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Tasty Vegetarian - Healthy And Hearty Soups That Will Fill You Up. Tasty. Tasty. Boulettes de Légumes Faciles. STICKY BBQ 'RIBS' VEGAN | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley. Monster Green Burger | SO VEGAN. ROAST SWEET POTATO DAHL | BOSH! | VEGAN. Portobello Mushroom Wellington - BOSH! PENNE PASTA CASSEROLE | BOSH! | VEGAN. The BOSH! Christmas Dinner Cookalong - BOSH! THE BIG BOSH NUT ROAST | BOSH! | VEGAN. The Ultimate Chocolate Avocado Cake - So Vegan. Here it is. Our ultimate chocolate avocado cake. This recipe has been a real labour of love. We’ve tested, tested and tested this recipe over the past month or so, and we’re super chuffed with the end result. Our neighbours and colleagues have devoured up to a dozen versions of this cake and the feedback has always been a resounding success. The avocado flavour is very subtle, which gives the cake a lighter texture, which you wouldn’t achieve using conventional butter.

We’ve also reduced the steps as much as possible to make this recipe accessible to all levels of bakers. Don’t forget to always check the labels on flour and sugar. Good luck! Roxy & Ben Print Recipe The Ultimate Chocolate Avocado Cake Ingredients 150 g avocado (approx 1 avocado), ripe, peeled and pitted1/2 cup vegetable oil300 g light muscovado sugar200 g plain flour80 g cocoa powder1 tsp bicarbonate of soda2 tsp baking powder2 tsp vanilla extract120 ml plant-based milk80 g applesaucevegan butter for greasing For decoration.

Foie gras vegan (en vidéo), facile et pas cher : recette sur Cuisine Actuelle. Facebook - Connexion ou inscription. Vegan Mushroom Pie - The Buddhist Chef. CASHEW MAC & CHEESE | BOSH! | VEGAN. THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS (OR THANKSGIVING) CURRY | BOSH! | VEGAN. Bosh - Jacket Burritos. Soupe à l'oignon - La cuisine De Jean-Philippe. CAULIFLOWER TIKKA MASALA | BOSH! | VEGAN. SWEET 'N' STICKY STIRFRY | BOSH! | VEGAN. JACKFRUIT PHILLY CHEESESTEAK | BOSH! | VEGAN. PERI-PERI HASSLEBACK SWEET POTATOES | BOSH! | VEGAN. SERIOUS SHEPHERD'S PIE | BOSH! | VEGAN. Chocolate Chip Almond Chickpea Blondies - Nest and Glow. These Chocolate Chip Almond Chickpea Blondies are really easy to make, taste great and are free of eggs/milk/butter and flour.

Moist and fudgy just like a normal blondie and you wouldn’t even realise how healthy they are from how good they taste. Bursting with nutrition, heart-healthy fats, fibre and a few slices can count as up to 3 of your portions of fruit/vegetables. Suitable for vegans, gluten free (make sure to use gluten-free oats), healthy and plant-based diets. I made this recipe to use dates and whole almonds rather than almond butter as it’s cheaper and more nutritious with less processed foods. Chocolate Chip Almond Chickpea Blondies Recipe Total time: 45mYield: 16 blondiesCalories: 115 cal Ingredients How to make Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F / 180 C.Melt the coconut oil and grind the oats.Add everything apart from the water and chocolate to a food processor.

Notes Chocolate Chip Almond Chickpea Blondies Video Recipe. Security Check Required. Vegan Mafia | Carte des établissements vegan ou vegan friendly. Chickpea Cauliflower Spicy Burger Recipe | Gluten-free & Vegan. 15th August 2017 These meat-free vegan burgers are easy to make, hold together firm and require no shaping. Slices of cauliflower are dipped into a chickpea and cayenne coating to add flavour, texture and crunch. Suitable for gluten-free, grain-free, paleo and vegan diets. A dairy-free cool ranch dressing is the perfect accompaniment to this burger and is included.

This is made using cashew nuts with herbs and apple cider vinegar. Chickpea Cauliflower Spicy Burger Recipe Total time: 1h 20mYield: 6 burgersCalories: 380 cal Ingredients Chickpea batter 1 tin Chickpeas1 clove Garlic1 slice Red onion1 tsp Cumin1 tsp Paprika1 tsp Turmericpinch of Salt and pepperwater to blend, about 5 tbsp Chilli batter 1 tsp dried Chillies or cayenne pepper6-8 pitted Dates3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar2 tbsp Olive oil (optional)pinch of Salt and Pepper Raw ranch dressing Loaded burger 6 Buns2 Avocados2 large Tomatoes1 Little gem lettuce3 slices Red onion How to make Notes The oil is optional for the coating.

