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Sprinkler System

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A mobile app for OpenSprinkler. Version 1.4.6 A mobile app for the OpenSprinkler irrigation device Designed to allow intuitive program management (preview, edit, delete and add), manual control, initiation of a run-once program, viewing graphical and tabulated representations of log data, viewing device status, adjusting rain delay, and changing of OpenSprinkler settings.

A mobile app for OpenSprinkler

Easy to understand device statusQuick program modificationLaunch ad-hoc or defined programs instantlyManual mode for convenient testingMulti-device supportView visual representation of upcoming scheduled programsView graphical and tabulated representation of log dataView current weather and forecast status for the device locationChange and disable rain delayMultiple supported languages (Czech, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish) Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 6.0 or later. Requirements: Requires Android 2.3 and higher. Requirements: Requires Windows Phone 8.0 and higher. A mobile app for OpenSprinkler. TL-WR702N Wireless Adapter (USB powered) The Story of OpenSprinkler: an Open-Source Web-Based Sprinkler Controller. This is the story of how learning Arduino inspired me to invent the OpenSprinkler — an open-source, web-based sprinkler controller.

The Story of OpenSprinkler: an Open-Source Web-Based Sprinkler Controller

I’ve had a passion for making electronic circuits since I was a kid, spending hours looking at schematics and building simple circuits like a single-transistor radio, an electronic cricket, a sound-controlled switch. Most of the electronic parts I worked with back then were scavenged from waste circuit boards. Taking apart used circuits, learning to solder, and etching PCBs — these were some of the happiest moments of my childhood. First Encounter with Arduino I first got to know Arduino when I read Phillip Torrone’s open source hardware gift guide in 2007. As a Computer Science professor at UMass Amherst, I saw it as an inspiring and enabling tool for research and teaching. OpenGarage (WiFi garage door opener) OpenGarage is an open-source, universal garage door opener.

OpenGarage (WiFi garage door opener)

It has built-in WiFi and cloud support. The hardware is based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip. Main Features: Universal WiFi garage door opener. (Note: Security+ 2.0 systems require a compatible door button or remote).Built-in web interface for local access and configurations.Remote access through cloud-based Blynk app.Logging and history graph features.Built-in ultrasonic distance sensor, LED, button, buzzer (for producing sound alarm).Open-source product, with spare digital/analog pins for adding additional sensors or components.

Package includes: One assembled and tested OpenGarage controller with enclosure.One 6ft microUSB cable.One 6ft door button wire (2-conductor). OpenSprinkler — Open-Source Internet-based Sprinkler / Irrigation Timer. Open-Source Internet-based Sprinkler / Irrigation Timer Order OpenSprinkler is available for purchase at Rayshobby Shop.

OpenSprinkler — Open-Source Internet-based Sprinkler / Irrigation Timer

Choose either a fully assembled product, or a DIY kit (including PCB, components, and enclosure to make your own OpenSprinkler). Installation Tutorial Firmware 2.1.0 Tutorial. OpenSprinkler. How to Find Your GPM & PSI – Municipal Water Source. If your water comes to you from a water company, you’re on the right page.

How to Find Your GPM & PSI – Municipal Water Source

However… If your water supply is from a pump and/or well on your property, skip this page and go to How to Measure the GPM & PSI from a Pump or Well page. If your water comes from a tank or other gravity fed system, skip this page and go to How to Measure the GPM & PSI from a Gravity Fed Water System. Largest selection of common and unique PVC sch40 fittings. Browse through our HUGE selection of PVC fittings or click on any of the links directly below to jump to that section.

Largest selection of common and unique PVC sch40 fittings

Please note: we get our fittings from multiple vendors. Images shown may vary slightly from actual product, but function the same in plumbing applications. If design is an issue, please Contact Us. Side Outlet 90's. Irrigation Mainlines. Quick & Dirty Summary Definition of irrigation mainline: The mainline is all the pipes between the water source (POC) and the irrigation zone control valves.

