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Community > Forums > Asus RT-AC66U Setup Instructions. Using RT-N66U as Local DNS server - SmallNetBuilder Forums. If this helps here is the contents of my dnsmasq.conf file and hosts file.

Using RT-N66U as Local DNS server - SmallNetBuilder Forums

The last entry in the host file was substituted for reference only but that is the one I am appending using hosts.add file. pid-file=/var/run/ user=nobody resolv-file=/tmp/resolv.conf no-poll interface=br0 min-port=4096 no-negcache cache-size=1500 dhcp-range=lan,,,255.255.255. 0,86400s dhcp-lease-max=253 dhcp-authoritative dhcp-option=lan,3, dhcp-option=lan,6,, dhcp-option=lan,44, read-ethers addn-hosts=/etc/hosts.dnsmasq. Dns - PowerDNS: setup/configuration help needed. Tommy Eriksen - is there a way to set up a local DNS... DNS server wanted ! Qnap:dnsmasq_config. QNAP DNS Server (dnsmasq) Instructions 1.


Install Optware ipkg from list of apps in QNAP→Administration→Application Servers→QPKG Center 2. Enable SSH server.