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Payment Processing Options

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The Top 5 Tricks Used by Credit Card Processors in Canada - Helcim™ Credit card processors advertising rates "as low as" 1.59% are pretty common these days. Unfortunately since the payment processing industry has no advertising standards, what they don't disclose are all the "assessment fees", "card-brand fees", "mark-ups" and non-qualified charges tacked on top. Ever see flights advertised for "$99" each way? Ever pay "$99" for those flights by the time you reached the checkout? Unlike airlines however, most processors bury these hidden fees in the fine print and go unnoticed until it's too late. The pitch is simple. "Why rent when you can own?

" But there is a catch... Why are equipment leases so common? "Interchange Differential Pricing" is a recent tactic being used to "double-dip" merchants. In other words, you will be charged twice for processing premium credit card transactions, resulting in higher fees than with your original pricing. Nothing says "We don't value small businesses" like penalizing them for not processing enough transactions.


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