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Are You Holding On To A Fact Or Myth? Let's Find Out How Close Are You To The Truth About Waxing

27 august 2018

Are You Holding On To A Fact Or Myth? Let's Find Out How Close Are You To The Truth About Waxing

Every mouth has its own tale! Yes, and that’s how facts are sidelined by the reign of myths. We are witnessing the sagas of myths for centuries but I really don’t know why there are myths about regular processes such as hair removal using wax!

You might not even be aware if you are acting on the beliefs which are absolutely nothing but rubbish. Today, we are going to put a display of some statements that are doing rounds affecting the authenticity of the process and let you know if it is a fact or myth.

So, are you all set to see if what you believe about waxing is a fact or myth?

Waxing Increases The Growth Of Your Body Hair~ A Myth

I have heard this like a thousand times and I no longer have the capacity to correct this verbally. The fact is exactly the opposite of this myth. Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal. The wax sticks to the hair and removes it from its root which leaves the root weak. After years of waxing, the roots become much weaker making the process of hair-growth slower. So, waxing doesn’t increase the growth but makes the hair grow slower and sparser after years.

You Must Not Use Chemical Products For 24 Hours After Waxing- The Truth

Whether you use the blue wax beads or soft wax, the process remains the same, the hairs are removed from the roots. When this happens, the pores of the skin are opened and they remain so at least for 24 hours. Using any chemical products, even a soap, means allowing the accumulation of that product in the skin. This may cause acne and other skin infections.

Exfoliating Isn’t Necessary- A Myth

Although those who are in the profession wouldn’t say this, people whose skin is thin enough for the hairs to come out naturally think that they don’t need exfoliation so it might not be necessary. However, this isn’t true. As I said, waxing makes the roots weaker and with time, the hairs become thinner as well. So, once the hairs which didn’t need any assistance in coming out of the skin may not be able to come through the epidermis. Moreover, the layers of dead skin become the prime reason for inner growth. So, on the contrary, exfoliation is necessary for beating the issue of inner hair growth.

You Have To Wait For The Hairs To Grow Long For A Thorough Waxing- A Myth

Technically, it is a partial myth. You do need to wait for the hairs to grow at least ¼ of an inch but that’s it. You don’t need to wait for them to grow really long. The reason why estheticians advise against waxing for stubble is that the wax sticks to hairs in the process and if there won’t be the anchor, it will be a total waste. However, if it is the facial hairs that you want to wax which are usually shorter than the recommended size, you could rely on facial wax beads.

You Should Moisturize After Waxing- A Myth

Moisturizing is advisable only as a daily skin routine. Immediately before and after waxing, moisturizers are a strict NO. The skin pores are wide open post waxing. Thus, the creams could accumulate in the pores causing acne and other skin infections. Stay away from hydrating creams for at least 24-48 hours after waxing.

Final Thoughts

To know the process and its facts thoroughly, I would suggest you have a detailed talk with your esthetician. And if you really want to know the scientific POV about waxing, set an appointment with a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. If you don’t trust your salons for hygiene, you can buy a hard wax beans kit and make waxing your own thing!