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PLASTER OVER ADOBE WALLS. Adobe bricks are subject to gradual erosion by rain and sand storms, even though adobe buildings have a long history of good performance in the southwestern United States. In cases where owners desire to protect adobe walls from erosion, it has been customary over the past century and a half or more to shield the adobe bricks and mortar. In the early and mid-1800's, the walls were sometimes shielded with lime plaster. From the late 1800's and early 1900's the custom switched to plaster made of portland cement or a mixture of hydrated lime and portland cement. The protective membrane of plaster, whether made of lime, cement and lime or only portland cement, served to protect the wall to a reasonable degree. However, if water got behind the plaster membrane for any reason, erosion would occur on the surface of the adobe and eventually the plaster membrane would begin to slough away from the adobe bricks and mortar.

Mix: Plastic cement or regular cement may be used as the cementing agent. Adobe as plaster. Q: With my wife, we have recently established a private company in Ethiopia for an investment in eco-cultural lodge in Lake Tana area. As the lodge will be build out of Adobe (similar to some historical construction in Ethiopia), we are considering various construction technique options. Each lodge will be build like a small Ethiopian Orthodox church with wall decorations and paintings. We only use local material (foundations made out of stones, Adobe wall, and thatched roof). The main concern we have in designing is to stabilize the plaster (mud or other material) in order to preserve the wall frescoes we are planning to produce.

Do you have any reference on how best to plaster Adobe/mud houses? What material is mostly recommended for interior plastering, keeping in mind that the lodges need to keep a fairly high standard of comfort. A: The same mud that will make adobe bricks makes a good plaster if it is screened through a fine mesh of about 1/8th inch. Q: Can you seal adobe brick. 2015 New Furnace Installation Cost | Furnace Replacement & Prices. Mattress | Tuft & Needle. Platform Bed Frame - Platform bed frames come in a variety of styles, and they either feature horizontal slats (think planks, usually wooden) or a solid platform for the mattress to rest on. Slatted Bed Frame - A slatted bed frame is another way of saying platform frame and gets its name from the characteristic horizontal slats that support the mattress. Slats - Slats are the planks that are usually placed horizontally on a slatted or platform frame. Their purpose is to support the mattress and their function is analogous to that of a box spring.

Metal Bed Frame - Sometimes called a Hollywood bed frame, the metal frame is a traditional bed frame that supports a box spring + mattress. Box Spring - Traditionally featuring a wooden frame and springs, most modern box springs are, in fact, slatted or solid foundations. Their purpose is to provide even support under the mattress, and they work with either a metal bed frame or a platform bed. RTA Vintage White Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets | In Stock Kitchens.

Aesthetic Interiors - Historic Wallpapers - Victorian Arts - Victorial Crafts - Aesthetic Movement Welcome to Aesthetic Interiors. Trustworth Wallpaper. Unfinished Furniture Webster, Texas Bald Furniture Furniture-Oil Based Finishes. General Finishes JQ Gel Stain, 1 quart, Java - Water Based Household Wood Stains - New Mexico Historic Preservation Division | Tax Credits - State and Federal Financial Incentives. State Income Tax Credit Program The State Income Tax Credit for Registered Cultural Properties program was established in 1984 to encourage the restoration, rehabilitation and preservation of cultural properties. Since then, more than 800 projects have been approved for New Mexico homes, hotels, resturants, businesses and theaters that benefited from one of the few financial incentives available to owners of historic properties. The program has nearly a 7:1 community investment ratio for every dollar provided through a credit.

In a recent five-year period, the statewide program saw approved rehabilitation construction projects totaling $7.4 million, spurred by the catalyst 0f $1.4 million in taxpaer-eligiblecredits. More than 800 homes and businesses in New Mexico have been restored or rehabilitated using state and federal preservation tax credits. The property must be individually listed in, or be listed as contributing to a State Register of Cultural Properties historic district. Brick Re-pointing Workshop - Silver City Tourism & Grant County NM Tourism. When: July 19, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Brick Re-pointing Workshop with Pat Taylor, Pre-Registration Required Pat Taylor of Pat Taylor Inc. of Mesilla, New Mexico has been working in historic preservation since 1980.

He has been a Historic Preservation Consultant since 1993 and has taught preservation workshops throughout the United States, Mexico and South America. Old House Restoration Stories & Blogs. Have you ever wondered what it's like to restore an old house? Welcome to our archive of old house blogs and restoration stories. Do you maintain an old house blog? Submit it to Listings are free (unless you also want to sell it). Arkansas The Devil Queen Crow Mountain, Arkansas Chronicles how my wife and I sold our souls to an 1890 Queen Anne Victorian.

Web Site: View listing... California Casa Decrepit Alamdea, California Casa Decrepit - The restoration of the Italianate style home is simply amazing and the story reads better than any Reality TV Show. Web Site: View listing... Eureka Redwood Victorian Eureka, California Our House - A 1890s one and a half story with cross gable dormers - All redwood construction - walls, floor, & ceilings.

Web Site: View listing... Vernacular Italianate in the Wine Country Healdsburg, California Web Site: View listing... View listing... Colorado Iowa. Welcome to Our Victorian House. The Philadelphia Shutter Company - Interior and exterior wood shutters for historical accuracy. Front porch spindles, railing, balusters, wood rail, exterior balustrade - Western Spindle. Blue Ox Millworks - Eureka, California. Victoriana Magazine. Airgas - Blasting Ice. Airgas Blasting Ice What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Cleaning with Dry Ice is Clean and Safe. Dry ice cleaning (also known as dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning, and dry ice dusting) is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. But that's where the similarity ends. Instead of using hard abrasive media to grind on a surface (and damage it), Dry ice cleaning uses soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds, and creates mini-explosions on the surface to lift the undesirable item off the underlying substrate. If you want to read all the technical details, see the How CO2 Blasting Works page. Dry ice cleaning has many unique and superior benefits over traditional blasting media. Dry ice cleaning uses compressed air to accelerate frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) "dry ice" pellets to a high velocity. Top 10 Reasons Dry Ice Blasting is superior 1.

