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Zentangle Step-outs and patterns

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How to draw tanglepattern Finery. A Tangler's Mind. I discovered the technique of Zentwining as I was working on the drawings for the fronts of the Tangle Deck cards.

A Tangler's Mind

I needed a drawing for the tangle Onomato. I picked up a piece of paper that I had drawn some random overlapping curved pencil lines on and began to draw ribbons wrapping around the lines. I then filled each ribbon with a variation of Onomato. I really liked the result and thought “this could be a technique that could be repeated easily.” I decided to share it and call the technique Zentwining. 1. 2. Here is an example. 3. 4. Here is the drawing with all the lines drawn in pen except where the ribbons cross. 5. As you can see, any remaining pencil lines are beginning to disappear into the tangles. How to draw BALO. By Linda Farmer, CZT At first glance when I received CZT Hsin-Ya Hsu’s Balo tangle for consideration I thought it was Florida CZT Vicki Bassett’s Fandango.

How to draw BALO

However on closer study I realized they are two different patterns. Similar, but not the same. Hsin-Ya’s inspiration for Balo was this pretty beaded bracelet, which she then deconstructed for us to draw as a tangle. Zentangle® co-founder Rick Roberts writes, “Drawn as a tangle” means that you repeat a series of elemental strokes in a certain structured way so you inevitably end up with a particular pattern without needing to know what the pattern you are creating is supposed to look like. Usually the number of elemental strokes needed are 3 or less. It also has to be done without any underlying pencil structure or preplanned grid. Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns. Sampler of a few Zentangle-original Tangle Patterns.

Linda’s List of Official Tangle Patterns

Not all of the tangles created and introduced by Zentangle® originators Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are posted online. This makes complete sense when you think about it because income from teaching about Zentangle is one aspect of their business. Learning about the original “102 Tangles” (now up to 154) and receiving instructions on how to teach them is part of the teacher certification seminar. (See this page for more about teaching Zentangle.) For those who are new to Zentangle, the Zentangle-original (aka “official”) tangles are those created and introduced by Zentangle HQ — that is to say patterns by Maria Thomas, Rick Roberts and Maria’s daughters Molly Hollibaugh “(pronounced: haul’-a’-baw’)” and Martha Huggins. However, every Zentangle-original tangle that does have authorized online drawing instructions is posted here on TanglePatterns and is linked in my list below.

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Zentangle utube videos

News from Zentangle. We are thrilled with your response to our Zentangle teacher training program. Already, people from America, Canada and as far away as Europe are planning to attend. Expect an update with registration details in September. Participation will be limited, so please let us know if you plan to come so we can hold a place for you until our formal registrations go out. Mark your calendar to reserve February 24 - 27, 2009. Tizzy - ein neues Muster / a new pattern   - Zenjoy Zentangle ® Zürich Schweiz. Ich spiele grade hauptsächlich mit Farben und Kreisen.

Tizzy - ein neues Muster / a new pattern   - Zenjoy Zentangle ® Zürich Schweiz

Mein neues Muster Tizzy passt mir da bestens ins Konzept, denn es passt gut in einen Kreis und lässt sich auf viele verschiedene Arten abwandeln. Als ich das Muster meinen engsten Tangle-Freundinnen aus Amerika gezeigt habe, weil ich keine Idee für einen Namen hatte, meinte Georgia, es müsse Tizzy ("aus dem Häuschen sein") heissen, denn sie fühle sich so, wenn sie es anschaue.

Mir gefällt der Name, denn Tizzy ist ja auch ein Muster das nicht in ein Häuschen (im Sinne eines Vierecks) passen will, sondern sich viel lieber in Kreisen oder in "freier Wildbahn" aufhält. :-) Hier ist der Stepout dazu: 禪繞畫圖案設計Zentangle pattern -Rattangle 藤糾結 @ damy的快樂隨意作. COPADA, a new tangle. Copada runs along the top of this ZIA tile.

COPADA, a new tangle

CHEBUCTO tangle instructions. In 1749 King George II of England sent ships and settlers across the Atlantic to Chebucto Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada.

CHEBUCTO tangle instructions

The name comes from the Mi'kmaq (first nation) Chebooktook or Jipugtug meaning 'big harbour''. Today it's known as Halifax Harbour. While visiting our daughter in Halifax last May we visited a lovely coffee shop on Chebucto Road a few blocks from her home. Of course, it was called Chebucto Coffee. In that coffee shop there was a pattern on the wall, a pattern that I really liked and quickly sketched, but I couldn't get things to line up properly. LG - A New Pattern! Just in time for Valentine's...

LG - A New Pattern!

Here is a sweet new pattern to use for your Valentine's - and all year 'round - When I completed the step out in my notebook (pictured above) I wrote the words "Love Grows". That made me think of my husband - and since his initials are LGB, I named the pattern LG - for him and for how our love has grown.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this spring! Sometimes the simplest ideas make the prettiest patterns. Sue Agnew noted in her explanation in yesterday's post that most of the heart shaped patterns designed to date are very good border tangles, but few can be used as fillers. A Zentangle Spiral Guide.