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Stop Lookin'. Get Cookin'. » Refreshing Oreo Brownies. Refreshing Oreo Brownies Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of you mums out there.

Stop Lookin'. Get Cookin'. » Refreshing Oreo Brownies

I hope you had a wonderful day filled with love and laughter and kids that behaved all day long! My youngest is in second grade and one of the things I will miss most when she leaves elementary school is the thoughtful handmade Mother’s Day gifts she will bring home. My most treasured possessions are not my Hummels or my gold necklace – it’s the handmade gifts my kids have given me throughout the years. Those cute little sayings attached to a small, inexpensive gift always make my eyes swell with tears in an instant – and that’s not easy to do.

This year, I received all homemade gifts from my kids. My son spent time on his iPod (nothing new there), not playing a game but using building blocks on the MineCraft app that says Happy Mother’s Day Mom on it. And my youngest brought home a pretty little flower and a blinged out garden stone with her handprint on it. Now onto the sweet reason you came today. 1. Crumb Boss Revolution – Get on the bus, you won't be sorry…this trip is SWEET! Sweet Peony: brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Three Ingredient Nutella Cookies. Sunday, September 18, 2011 Three Ingredient Nutella Cookies Got nutella?

Three Ingredient Nutella Cookies

Check. Flour? Check. Hot Chocolate Cookies. Monday, February 6, 2012 Hot Chocolate Cookies What are hot chocolate cookies?

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Cinco de Mayo piñata cookies. Video how-to: Pinata Cookies Ingredients: 1 cup sugar1 cup powdered sugar1 cup butter1 cup vegetable oil2 eggs1 teaspoon cream of tartar1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon almond extract1 teaspoon baking soda5 cups flour1 tablespoon vanillaMini M&M candies1/2 cup powdered sugar (frosting)2 teaspoons milk (frosting) Directions to make piñata sugar cookies: Cream sugars with butter.

Cinco de Mayo piñata cookies

Java Chip Mug Cake. Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Java Chip Mug Cake I was browsing through the ice cream aisle at the grocery store when I came up with the inspiration for this mug cake.

Java Chip Mug Cake

I love the java chip ice cream flavor by Starbucks and thought it would be fun to recreate it as an easy mug cake. A sweet coffee cake base, sprinkled with mini bittersweet chocolate chips. I topped it with some heavy whipped cream and additional chips to resemble the ice cream. Cinnamon chip Baileys cookie. These cookies pair well with a warm cup of black tea and Baileys.

cinnamon chip Baileys cookie

They go perfectly with a dachshund, a blanket, and a Saturday afternoon House marathon. They are a welcome gift for the ER staff and volunteers, one of which remembers you by now. Melt in your mouth and lightly crunchy, these blonde lovelies have an added sparkle from the dots of vanilla bean. Korean Food: Egg Muffins (계란빵) Abby Dodge's... "4 Ingredient" Nutella Fudge Brownie Cups (166 Calories) A special note to my niece who likes to go by, Sonja (she's definitely my niece... same issues)!

Abby Dodge's... "4 Ingredient" Nutella Fudge Brownie Cups (166 Calories)

Happy Birthday Miss Sonja, my cute and hilarious niece! I called you to wish you a Happy Birthday, however you were in the bathroom. I hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed your birthday cake... love, your HM! It was a dark, gloomy, and rainy day in the Tri-State, however when I returned home I was all smiles. My husband had training today and worked from home. Lately I've been on this brownie kick, I'm not quite sure if it is the weather that provoked me to bake something warm, or is it just my terrible desire for something sweet. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. It’s hard to believe, but the three dozen Chewy Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies I made on Friday are almost gone.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I wish I were kidding, but…there are maybe 10 cookies left in the jar. Yeah. Irish Cream Chocolate Pots De Crème. Chocolate coffee snack cake « the edible perspective. After being away for the long weekend, our fridge was wiped clean of any + all vegetables.

chocolate coffee snack cake « the edible perspective

As evidenced by my cheese-only pizza. Chris needed the car this week for work + school so I didn’t get the chance to go to the store. Good thing you don’t need vegetables to make cake. Soft chewy fudgey chocolatey nutty goodness « Otherwise known as Puddle Cookies, but that’s a name I could do without.

Soft chewy fudgey chocolatey nutty goodness «

Sounds kind of twee. I am the worst baker. Panda Bread. Cream Cheese Muffins Baked & Served in Parchment Bunny Cubes. I like the shadow. How about baking your muffins, mini cakes or other dessert creations in these parchment bunny cubes? Not only are they substituting the plain old muffin paper cup, but they also serve as a cute and convenient wrapping. You can give them away as a gift, include them in a packed lunch or hide them outside in the garden at Easter for children to find. The bunny cubes are easy to fold and inexpensive.

