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Classification périodique des fans » Article » OWNImusic, Réflexion, initiative, pratiques. Seth Godin: Get It Right For 10 People. Don't Go For The Masses, Go Direct To Fan Major labels are mass marketing power giants; it’s what they do. Look, Lurk, Leap! A Musicians Guide For Finding Managing and Rea. I have been working on the second edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks which will be released in a few weeks and I recently revisited the section about blogs.

Look, Lurk, Leap! A Musicians Guide For Finding Managing and Rea

I believe that getting reviewed on blogs is critical for every musician because it helps create a bigger footprint for you online, builds awarness and allows for a two- way conversation around your music Here is a section from the book. To understand blogs I highly suggest you watch these two wonderful videos from the amazing Commoncraft website that explain all you need to know to get started. STEP 1: Movie Time! Mass Media Vs. Niche Media. I rather like having discussions with Mitch Joel, he gives me good food-for-thought.

Mass Media Vs. Niche Media

That’s because we grew up in different times – I have only known a digital society, he has seen both a digital and analog. Due to this we tend to look at things through a different lens. Previously when he argued print is not dead, I made the point that it may not be dead, but it’s on life support and that digital is now the master copy. When Free Works. This guest post from David Harrell first appeared on his Digital Audio Insider blog.

When Free Works

When he's not blogging, David also makes music with the Layaways. Free music is getting a bad rap as of late by some industry analysts (see Mark Mulligan's recent post), but - in certain circumstances - I still think it can work. I agree with the skeptics -- having all artists give away digital downloads of all their music isn't a long-term solution for the industry. The Artist As A Startup. Is A New Model Emerging?

The Artist As A Startup

During the panel that I was a part of at yesterday's New Music Seminar, we briefly floated the idea of the artist as a start-up company. Not only is there value in thinking of an artist's career (or any career for that matter) as a business and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, but perhaps artist and record funding should become more start-up like as well. Une musique piratée sur YouTube relance les ventes d'un gro. "A creator, such as an artist, musician,... - Bret Taylor - "Does all this shit have anything to do with the music busi. My phone number is on my contact page on Unsprung Media.

"Does all this shit have anything to do with the music busi

At least once a week a random artist calls me direct to chat about business. Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? That’s me. I have the same conversation every week. No worries, I seriously enjoy these chats. Are fans telling friends? If not, improve, don't promote. - The most powerful philosophy of marketing I’ve heard is from my hero Seth Godin, and I think it can be summed up as this: You’ll know when you’re on to something special, because people will love it so much they’ll tell everyone.

Are fans telling friends? If not, improve, don't promote. -

If people aren’t telling their friends about it yet, don’t waste time marketing it. Instead, keep improving until they are.

Amanda Palmer

Tools. Viva Musica : à la découverte des marchés de la musique: Kiss Ki. Un groupe de musique propose aux fans d'établir eux-mêmes l. Live Nation Opens Web Platform To Artists. Concert promoters Live Nation have made changes to their web site that places more of the site’s content int the hands fans and artists. is a top 50 ecommerce site and a top 5 online music network. Some of the new features include: