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Guest Blogger ~Ruffles and Stuff~ I am more than thrilled to tell you who I have invited today!

Guest Blogger ~Ruffles and Stuff~

Are you all ready? Disney from Ruffles and Stuff!! I love her feminine, approachable style and she always has great step by step tutorials on her blog. Oh, and she has really cute pictures of her and her assistant model. If you haven't met her yet, you are in luck. Enjoy! I don't know if the weather is getting summery where you live, but we're finally starting to feel the warmth here, and I am getting so excited about the next season! In my mind, summertime is synonymous with the beach! I wanted to come up with a project that really said "summer" to me, and so here it is! The "Beachcomber" Dress Made entirely from white cotton jersey... With "rope" straps and belt. It will knock your socks off to know how easy it is to make! To own the truth, I actually made mine from one of my husband's new white undershirts (Shhh!)

If you're making up to a 3T you can do the same! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Quick Envelope Pillow Case. Book Nerd. Book Nerd Olá! Primeiro quero dizer que estou oficialmente de férias! Há uma hora atrás tive o meu último exame Não correu muito bem mas tou de férias não interessa! Bem ao ler alguns dos meus posts podem ter reparado que adoro ler! E também adoro aquelas t-shirts com letras gigantes, por isso decidi fazer isto: Era uma antiga t-shirt que nunca usada e tingi-a com lixívia. Para ser sincera não estava muito preocupada em ficar com defeitos por isso apenas cortei o papel e pus onde queria que as letras ficassem, não usei nenhuma fita cola ou papel de contacto xD A minha mistura foi 1 parte de lixívia para 2 partes de água.

Acho que vou fazer mais destas t-shirts com outras palavras! 11 Responses to “Book Nerd” Malu Dini (Malluh) says: The Madeleine Mini Bloomers. Valentine’s day is coming this weekend, and whether you love it or hate it, you must admit having something adorable to lounge around in makes any day that much sweeter.

The Madeleine Mini Bloomers

So I present to you the madeleine mini bloomers, a free sewing pattern that you can download! It takes only a yard of fabric (along with some elastic and ribbon), and an hour or two of sewing to whip up these pretties. These are no prim and proper Victorian bloomers, as you can see. They sit low on the waist, and are scandalously brief. The back view is particularly flattering. The pattern is put together like any Burdastyle pattern. Watermark Tee. Hello U-Create readers!

Watermark Tee

I am so excited to be guest posting here today. It just so happens to be my first guest post and I'm still a little shocked that it's here at Ucreate, one of my favorite blogs! A little bit about me.. I'm from a little town called Keller, Texas. I'm a junior at Texas A&M University (whoop!). I'm working on my education degree and expect to be an elementary school teacher in just two short years. The Convertible “Infinity” Dress. I made this thing.

The Convertible “Infinity” Dress

It’s pretty cool. It’s a convertible dress that’s basically a circle and two straps, so it’s really easy, inexpensive, and crazy versatile. It’s been around forever and everyone seems to love it (in fact, part of the reason I’m posting this is to answer some questions for people I’ve run into), and I can hardly believe how close I came to not making it at all. I first found the instructions at a blog called rostitchery, and then I came across a second set at Cut Out + Keep. It sounded so easy. So I bought some material, spread it out in the living room, cut out my pieces, and… …stopped. I didn’t understand the next step. Turn the skirt inside out? Sweetheart Ballet Tee. Here’s yet another way to spice up your t-shirts when you get a little bored with the plainness of them all.

Sweetheart Ballet Tee

I did this a few weeks ago to two of my plain tees. I’m threatening to do this on all of the t-shirts I own. Seriously. Watch out! This little ruching technique takes literally 2 minutes; the perfect way to jazz up an outfit on your way out the door. Materials: Fitted Tee Sewing Machine Coordinating thread Elastic thread Scissors Magic Erase Fabric Pen (not pictured) Cut the collar off: only cut a little around the back & cut more around the front to make a deeper neckline. Find the center of the front collar. HAND wind your bobbin with elastic thread. Turn your tee inside out and pull on the elastic thread until your shirt is as rouched as you’d like. Trim loose ends after securing the thread in place with a square knot.

Dab the front of your shirt with water and a Q-tip to erase the magic marker line. Bleaching Experiment.