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A cause to celebrate! A new baby orca has been born, confirms @CWROrcas. #Photography by ©Daniel Dolpire. Photography by ©Kulmiye Chan. The Polar Bear’s New Name Is… A polar bear mom and her cub wait for the sea to ice over.

The Polar Bear’s New Name Is…

The votes are in, explore has deliberated, and polar bear mom X33410 will be renamed Ursula! We think it’s a perfect fit. Meaning “Little Bear”, the name Ursula also evokes the constellation Ursa Minor (She Bear) in the northern sky which features Polaris, the North Star. Our little she bear is an 8-year-old mother to a single yearling cub. Now research scientists and fans alike can follow her on their winter journey over the sea ice via GPS on the Polar Bear Tracker.

Bear Cubs On Their Mother Back. Photography by ©Julian Rad. Penguins Floating On Iceberg. Husky pups. Mountain Gorilla Right Before He Punched The Photographer. Photography by ©Channi Anand #piclogy. #Photography by ©Andrew Evans. Every year, thousands of photographers send their best work to the editors at National Geographic.

They all have the same aim — to win the prestigious NG Photo Contest. Here are the winners and finalists for this year — and what incredible shots they are! 1st place: The whale’s whispers. Stunning close-up of a red fox in a meadow! Beautiful! Manatee Mother With Baby, #Florida. Forget that it's cold outside and watch these baby dolphins swim in #Hawaii. Grizzly Bear Says Hello, Alaska. Gorilla In Autumn, Detroit Zoo. Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Jumping - Viral Sheepdog Photo. When we first spotted that blur of fuzz in the photo below, our jaws dropped.

Mark Zuckerberg's Dog Jumping - Viral Sheepdog Photo

Is it a cloud? Or a messy mop? A strange ball-toy thing, even? Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Advertisement - Continue Reading Below No, it's an overly hairy canine caught on camera leaping through midair! If you were feeling grateful for your loving pet this past Thanksgiving weekend, you aren't alone. In the spirit of this holiday weekend, I want to share the most joyful photo of Beast jumping I've ever seen. And boy are we thankful he did! Puli, a smaller breed of Hungarian sheepdogs, are known for their extremely heavy coats of long and thick fur. Luckily for us, Beast has his own Facebook page, where he can be seen getting into all kind of adventures.

Squirrels use tails as an umbrella to protect from snow. Diving With A Humpback Whale. Fact: pandas spend most of their time eating and sleeping. #PandaCam snap by Copaz-NJ. Bear Smart - Check out Tiny Tim from Pembi. Bear Smart - What a cutie! Have a rough week? Shake it off and watch some @BigCatRescue Cam. Arthur, Andre and Amanda @BigCatRescue cams. Minnie and Debbie enjoy some Thanksgiving treats while Ronnie looks on! Read more at. Log In or Sign Up. Dogs World. Bunny Swingle - Photos de la publication de Bunny Swingle...

Faith in humanity: restored - Animals Australia. Faith in humanity: restored - Animals Australia. Bright Side. The Reindeer Centre - Capralama Farm. Fact: all cats like boxes, even big cats - @bigcatrescue. Animal pictures of the week: 4 December 2015. Animal pictures of the week: 4 December 2015. Animal pictures of the week: 4 December 2015.

Animal pictures of the week: 4 December 2015. Om nom nom. Give yourself a Friday treat and tune in to the @BigCatRescue Cam. Trunk Hugs - Shirley, Misty and Tarra. TRUE!! Arthur the Tiger. Male Tiger Born 1/1/96 Rescued 9/28/11 Arthur is social with his keepers, however he keeps his guard up at times.

Arthur the Tiger

He settled in soon enough as it is hard to resist the charm of the volunteers who bring treats to their newest charges. Arthur loves his brother Andre dearly and the two are often found cuddled up in the same den or lounging together in one of their pools. All three tigers are so aggressive when it comes to food they have to be separated. Hopefully they will one day understand that food is plentiful here and there is no need for a frenzy when it comes to dinner time. In 2003, Wild Animal Orphanage took in the 24 tigers, but big cats have big appetites and by 2010 the Wild Animal Orphanage was in bankruptcy. It took over a year to find permanent homes for all of the cats because it is hard to place a big cat who will cost $10,000 per year in food and vet care.