Why not make one right now? You can try the recipe for the fluffy and moist cream cheese muffins provided in this post to fill the bunnies, but I guess other muffin or cake mixtures should work fine as well, as long as they don’t expand too much. Let me give you some insight on how the idea of the bunny muffin was born. How to make the Paper Bunny Cube You need square pieces of parchment paper. I’ve found the instructions for folding the bunny in the book 親子で遊ぶかんたんおりがみ (oyako de asobu kantan origami) which is aimed at children, so don’t nag about it being too difficult :-D. I Heart You Cupcakes. Every one will be wondering how you managed to get a heart into the middle of the cupcake. I’ll teach you the secret, and it’ll just be between us:) {*style:<b>I Heart You Cupcakes Recipe makes four 9″ cakes or ~ 30 regular cupcakes. This recipe makes ~20 cupcakes with the red heart centers. - Non-stick cooking spray - 8 large eggs, room temperature.

Simple 'N' Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe. Got Milk for My Oreos? I was never much of a gadgets person. I was never into the latest technology and my mobile is such an old model that it doesn't even have a camera in it. But my love for food inspires me to learn more about food styling and photography. It is where I find the most pleasure and comfort in life, when I am most happy. The marriage of cooking food/baking and photography brings out my creativity, patience and passion. I heart cupcakes. This week was a week of celebrations for Wally and I. First off, last Monday was our first anniversary. One year since we know each other....I can't believe it...It seemed yesterday that we met at Nomad Cafe in Berkeley for a beer.

And at the same time so many things happened that it could seem 10 years ago. Chocolate cloud cake recipe. Recipe: chocolate cloud cake I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine, you ask? Well… you might say it was EPIC. friday morning and still coming down. Pure Nutella Mug Cake. Sunday, February 5, 2012. No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes.

New York Cheesecake « Kristine's Kitchen. If you’re looking for the best recipe for a classic cheesecake, then this is it. Chocolate Silk Pie. Rich Chocolate Truffle Pie Recipe. Jasmine – Oreo Truffles and reflections on Paris. I’m finally back from the much shorter Paris break than initially expected. Tortitas americanas: cómo preparar tortitas/ Pancakes recipe. Descripción: Cómo preparar tortitas americanas Preparación: 5 min Cocción: 5 min.

Lace Crêpes. Lace Crêpes. Weekday Pancakes from a Homemade Mix. What makes a mix or box of pre-measured dry ingredients so appealing? Cake, muffins, pancakes – name a baked good and you can probably find a mix for it on the shelf at the market. There is just something about a mix that makes the process seem so much simpler. Is it really that hard to get the flour, sugar, and baking powder out and measure it? No. HOT CHOCOLATE ON A STICK recipe. If you’re new here, welcome. How To Make Home Made Fudge (super easy) Food, Photography and a Piece of Me...: Luscious Chocolate Brownie. According to Arquives of General Phychiatry the human brain can be addicted to food the same way it can be addicted to drugs. Our brain behaves the same way activating the same neural centers and producing dopamine.

Dopamine is what give us that sense of pleasure. And we are addicted to pleasure and addicted to the substance that give us that pleasure that being a drug or food. More studies claim that sugar stimulates the same endorphin receptors as heroin. >Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookie Nutella Brownies. >Easy Nutella Brownie Cups. >Oreo and Nutella Brownie Bites. 4th Sense Cooking. Big and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Whoopie Pies. Chocolate & Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies « Snap Food. Blog Archive » Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Perfectly Puffy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Whoppingly Wicked Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Cook’s illustrated’s perfect chocolate chip cookies. Blog Archive » Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Recipe/best-big-fat-chewy-chocolate-chip-cookie/detail.aspx. Good Thymes and Good Food: Brown Sugar Cookies. Chocolate Sugar Cookies. Giant Chocolate Sugar Cookies. Meyer Lemon & Basil Sorbet Recipe. 50 Treat Ideas for Valentine's Day. Lovely Things to Make, Bake or Buy this Valentine’s Day! Recipe Soft & Chewy Vanilla Butter Cookies A Simple Valentine. Mocha Chocolate Morsel Cookies (Secret Recipe Club) Cake in a Cup Free Printable DIY Valentines. Chocolate Mug Cake and a Giveaway. Valentine's Day Breakfast.