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Our Favorite Furniture Hacks. Do you remember our Project Restyle series from back in the day?

Our Favorite Furniture Hacks

Many of the posts were clothing related (like how to restyle a vintage top) and we even gave an old chandelier a shiny, new life. Lately, we’ve added a lot of furniture hacks to the mix, and wanted to share a roundup of our favorites with you today! Can you believe this used to be a rectangular table? Most tulip tables are either smaller than the one above (or pricey), so Laura made her own with a little help from IKEA. There was nothing wrong with this wooden bench, but it looks so much better with woven leather on the top—and more comfy to sit on. If you have a piece of vintage furniture that needs a fresh coat of paint (but you don’t want to cover up its original character), follow this super easy tutorial. Our Favorite Furniture Hacks. Learning to Renovate (10 Lessons We Learned and Are Still Learning!) When I think back on all the renovations we’ve done, beginning with our first homes (which are immortalized in our book Happy Handmade Home), I get a bit nostalgic!

Learning to Renovate (10 Lessons We Learned and Are Still Learning!)

Even though there are certain things in those spaces that I look back on and cringe, there is also so much heart and positive energy in the designs. The biggest thing I see is two people who were excited to learn. Four renovations later, I’m realizing that this is a journey that will last our whole lives. I’m glad we naively felt “good at” designing and renovation even on our first try, because that’s what it’s all about—enjoying the process! Here are 10 lessons we’ve learned along the way: 1. Recently, as I’ve been obsessing over what a dream home could mean to me, I’ve realized that it’s so much more than just “good” and “not bad.” 2.

Looking back, a three-year renovation is NOT that bad. 3. For us, the timeline on each project was pretty much double what the contractor told us. 4. 5. I ran into this in our current home. 6. Trendy Chic DIY Topiary Trees. Caring for houseplants can be a tricky job!

Trendy Chic DIY Topiary Trees

I do not have a green thumb by any means, plus finding the right balance of water and sunlight isn’t always easy. Trendy Chic DIY Topiary Trees. Bouquets and Floral Arrangements for the Big Day! Real flowers can cost a fortune, especially when it comes to weddings… am I right?

Bouquets and Floral Arrangements for the Big Day!

That’s why when I got married, I decided to incorporate faux flowers into my décor. I went to my local Dollar Tree because they have a phenomenal selection of floral and craft supplies that helped beautify my wedding reception without sacrificing my budget. Listed below are a few ways I incorporated them into my reception! Since Dollar Tree has a wide array of colorful faux flowers it makes it easy to create gorgeous floral arrangements and centerpieces to match your wedding colors.

Find flowers that have hints of your matching colors however, don’t go too bold. Be sure to cover those flower stems because you want your flowers to look as real as possible. Moss-Inspired Tablescape. Refined and ornate table arrangements are a thing of the past these days as we embrace all things natural and organic!

Moss-Inspired Tablescape

I love bringing a touch of nature into my home because it seems to make our family dining experience so much better. Plus, it is elegant and affordable to decorate with. This spring, I decided to create a moss-inspired tablescape to help capture the ambience of the great outdoors. Using foam floral blocks, moss, succulents, faux ferns, and candle votives, I was able to create a table runner that looked just like the forest floor! Perfect for not only in-home use, but for themed events, weddings, baby showers, and more! Stock Up on Supplies: Foam Blocks – Various SizesFaux MossFaux SucculentsFaux FernsStones, Rocks, or PebblesCandle Votives Transform Your Table: Begin with a stacked or lined arrangement of floral foam at the center of your table.

Elegant DIY Mirrored Centerpieces. Timeless and elegant centerpieces are always eye-catching at events, but can be hard to find or come with a steep price tag!

Elegant DIY Mirrored Centerpieces

Fern-Covered Candleholders. Skip the glitz and glamour while decorating for your next event or wedding and keep things nature-inspired by creating your own wild and rustic candleholders!

Fern-Covered Candleholders

I used Dollar Tree’s glass cylinder vases, white pillar candles, and faux ferns to assemble these unique statement pieces for décor around my home. They are simple to make, yet are unique and elegant to decorate with all year long! Gather Your Supplies: Glass Candleholders – Various Sizes (I used the 7” vase)Pillar CandlesFaux FernsPaint BrushMod Podge®Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)Hot Glue SticksScissorsAdditional Embellishments: Ribbon, string, burlap, etc. Follow Along Step-by-Step: Simply trim the ferns to the desired length. Looking for additional DIY candleholder ideas?

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