Read more about the rescue of three tigers from Texas here. Happy Baby Killer Whale Breaches The Surface. A polar bear cub takes a graceful dive while mom looks on. What an awesome shot. Good morning, beautiful bison #BisonCam snap by Brenda Sandefur. Coy gyrfalcon checking us out on the Northern Lights Cam Snapshot by Kelly. North America's most beautiful bird has made a rare appearance in New York City >> It's been a victorious year for animals. Check out their top 10 wins of 2015 @HuffPostGreen. Photography by ©Jigar Mistry. Tom and Jerry. Silly panda doing some gymnastics. Photography by ©Les Piccolo #piclogy.

A special thanks to all the @exploreorg viewers for all the great #bisoncam pictures. The Arctic awaits in our stunning film that fans are calling "beautiful" and "breathtaking" Prince Harry is taking a stand against poaching in Africa. Fan BirdyGirly lives up to her name by snapping a falcon friend Snap and share your own! Photography by ©National Geographic #piclogy. Kensington Palace on Instagram: “Prince Harry has released this personal photo taken during his summer visit to southern Africa. Here Prince Harry shares his story behind the photograph... "This was the second time Zawadi, a female black rhino, met someon. Baby Tiger. WOWPicsOfLife : The sand cat. Where adults ... Photography by ©Karl Drilling #piclogy. WOWPicsOfLife : Ridiculously Photogenic Turtle ... Little baby otter drinking from a bottle. 15 utterly amazing photographs of animals in the womb. It was a privilege to witness 3 young lions go hunting at Ulusaba.

Photographer finds adorable life surviving in the Arctic tundra. Photographer finds radiance in wildlife of Arctic tundra. All photos courtesy of Ivan Kislov A snowy tundra might seem harsh and desolate, but when you glimpse the photography of Ivan Kislov, you'll quickly realize how the Arctic teems with wildlife.

Photographer finds radiance in wildlife of Arctic tundra

Working as a mining engineer in the remote Chukotka region of Russia, Kislov uses photography as a way to relax on breaks. He's become especially fond of photographing foxes, animals that are naturally curious and have no qualms about getting up-close and personal with a camera shutter. In addition to his fox fascination, Kislov has encountered all kinds of Arctic wildlife over the years, including hares, wolves, bears, herds of caribou, wolverines, weasels and countless bird species. At 64 years old, albatross Wisdom is the world's oldest banded bird >> #RacingExtinction. #BisonCam fan Annette snapped a coyote and she's over in England! Travel the world today.

Kruger National Park elephants use their trunks to help struggling calf out of a muddy waterhole. A herd of elephants rushed to the aid of calf after it got trapped in a watering hole.

Kruger National Park elephants use their trunks to help struggling calf out of a muddy waterhole

The heart-warming scenes were captured at the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa on November 19 and posted to YouTube. The area is famous for its large elephant herds. South Africa is currently suffering a drought and the creatures have to travel great distances in search of water. Stuck elephant calf given a helpful push by rest of herd Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% MinimizeExpandClose South Africa is currently suffering a drought and the creatures have to travel great distances in search of watering holes The baby elephant, thought to be only eight or 10 weeks old, got stuck in the watering hole and had a stressful few minutes before he was freed.

His own mother, also young and probably a first time parent, was unable to help him. Eventually, an older elephant rushed over to help and freed the youngster. Eventually, an older, more experienced elephant rushed over to help and freed the youngster. Fox. You're not the result of your experiences, You're the result of what you choose to do with them. Dancing Ant by Teguh Santosa. Swimming Manatee, Kings Bay, Georgia. Baby Cheetah in action. Bald Eagle Owes His Life To These Heroic Brothers. Caught in a trap in the middle of the woods, a bald eagle would've surely died if nobody saw or did anything, but two brothers wouldn't let that happen.

Bald Eagle Owes His Life To These Heroic Brothers

While out on a hunting trip off Windy Lake in Ontario, two brothers, Michael and Neil Fletcher, spotted the eagle, chained to the ground. Facebook/Michael Fletcher Even tied up, the eagle's sharp beak and talons posed threats to the men and their dog. They placed a sweatshirt over the bird to calm him down. It took a bit of maneuvering, but eventually they managed to free the bird from the trap, intended to catch animals with fur.

Photography by ©Keith Williams. @MarionSpekker Congratulations 70 K Followers. @ziziosama2gmail @Natanaelmiangel @04kazumi17 @Crossbourg @dedekolove. Good night dear friends□□□□□ Feliz tarde mi amor ❤ Te quiero mucho ❤ @SylviaPuig ❤ Arctic Fox, Canada. Just a group of baby elephants cooling off in the African heat. Photography By ©Charlie Fayers #piclogy. Who says only humans use umbrellas?