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So Your Shoulder Hurts. I’d say that at least once a week I open up my email and start reading something that sounds like this, “Hi Tony, this is (enter name of Victoria Secret model here).

So Your Shoulder Hurts

I was checking out your website and……..” Just kidding – that’ll never happen. But fingers crossed that it does someday. Back in reality what typically happens is a receive an email that starts, “Hey man, so, uh, I have this shoulder thingie going on…………………” And almost immediately the Darth Vader theme music starts echoing in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always honored when someone goes out of their way to reach out to me and ask for advice. Now shoulder injuries can be tricky, as no two shoulders are the same. On top of all that, because the shoulder is such an intricate joint it lends itself open to injury fairly easily. Building Better Calf Muscles: How the Calf Works and How to Work It. Take a gander at the muscles on the back of your lower leg.

Building Better Calf Muscles: How the Calf Works and How to Work It

Which category applies to you: Are they short and bulky? Long and bulky? Average size? High Performance Training, Personal Training. Advice From a Former College Baseball Player: What If?

High Performance Training, Personal Training

Written on April 7, 2014 at 7:17 am, by Eric Cressey Today's guest post comes from current Cressey Performance intern, and former D1 college baseball player, James Cerbie. -EC. Food Politics. Blog. — Science and User based approach to Goals. Health and Fitness News, Tips, Recipes, and Exercises. Nutrition. Bodybuilding Forum - Supplement Review - Getting The Most Out Of Creatine. By Monica Brink Zone Creatine is one of the few dietary supplements that have a very solid scientific support for its efficacy in increasing strength, explosive performance and muscle mass.

Getting The Most Out Of Creatine

So the question in not whether it is effective, but rather how to supplement it to reap maximal effectiveness? There are several theories on how to take creatine; some say your should load and then lower the dose, while others say you can get good results by a low dosage regimen without loading. Yet others say you should cycle the creatine and take breaks from it in between cycles. And then we have the issue of dosages and how to ingest it. Creatine forms When creatine first came out on the market it was creatine monohydrate. For more info on different creatine forms and formulation, check out Will Brink’s article “The Creatine Grave Yard” Creatine supplementation protocols There are basically three creatine supplementation protocols.

Loading followed by Maintenance protocol Low-Dose protocol Bottom Line 1. Wil - Strength, Power, Speed, and Explosion Training for Athletes. Like many of you that love Olympic lifting, whether it be for performance, CrossFit, or the sport itself, I was shocked when I heard last week that an athlete had suffered a serious and life altering injury from doing an Olympic lift.

Wil - Strength, Power, Speed, and Explosion Training for Athletes

I received a dozen emails about how to “miss a lift,” and thought that this was an important time to release this blog post. I don’t know Kevin Ogar, and I will not speak to the way that his injury occurred, I think that it would be very disrespectful to Kevin, his family, and friends. Personally I think this was a completely freak accident, a massively unfortunate, 1 in a billion occurrence. I only wish him the best, and will pray for his recovery. This is a piece of an upcoming project I am putting together, and wanted to make sure it is out there to share. In college I waited tables at a local sports themed restaurant that featured more TV’s than you could shake a stick at. Coach Ron McKeefery is here to answer my questions. Too much? Read More→ 5 Squat Tips for Immediate Improvement. The following article is a quick five tips to help you with your squat.

5 Squat Tips for Immediate Improvement

The squat is a tough exercise to master for most people and I was no exception. To help qualify things if you don't know me, I have squatted over a 1000 pounds in multi-ply gear 13 times and over 1100 pounds four times with a best in competition of 1124 lpounds. Double or triple those numbers if you count training. My point in telling you this is to plant the seed that BIG squatting can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. These five tips will help you on your way to reaching that goal. It took me six years of training to get my first 1008 pound squat, which came at the APF Senior Nationals in Baton Rouge, LA, in 2004. Over the years, I picked up a few things that have helped me train my squat and perfect my form. Know this: without the form and technique you'll never maximize your potential. Even modest adjustments in form and skill will improve your performance. Here are five squat tips to start doing NOW!!!! Smart Overhead Pressing. Back when I was a Testosterone-dripping teenager, I had a serious crush on the overhead press.

Smart Overhead Pressing

While I liked that it built beefy shoulders and manly triceps, I was especially keen on how badass the overhead press presumably looked to the opposite sex. Forget screaming through sets of pressdowns and pec deck flye PRs – thrusting a heavy-ass barbell overhead to lockout? What healthy woman of childbearing age could possibly resist that? Just add a few dabs of Black Panther cologne and watch the panties start dropping like lacy dominos. However, as I went along my pressing journey, my shoulders began to hurt. Fast forward a few years and I still had issues doing presses, whether horizontal or vertical, and as such sported the deltoid development of Justin Bieber all through my prime mating years. Many lifters I work with have similar shoulder issues that keep them from pressing heavy or even doing any overhead work whatsoever. Axial Loaded Stability Overhead Stabilization Pressing Variations.