Rate Recipe. These Overnight Oats Make The Perfect Grab And Go Healthy Breakfast. Mexican Quinoa Flatbread Recipe - Gluten free and Easy. This Mexican Quinoa Flatbread couldn’t be simpler to make and is full of flavour. It has a tomato quinoa base with beans and corn baked in. Topped with creamy avocado, zesty lime juice and fragrant coriander. Suitable for vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, oil-free and general healthy diets. It may look like a lot of ingredients for a simple recipe but they don’t require much prep. It will still taste great with any of the fresh produce omitted. Mexican Quinoa Flatbread Recipe Total time: 1hYield: 4 slicesCalories: 165 cal Ingredients Quinoa Bread Batter ¾ cup / 135g Quinoa4 tbsp Tomato puree1 clove of Garlic½ tsp Cayenne pepper½ tsp Baking powder½ tsp Turmeric1 cup / 240 ml Water Salt & Pepper to taste Baked Toppings 2 tbsp Sweetcorn2 tbsp Black beans, cooked1 slice Red onion Raw Toppings ½ Avocado, dicedCoriander/cilantro leaves½ Lime, juiced Method Mexican Quinoa Flatbread Video Recipe If you are short of time then soak the quinoa in warm water for just 15 minutes.

Tofu with Spicy Peanut Sauce - The Buddhist Chef. Protein-Packed Buddha Bowl FULL RECIPE:... - Tasty Vegetarian. Vegan Tempeh Bacon Wraps - The Buddhist Chef. Description This awesome smokey Vegan Tempeh Bacon wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla is seriously going to knock your socks off!! And there are so many recipes you can make with the tempeh bacon! Great for a hassle-free lunch! If you like this recipe you may also like my Vegan BLT recipe.

Ingredients Directions In a medium frying pan, arrange strips of tempeh side by side. Mix together garlic powder, maple syrup, oil, liquid smoke, vegetable broth, and salt. Pour sauce over tempeh. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Adding more oil if necessary, grill tempeh slices until golden brown. Spread mayonnaise on tortillas. Goodful - Here's 10 easy, low-carb veggie snacks to get... TACOS VEGAN (A BASE DE FRUIT DU JACQUIER) - Recettes A Tire Larigot. Aujourd’hui, je vous propose de découvrir le fruit du jacquier. Il se marie parfaitement dans des plats mexicains, comme les tacos. Habituellement, au Mexique, les tacos sont réalisé à base de viande de porc. Le jeune fruit du jacquier remplace de façon incroyable la texture de la viande de porc. A la base, quand vous ouvrirez la boite de conserve que vous aurez acheté dans un magasin exotique, vous vous direz surement, mais comment ceci peut ressembler à de la viande ?

Au fil de la préparation et de la cuisson, il va se gorger des saveurs de l’assaisonnement et se transformer en filaments. Il joue donc le rôle de substitut de viande dans ces tacos ! On y ajoute une sauce tomate à base de paprika fumé. Vous préparerez cette recette en 30 mn et elle ravira toutes les papilles, des omni aux enfants. Vous pouvez retrouver une autre recette de tortillas ici ! Préparation 15 mn Cuisson 25 mn Pour l’assaisonnement Pour la sauce barbecue Pour l’accompagnement Préparer l’assaisonnement C’est prêt !

Cashew Mozzarella Quinoa Crust Pizza - Nest and Glow. Quick and easy recipe for a quinoa crust pizza that is topped with melted cashew mozzarella. Suitable for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and general healthy diets. Full of heart healthy fats from the cashew dairy free cheese. If you need convincing to make this then watch the video recipe below to see the gooey vegan cashew mozzarella as you pick up a slice. It may look like a lot of ingredients and take an hour in total to make but each step is very easy. I created a quinoa pizza with sunflower seed cheese that uses the same base. Cashew Mozzarella Quinoa Crust Pizza Recipe Total time: 1hYield: 6 slicesCalories: 185 cal Ingredients Quinoa Crust Ingredients ¾ cup / 135 g quinoa¼ tsp salt½ tsp cayenne pepper½ tsp baking powder3/4 cup / 175 ml water Cashew Mozzarella Cheese Ingredients 1/3 cup / 50 g cashews2 tbsp nutritional yeast1 clove garlic1 cup / 240 ml water pinch of salt2 tbsp tapioca starch Pizza Topping Ingredients Use any that you like, this is just a guide How to make 4.7/534 ratings.

Blueberry Lime Cheesecake | Pretty Pies. If you saw my Purple Whipped Cream recipe, you know I L.O.V.E. purple. That’s why I’m so delighted to share this PURPLE cheesecake recipe: Blueberry Lime Vegan Cheesecake! This is NOT a conventional cheesecake filled with refined sugar, bleached flour and dairy. Nope, it’s made mostly with nuts and fruit! So much healthier! Cheesecake that’s secretly good for you. YES. The crust is one of my absolute favorites. And the cheesecake layers are SO decadent and CREAMY. One of the amazing things about vegan cheesecakes is you can throw in any fresh fruit you like and it will be so good!

