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Quick, Rapid, Turbo, And Fast Charging Explained: What You Need To Know About Charging Your Smartphone. You've probably heard of quick charging, adaptive fast charging, rapid charging, USB power delivery charging, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0/3.0/4.0 before - or at least one or two of these things. What you may not know is that all but one of them are actually basically the same thing, based on the same licensed technology from Qualcomm known as Quick Charge.

More recently, Qualcomm's technology has slowly been supplanted by the likes of USB Power Delivery, the standard for charging governed by the USB-IF, the body behind USB itself. Additionally, new proprietary standards from companies like Oppo, OnePlus, and Huawei have split off from both Qualcomm and the USB-IF, further increasing the amount of charging confusion out there in the market. Let's try and clear all that up, shall we? First, I want to dispel the notion that you need an OEM-branded charger to get the maximum charging speed out of your smartphone, because this generally isn't true. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0. The Best Multiport USB Wall Charger. The 36W four-port charger is narrower than Apple’s iPad charger but larger in its other dimensions because of its extra ports. It plugs directly into an outlet instead of using a detachable power cable, but thanks to the orientation of its prongs, the Anker charger covers only a single outlet instead of crowding your power strip or wall plate.

Anker’s PowerIQ technology identifies what kind of device is plugged into each port and delivers the proper amperage without you having to figure out the “right” USB port for each device. Also Great *At the time of publishing, the price was $26. Anker PowerPort 4 This newer version of our top pick looks a bit nicer, is slightly more powerful, and has folding prongs that are great for travel. It doesn’t cost much more, but it’s not a necessary upgrade for most people.

Also from Anker, the PowerPort 4 offers slightly more for a few more dollars. Anker 60W Charger For those who need more ports and more power, Anker's 60W charger is the way to go. Our pick. How to Build the Lean To Shed Front and Back Wall. Sample Plans How to Build the Lean To Shed Front Wall How to Build the Lean To Shed Back Wall Lean To Shed 009: Sample Page: Material Shopping List You may also like:

How to build a gable storage shed, pictures and step by step instructions... Grab These 3 Completely Free Shed Plans Now. Types Of Sheds What type of shed are you looking for and where will it stand? This is the main consideration you should have when choosing a type of shed, as well as whether or not you can realistically expect to build one with your level of skill. Do you need a simple shed to hold tools and garden accessories like hoses, water pots and lawnmowers?

Do you plan to store extra vehicles like motorcycles and boats during the off season? These are important questions to ask before settling on a shed plan because it will help you to determine what size you need, what types of materials will be required and if any additional equipment will be needed to complete the shed.

Basically the more storage you need, the more complex your shed will be. In cases where you need a shed which is more suitable for your gardening needs, where you want to store lawn care and gardening items such as soil, watering pots, seeds, hoes etc. Shed Sizes Good vs. bad plans. 15 Free Shed Building Plans. 15 free shed building plans. Many of them will include a material list and are super easy to follow. Get your garden or storage shed started with the help of these instructions. Remember to check with your local building authorities for the requirements and permits you may need.

By planning carefully before you build your shed you can avoid problems and can as well save money. Free Shed Building Plans Page: Gable Shed Plans Small Garden Tool Shed 12x12 Shed Plans - Gable Shed 12x16 Storage Shed Plans Gambrel - Barn Shed How to build a gable storage shed How to build a gambrel storage shed You May Also Like: Gambrel (barn style) Lots of space for storage. Lean To This storage will not take up allot of space. Great For Garden Tools Keep your garden tools organized and inside a safe location.

Salt Box Shed Plans Great for garden or as storage - PDF download - (10x8) 7 Tips for Building a Shed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Before Choosing Plans.

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