Myths About Insulating Old House Walls | About Your House. I was recently chatting with a neighbor who asked, " We love our 100 year old home. However, it sure is a drafty old place! We're interested in blowing insulation into the walls, what do you think Bob? " Let me start by saying, if you live in an old house you are part of a large group of plaster dust lovers. I have great respect for and kinship with people choosing to live on tree-lined streets full of unique old homes with character. Having said that, it's time for an old house reality check. If your goal is to continue loving your old house, make it energy efficient while keeping your costs down, then you absolutely don't want to blow insulation into the sidewalls.

One of the top reasons for exterior paint failure, termites and structural damage to old houses is loose cellulose or fiberglass insulation blown into the sidewalls. Most building codes today require that when a new house or addition is built in a northern climate, it must have a vapor barrier. Retrofitting Radiant Heating | Heating | Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical. Loops of white plastic tubing hang suspended like hula hoops in the basement of Madeline Krauss and Paul Friedberg's Shingle-style home, the site of This Old House TV's Newton project.

Richard Trethewey, TOH's plumbing and heating expert, pulls another length of tubing from a decoiler on the basement floor and feeds it to heating contractor John Perry, who snakes it along a joist bay over his head. Richard steps onto a ladder and gently taps the thin white hose into the grooves of aluminum tracks screwed between the joists. "We're turning the entire first floor of this house into a giant radiator," he says. "You'll never feel cold when we're through, and you won't need slippers, either. " Richard is working with Perry to bring hydronic radiant heat to this 111-year-old house. Though installing a radiant system can run up to 50 percent more than, for example, conventional forced-air heat, it saves 30 percent in energy costs, eventually paying for itself. Understanding the Victorian Kitchen | Homeowner Guide | Design/Build Kitchens, Baths, Additions and Home Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Enter search terms, click "Site Search". Star­Craft Cus­tom BuildersP.O. Box 80265, Lin­coln, NE 68501402-871-5301 Pre­serv­ing the past, build­ing the fu­ture since 1996. Up­dat­ing Your Vic­tor­ian House? Con­tact us for au­then­tic Vic­to­rian per­iod de­sign, pre­ser­va­tion, res­tor­ation, re­no­va­tion and re­model­ing ser­vices. Draw­ing: Vic­to­ria Her­itage Foun­da­tion. We spe­cial­ize in up­dat­ing per­iod homes while pre­ser­ving the feel, style and crafts­man­ship of the his­toric era. Paid ad­ver­tis­ing. Google col­lects and makes exten­sive use of per­sonal infor­mation, in­clud­ing sell­ing it to third par­ties. Photo: Villa Louis Es­tate This re­stored Vic­to­rian kitchen at the Villa Louis Es­tate, Prairie Du Chien, WI is an ex­am­ple of a very well equipped kitchen of the era.

To all of us of a cer­tain age, much of a Vic­to­rian kitchen would seem fa­mil­iar. But, the Vic­to­rian kitchen was any­thing but a mod­ern kitchen. Kitchen Ori­en­ta­tion Around 1899 J. H. Pvt. Dr. Historic Houseparts. Mortise Lock Straight Talk! With Xavier Blaine Oh, the front door… It is the most evocative feature of every home, a thing of both beauty and security, a silent sentinel of architectural devotion. Its intricate carvings or stark panels, the comfortably oversized knob and backplate, the swing of the hinges, even the species of wood, all were carefully considered to create that most engaging of thresholds. In truth, what good would a home even be without a good front door? And yet the most important feature of every door, its entire raison d’etre, is not even visible, for what good would a front door be without a good lock? Solvent Free Paint: Old and new technology in combination.

How To Restore Painted Wood Floors, by Peter and Noelle Lord - Old-House Journal. By Peter and Noelle Lord In early houses every feature had a practical origin, and wide-board floors were no exception. The majority of floors were constructed of wood planks from 8" to 18" wide, because narrow boards were expensive to prepare in a preindustrial era and therefore reserved for the best rooms.

Though many wood floors were meant to be unfinished, care was also a practical concern and these boards were often painted to ease cleanup and protect the wood. Simple as they are, painted floors are historically significant parts of many old houses and they deserve good stewardship. With quality materials and proper preparation, you can revitalize your painted wood floors and preserve them for many years to come. Preparation Is Everything Restoring a painted floor is time-consuming, so be sure to set aside several days for completing the necessary steps and several more for your room to be off-limits to traffic.

What is a week or two when a good paint job will last decades? 326 W Church St, Socorro, NM 87801 is For Sale | Zillow. Total Lender Fees Total estimated lender fees includes lender, government and other fees associated with the loan quote submitted by the lender. These fees contribute to the total amount of the loan's closing costs. Other third party fees may apply. Learn more about closing costs Note: A lender may offer a credit to reduce your out of pocket cost. Total Loan Amount The amount of money being borrowed, calculated by subtracting the down payment from the purchase price (e.g. Learn more about FHA The amount of money being borrowed, calculated by subtracting the down payment from the purchase price (e.g.

Learn more about VA Third Party Fees The third party services fees are settlement charges that are not paid to the lender. AppraisalTitle insuranceRecording chargesTransfer taxesEscrowInterestHomeowners insurance These fees are estimates and can vary depending on the company. Est. True Cost True Cost is our recommended way to begin comparing quotes. Confirmed Lender Accuracy Promise No Spam.