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Community > Forums > Asus RT-AC66U Setup Instructions. Using RT-N66U as Local DNS server - SmallNetBuilder Forums. If this helps here is the contents of my dnsmasq.conf file and hosts file. The last entry in the host file was substituted for reference only but that is the one I am appending using hosts.add file. pid-file=/var/run/ user=nobody resolv-file=/tmp/resolv.conf no-poll interface=br0 min-port=4096 no-negcache cache-size=1500 dhcp-range=lan,,,255.255.255. 0,86400s dhcp-lease-max=253 dhcp-authoritative dhcp-option=lan,3, dhcp-option=lan,6,, dhcp-option=lan,44, read-ethers addn-hosts=/etc/hosts.dnsmasq and here is the hosts file localhost.localdomain localhost RT-N66U.

Dns - PowerDNS: setup/configuration help needed. Tommy Eriksen - is there a way to set up a local DNS... DNS server wanted ! Qnap:dnsmasq_config. QNAP DNS Server (dnsmasq) Instructions 1. Install Optware ipkg from list of apps in QNAP→Administration→Application Servers→QPKG Center 2. Enable SSH server 3. Install putty and connect 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Nano /etc/config/user/dnsmasq-hosts.conf localhost localhost ipaddress0 QNAPServer ipaddress1 name1 ipaddress2 name2 Ctrl+o - Save as Enter - Select Ctrl+x - Exit 9.

Nano /etc/config/user/dnsmasq-resolv.conf nameserver X.X.X.X (IP of normal DNS entry 1) nameserver Y.Y.Y.Y (IP of normal DNS entry 2) search Aydindril (where Aydindril is your workgroup) 10. Nano /opt/etc/dnsmasq.conf user=admin no-hosts #don’t use /etc/hosts because it is overwritten at boot addn-hosts=/etc/config/user/dnsmasq-hosts.conf #Read custom hosts resolv-file=/etc/config/user/dnsmasq-resolv.conf #Override resolv.conf 11. TESTING From a computer change the dns settings to manually assign rather than automatic. . #! 3. 4. Add the following 5. Second, setup your network to use the DNServer. 1.