGENCY FIRST AID USING HOMEOPATHIC TRADITIONAL AND HERBAL TECHNIQUES, STARWARMER SURVIVAL TOOLS Provincetown, MA TONY ROBBINS: For CAPE CO.

Survival. » Sad news. Our beloved Woodsmaster Passes Away. We are very sad to have to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of a great man, Ron Hood on June 22, 2011.

» Sad news. Our beloved Woodsmaster Passes Away

Ron was born on the early morning of Jan 13, 1944 to Delos and Lucille Hood. Ron spent 2 tours in Vietnam with the intelligence community Army Security Agency (ASA). After his 4 years of military service (’64-’67) he completed his MS and his Doctoral studies at Pepperdine and for over 20 years taught accredited classes in wilderness skills at UCLA, Cal State Northridge and trained the military. Patricia Burchat sheds light on dark matter. Brian Greene on string theory. Make a Solar Water Heater for Under $5. Instructables user, TheNaib, has written a tutorial on how to create a solar thermal water heater for under five dollars. It will involve a fair amount of DIY, but nothing too complicated. It's designed as a fun project, but with some tweaking it could see real applications, "Its a great way to learn about using the renewable energy of the sun to produce useful effects, in this case hot water.

Fahrenheit 911 - The full length movie-Bush cheated in the 2000 election! Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. How to Refuse Police Searches. Bill of Rights Pt. 1 (Principles of the Constitution Series) Around The World in 90 minutes 720p. Police Weapons Pepper-spray. How to survive. Know Your Bill of Rights - » Kybor Workbook LP. It’s time that We the People start sending a clear message to these enemies: we are not your slaves and never will be.

Know Your Bill of Rights - » Kybor Workbook LP

But how do we stand up and fight back for the rights and freedoms guaranteed to us by our constitution? Have you ever had trouble understanding the United States Bill of Rights?