Irrigation Mainlines

Irrigation Owners' Manuals Irrigation Direct. Design Charts - Irrigation Tutorials - Expert Advice Irrigation Direct. Irrigation tutorials; lawn sprinkler & drip systems, design, install and repair Irrigation Direct. Sprinkler pig. Plan Your Sprinkler System with the Orbit Sprinkler System Designer on Lawn Sprinkler Tutorials, how-to tutorial with step-by-step directions for installing Lawn Sprinklers. Hunter or Rainbird - Specific Brands - SPRINKLER TALK FORUM - You Got Questions, We've Got Answers. Which is better Hunter or Toro ? - Specific Brands - SPRINKLER TALK FORUM - You Got Questions, We've Got Answers. They all use ABS for sprinkler heads, but there can be different blends of the three basic components in the ABS chosen for use, besides which, parts can always be made with thicker dimensions, such as the caps on Hunter I-20 heads, versus their PGP.

Which is better Hunter or Toro ? - Specific Brands - SPRINKLER TALK FORUM - You Got Questions, We've Got Answers

ABS has good low-temperature properties, and it's an easy plastic to mold, in contrast to something like PVC, which can attack the metals of some molds. ABS is also cheaper than other suitable plastics choices. There are two examples of alternate plastics choices in lawn sprinkler products. IRRIGATION REPAIR - Irrigation Product Manuals. IRRIGATION REPAIR - FREE Irrigation Help, Guides and Tutorials. IrrigationDesignManual.

Rain Bird: Irrigation Design Guides. Recommended Sprinkler Products from Sprinkler Warehouse. Sprinkler School - Irrigation and Sprinkler Tutorials & Help. Discount Sprinkler Canada. Design guide Residential System LIT 226 US. You've found the web's mother lode of irrigation information! Selecting the Right Sprinkler Head. This article is intended to give you an introduction to the various sprinkler heads used for irrigation.

Selecting the Right Sprinkler Head

It will help you choose the best sprinkler for your situation. At the same time it will warn you away from some common and costly errors often made in sprinkler head selection. Similar information on bubblers is found in the last section of this page. Advertisement (content continues below ad): Types of Sprinklers: Traditionally sprinkler heads are grouped into two broad types based on the method they use to distribute the water, spray type sprinklers and rotor type sprinklers. How To Videos. DIY Irrigation Sprinkler Systems - Irrigation Depot.

?Any way to INCREASE water pressure to heads? - Installation Issues - SPRINKLER TALK FORUM - You Got Questions, We've Got Answers. How to Select the Best Spray-type Sprinkler. The web's mother lode of free irrigation information!

How to Select the Best Spray-type Sprinkler

In order to make good decisions about which products will work best for you it is necessary to have some basic knowledge of how sprinklers work and what the various options available to you are. Therefore the following few paragraphs are intended to give you the background necessary to understand the terminology used in my reviews. The background information below is much more in-depth than that in the tutorials, so even if you have read the tutorials you should still look through this page. You've found the web's mother lode of irrigation information! You've just found the web's mother lode of free irrigation information! Best of all, it's all FREE! This website is not affiliated with any irrigation, sprinkler, or drip equipment manufacturer, supplier, or installer; so the tutorials are independent and not biased toward selling a particular service, product or brand.

I hope you find the information here useful. Regards,Jess Stryker Landscape Architect (California License #2743) Selecting Your Sprinkler Equipment. In this step you will make some preliminary selections of the equipment such as sprinkler heads, valves and more. When selecting your sprinkler equipment we need to also find out how much pressure loss each item creates. The amount of pressure loss may require that you reconsider one product over another. Keep reading and it will become clearer. Balancing the Pressure in an Irrigation System. Now it is time to make sure the sprinklers will have enough pressure to operate properly. Adjust Your Pressure Loss Data: Pull out your Design Data Form. One of the top 3 sections should be completed (City Slicker, Country Bumpkins, or Backwoods Water) as well as the Pressure Loss Table at the bottom of the form. (If you haven’t completed the Design Data Form you need to go back to the beginning of this tutorial and work forward to this page.)

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