Blueberry and lime is one of my favorite pairings. I love eating raw vegan cheesecakes because they make me feel GOOD afterward– not like I just ate a sugar bomb. Love it. Print Recipe Blueberry Lime Cheesecake {Vegan/GF/Paleo} Pretty purple cheesecake that is made from pretty REAL food! Ingredients Crust: Cheesecake Layer Ingredients: Instructions To make the crust: To make the lime cheesecake layer: Recipe Notes Related. Chilli Stuffed Courgettes with Cashew Cheese Recipe - Vegan / Dairy Free. 7th May 2017 These veggie chilli stuffed courgettes are a complete meal and easier to make than they look. Topped with a homemade vegan cashew cheese. Suitable for vegan, dairy free, gluten free and plant based diets. The chilli on its own is great, but stuffing it inside courgettes and topping with a cashew cheese really makes this an impressive dish.

Chilli Stuffed Courgettes with Cashew Cheese Recipe Total time: 50mYield: 12 courgette halvesCalories: 170 cal for two Ingredients For about 6 whole courgettes Chilli Ingredients 1 can chopped Tomatoes1 can Kidney beans1 Onion, diced2 Carrots, diced2 Celery stalks, diced8 Mushrooms, sliced2 tsp Chilli powder, adjust to taste1 tsp Cumin1 tsp TurmericSalt and Pepper to taste Cashew Cheese Ingredients 1/3 cup / 50 g Cashews2 tbsp Nutritional yeast1 clove Garlic1 cup / 240 ml Water pinch of Salt2 tbsp Tapioca or Corn starch Method Chilli Stuffed Courgettes with Cashew Cheese Video Recipe 4.7/53 ratings. Bosh - Christmas Dinner.

Raw Carrot Beetroot Cake with Cashew Frosting Recipe - Vegan and GF. 1st June 2017 This healthy carrot and beetroot raw cake is simple and foolproof to make. It doesn’t just look good – it’s also good for you and tastes great. Suitable for raw vegan, gluten-free, plant-based, paleo and general healthy diets. It’s a variation on my Carrot cake truffles but this time I’ve made it into one cake and made it suitable for grain-free and paleo diets. What can be better than a great tastings cake that makes you feel good after a slice? Raw Carrot Beetroot Cake Recipe Total time: 25mYield: 16 servingsCalories: 205 cal Ingredients Carrot Beetroot Base 3 cups / 450g grated Carrot1 large Beetroot, grated1 cup / 150g Walnuts1 cup / 100g Dates½ cup / 75g Raisins2 cups / 120g shredded Coconut1 tsp Cinnamon1 tsp ground Ginger½ tsp Nutmega pinch of Salt Cashew Vanilla Icing 3/4 cup / 115 g Cashew nuts2 tbsp Sweetener such as Maple syrup1 tsp Vanilla2 tbsp Coconut oil, optionala splash of Water for blending Method Raw Carrot Beetroot Cake Video Recipe 4.6/55 ratings.

Calcium Chocolate Vegan Fudge Recipe - Dairy Free & High Calcium. 28th May 2017 This easy vegan fudge combines some of the highest plant based sauces of calcium such as sesame seeds, figs, almonds and molasses to make a delicious fudge. If you’re following a plant-based/vegan or dairy-free diet you will undoubtedly come across someone that asks where you get your calcium from so next time answer fudge! One piece of this fudge provides over 35% of your RDA of calcium for a healthy adult – about 251 mg. For children 1-3 one square provides 70% of their calcium RDA and for children 4-10 a single square provides about 50% of their RDA of calcium. There are many other plant sources of calcium such as dark leafy greens like kale and spring greens, oranges, broccoli, and white beans to name a few.

Calcium Chocolate Fudge Recipe Total time: 0h 20mYield: 16 servingsCalories: 230 cal Ingredients Calcium Fudge Chocolate Avocado Frosting Method Calcium Chocolate Fudge Video Recipe For any comments/questions/help with this recipe post on the message boards.Rate Recipe. Vegan Cheese - The Buddhist Chef. Description Making vegan cheese have never been so easy. This garlic and herbs cheese is delicious, dairy free and has no added oil.It is made of cashew, agar powder, nutritional yeast and spices. Serve on bagels, bagel chips, crackers, or celery. Enjoy! Ingredients Directions Soak the cashews 1 hour in hot water. Drain the cashews and place them in a blender along with the basil, oregano, garlic, salt, cornstarch, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, maple syrup and 1/2 cup water. Process for 1 minute and set aside. In a saucepan combine 1/2 cup water and agar agar powder.

Pour into lightly oiled ramekins and refrigerate at least 2 hours. Remove by turning upside down onto a board. Steaks végétaux. Healthy Recipes - Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Dairy Free. Home - The Buddhist Chef. Peaceful Cuisine.