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Stanley John Whidden | Military first-person shooters have lost their balls. When was the last time a modern-day military shooter campaign blew you away — and not just with a frag grenade tumbling at your feet? Or even just a mission like All Ghillied Up or No Russian that stays with you long after the rifles fall silent? Because from where I’m playing, it seems that today’s military shooters are one ball down on Hitler. And that’s odd, when you consider the Doomsday Clock twitches at 2-and-a-half minutes to midnight. Or approximately the length of time it takes to complete a Call of Duty campaign. Rolling news flickers with refugees fleeing war-zones. Europe’s in a dangerous economic mess; Syria’s a ball of hot sand and flames. This shit writes itself. It’s fair to say that few modern-day military shooters have had a strong narrative game. It wasn’t always like this. When I think modern-day military shooter, I think Captain Price.

That’s not to say COD was the only game in town, either. Who is the games industry terrified of offending anyway? But there is hope. Stanley John Whidden. Published October 14, 2014 Colonel Stanley John Whidden M.D., Ph.D., will give a special presentation on the recent Ebola virus pandemic, on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 1 p.m., on the University of Louisiana at Monroe campus, in the Chemistry and Natural Sciences Building, Room 100. Whidden Whidden has served in senior U.S. Government positions on many national interagency homeland security, public health, and international United Nations joint defense projects, including, the U.S. DHS National Bio-surveillance Integration System; National Incident Management System; Chemical-Terrorism Risk Analysis; Defense Threat Reduction Agency; and the Bio-defense emergency preparedness planning, Homeland Security Presidential Directive for Bio-defense 9 and 10, among many others.

Col. Whidden completed three senior executive service schools, four fellowships, five degrees, and seven international operations on four different continents. Col. Stanley John Whidden – Medium. Stanley John Whidden. Slide 1: Understanding chemical and bio-terrorism Stanley John Whidden Slide 2: Who is Stanley John Whidden ? Col. Stanley John Whidden is an U.S. Army physician and scientist, recognized expert in chemical and bio-terrorism risk analysis and risk reduction. Slide 3: What are chemical weapons? Slide 4: What is the Chemical Weapons Convention? Slide 5: What are biological weapons? Slide 6: What is the Biological Weapons Convention? Slide 7: Chemical and bio terrorism Chemical and bio terrorism is the release of chemical toxins, viruses, bacteria, toxins or other harmful agents used to cause illness, injuries or death of people, animals, or plants in a deliberate way. Slide 8: How to act in a chemical attack?

Slide 9: How to act in a biological attack? Slide 10: Slide 11: Thank You Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Ken Collis is a successful entrepreneur who is following the footsteps of his family. At a young age Ken Collis started working for the family business. Currently Ken owns a digital marketing and distribution firm named VIIVIIVII and prior he was the CEO at TLK fusion. In the early part he worked with bankcard processing as a partner and helped in the development of the business. Ken Collis notes that digital marketing has changed the whole scenario of marketing.

Marketing now is completely different from traditional marketing. It has altered the businesses market their products. Earlier it was very difficult for brands to make their name in market says Ken Collis. How digital marketing is beneficial: How digital marketing is growing immensely and how it is beneficial for the businesses. These days world of technology, digital marketing and social media has affected our social behavior. Content strategy: Makes businesses competitive: Global reach: Target right customers: Lower Cost: Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden – Medium. Stanley John Whidden | The Role of the Military. Stanley John Whidden – Medium.

Stanley John Whidden | The Role of the Military. Stanley John Whidden | Women Self Defense. Stanley John Whidden | The Role of the Military. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley john whidden. Stanley John Whidden. The U.S. top nuclear weapons commander revealed Friday that he would not want to see the world ban nuclear weapons. Air Force Gen. John Hyten, head of the U.S. Strategic Command and the nation’s nuclear arsenal, told journalists at the annual meeting of the Military Reporters and Editors Association that such weapons of mass destruction actually made the world safer by discouraging military conflicts among nuclear-armed states. He criticized a proposed resolution being debated at the U.N.

General Assembly that would call for a universal ban on nuclear weapons, saying that the tens of thousands of nuclear warheads estimated to exist around the world acted as a deterrent. “Can I imagine a world without nuclear weapons? Hyten said that the conflicts of the post-nuclear age did not compare to the massive international conflicts of the first half of the 20th century including World War I, in which about 17 million people were killed, and World War II, in which around 80 million people died. Stanley John Whidden. Malls are fighting for shoppers with one thing their web rivals can’t offer: parking lots. With customer traffic sagging, U.S. retail landlords are using their sprawling concrete lots to host events such as carnivals, concerts and food-truck festivals.

They’re aiming to lure visitors with experiences that can’t be replicated online — and then get them inside the properties to spend some money. “Events draw people to come to the shopping center,” said Keith Herkimer, whose company, KevaWorks Inc., is working with big landlords including GGP Inc. and Simon Property Group Inc. to produce outdoor events. “They generate revenue for the owner and offer a chance for cross-promotion, so they can try and drive more customers into the stores.” Mall owners across the country are grappling with record store closings and declining rents. “We expect to see a trend of more closings,” said Carol Kemple, an analyst at Hilliard Lyons.

Now, events are reaching beyond the malls themselves. Like this: Stanley John Whidden | Stanley John Whidden – Medium. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden | 25 Most Bizarre Galaxies In The Universe. Our universe is both massive and fascinating. While we have a pretty elevated view of ourselves as humans, whenever we peer into the cosmos we really see how small we are in compared to the rest of whats out there. The lowest astronomical figures say there are 100 billion galaxies (that’s 100,000,000,000) in the universe, and our Milky Way is only one.

Take the Earth — and multiply it times 17 billion. That’s how many Earth-sized worlds exist only in the Milky Way Galaxy. Multiply that times 100 billion galaxies and you have a massive universe, not even counting the stars and non-Earth-sized planets. Here, we focus on some of the most amazing aspects of our universe: galaxies. Most of the strange galaxies on this list are known to astronomers by two classifications: the Messier catalog or the New General Catalog. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden | The self Defense Techniques Every Women Should To Know. Your biggest problem as a woman is not that you may be smaller or weaker than a typical sociopathic criminal. Your biggest obstacle is that you assume a set of potentially life-threatening beliefs about what to do in dangerous situations. You should reason with your attacker. You’ve probably never pulled out a knife and demanded someone’s watch.

That’s a good thing, of course, but it illustrates a vital point: Someone who would do such a thing doesn’t think like you. Deep down, you probably believe there’s a way to resolve a problem without anyone getting hurt. Attackers aren’t playing by the same societal rules you are, so you can’t react as if they are. All you can ever really do is level the playing field.If you’re attacked, scream for help. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Many people fear they will freeze up or act irrationally. 7. 8. 9. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Stanley John Whidden. Mr. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of New Orleans. His professional designations include the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and the Associate in Loss Control Management (ALCM). He is currently enrolled in the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) program and has completed over 50% of the degree requirements. Ralph is also currently enrolled in the Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities certification program and anticipates completion that program in 2006.

Kenneth (Ken) Lanzalaco -- Chief Executive Officer Ken Lanzalaco has over forty years experience in planning and implementing security and facilities protection and providing training to security and anti-terrorist personnel. Mr. Jeffery (Jeff) Arceneaux -- Chief Operating Officer Col. Col. Dr. Email: 409-932-8066 Niki Landry -- Vice President Marketing E-mail: 985-709-6944 William H. Veracity Solutions LLC.

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