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Profitable Small Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs . We help you discover successful niche business ideas with low investment and high profit margin.

Operator - Shopping Is Just A Text Away. In this world of technology, every minute thing is just a click away.

Operator - Shopping Is Just A Text Away

Let it be ordering food, booking online tickets, booking for a cab, shoppingetcto be done instantly with just a click, all thanks to the Flipkart, Amazon, Swaggy, Uber, Ola etc. Frog & Compass – The Route To A Cost Effective Website. Rome wasn’t built in day.

Frog & Compass – The Route To A Cost Effective Website

And the magnificent architecture speaks for itself. Food Truck Finder - Grab The Food On Your Way. Home-made food seems quite monotonous and does not satisfy our insatiable appetite.We like satiating our appetite with mouthwatering apple pie, crispy French fries, spicy hot sausages, irresistible raspberry pies and chocolate mousse, tingling aerated lemonade, ice-creams etc.

Food Truck Finder - Grab The Food On Your Way

More often than not, we crave for sumptuous delicacies. Food trucks are “locomotive kitchen “which are quite popular in different parts of America, particularly in Los Angles, Boston, New York, San Francisco because of their quite unique mouth craving menu, easy availability and affordability. The famous food trucks in America are Swizzler Gourmet hot dogs in Washington D.C, Foodie call in New Orleans, snowday in New York are a few to name some. Food trucks have become favorable for the foodies all across the states thereby contributing significantly in the so-called booming business. Food truck finder- The app to locate food trucks near you.

Flipe – Made For You, By You. Down2Business - A Community of Small Business & Startup Owners. Overview Down2business is an interactive community just for Small Businesses or Startup owners where you can meet like-minded individuals to find new ways together to run and grow your business.

Down2Business - A Community of Small Business & Startup Owners

Based on the needs of the community, together you can develop tools and articles that provide accurateand actionable advices, inspiration and real insights. CookReel – The Recipe Video Guide. How to Sell Digital Products Online. Is it possible to make BIG money by standing out and selling on third party websites?

How to Sell Digital Products Online

Of course, you can make decent money but not BIG money. Third party websites charge you hefty fees. Quite a good chunk of your earnings is lost in the form of commissions. Self-branding and marketing on third party websites cost you a fortune. The best way to sell digital goods is by starting your own online store. Best 5 Payment Gateways for Ecommerce Every Entrepreneur Should Know.

Checkout experience can impact potential sales.

Best 5 Payment Gateways for Ecommerce Every Entrepreneur Should Know

According to a survey conducted by YouGov, an established UK-based International internet market research firm, approximately, 50 percent of regular online shoppers would stop online shopping if their preferred payment gateway were not available for facilitating transactions. Approximately 40% said that they would prefer purchasing online from that retailer who has multiple payment gateways. The market share of digital wallets is expected to increase.

According to WorldPay, an established payment processing company, the incidence of transactions through alternative payment methods is estimated to account for nearly 60% of all transactions by the end of 2017. Inscoop - A Place For Thought Provoking Ideas. Ever wondered what trigger(s) entrepreneurs to embark on their journeys thereby paving their own ways to reach their dreams?

Inscoop - A Place For Thought Provoking Ideas

Surely, thought-provoking ideas trigger entrepreneurial fanatics. Passionate entrepreneurs juggle with a heap of ideas. If they experience success with those ideas, they climb up the hill. ReadBoard - The Fastest Way To Start A Conversation On The Web. Cohort - Conversations Over Trending Topics That Matter To You. Overview Cohort is a mobile app aimed at connecting people through conversation.

Cohort - Conversations Over Trending Topics That Matter To You

Wakeapp Call – Time To Surprise Your Friend. There is a deluge of startups coming out every day and more often than not, they are hugely resourceful and their Unique Selling Propositions are incredible.

Wakeapp Call – Time To Surprise Your Friend

One of such resourceful and meritorious startups is Wakeapp Call. To begin with, Wakeapp Call is a startup endeared by its customers, prized by its employees and envied by its competitors. Hold your breath! Woop - A Real Time Communication App. All the management functions such as Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling will be gone for a toss in the absence of communication.

Woop - A Real Time Communication App

No doubt, there are various communication channels. From a simple ‘Hello’ to a lengthy email, communication takes place in various forms. In every walk of life, communication has become a pre-requisite. You love to communicate with a few while you hate to converse with vicious minds that trigger illogical conversations. Whatever may be the form of communication, it is undoubtedly the context and the content what matter the most. About Woop Woop is a real-time communication app that cares about context. 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Node JS Shopping Cart. People make new habits every day. The rising arc of e-commerce reveals an interesting habit that people seem to have cultivated over a period of time- Ordering stuff online.

Almost everything is available online at affordable prices. Ottspott - Best Slack Business Phone App. Team communication is extremely important in various business scenarios. Every alternate day, new team collaboration tools are entering into the global market. Despite the presence of numerous players, Slack, the reputed team collaboration tool continues to dominate the market. Slack comes with a host of benefits such as private channels, dedicated channels for a project, a separate channel for every team etc. Slack allows you to manage and share your files as well. Spirit - The Perfect Online Animation Maker. Exquisite Photography Inspiration in World Forum. In” forum in Photo” photography galleries we present the latest of our findings from the wonderful world of photography. Amazing high quality shots from great photographers all over the globe. Find a Job at YCombinator Startups in less than 45 Minutes. Kurbi - The Place For Local Health-Care Professionals.

I often ask entrepreneurs about the prerequisites of running a startup. Magic - The Best Virtual Personal Assistant App. Best Deals on Homestay and Beach Resorts in India. Timejoy - The Best Meeting Scheduler App. One line Description ­ Timejoy provides your day to day time management solution. Marketplace to Find Used Cars for Sale & Expert Car Reviews in India.