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Project Management

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Listen Louder: More Success with Stakeholder Management. Stakeholder management is an effective approach leading you in the process of transforming your business into an updated, financially lucrative, customer friendly, lower cost, lower risk, engaged and environmentally friendly enterprise.

Listen Louder: More Success with Stakeholder Management

Here is the key thought: To transform your business you need to ’listen louder.’ By that I mean that you have to engage more and deeper with your internal as well as external stakeholders. A stakeholder is defined as ’people or small groups with the power to respond to, negotiate with, and change the strategic future of the organization' (Eden & Ackermann). Please note, that we are not talking about addressing ’ought-to-be-neutral’ functional departments such as Production, Supply Chain, Sales or Marketing. We are not talking about ’neutral’ customer segments here.

Even if you do not like the fact, stakeholders are the guys who have all the answers that you need. ’How can we update the customer experience?’ Thanks for reading. Business Risk. Risk is simply uncertainty of outcome whether positive or negative (PRINCE2, 2002, p239).

Business Risk

Business Risk is uncertainty around strategy, profits, compliance, environment, health and safety and so on. Common Business Risks include: Market acceptance, Time-to-market, Incompatible product fit, Difficult-to-sell and Loss of political support. Use this checklist of business risks to identify the risks that you may face in your business. Risk Assessment Matrix. Cooke and Williams describe a simpler calculation: Severity x Likelihood. Both severity and likelihood can be rated on a sc… on Pintere… Mind Maps, Word, Excel and PDF. Templates in Mind map, Word and PDF format, PRINCE2 2009 Templates for Prince 2 projects based on the 2009 edition of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments).

Mind Maps, Word, Excel and PDF

Task Dependencies. Financial Risk Royalty Free Stock Image - Image: 21715256. The home of Scrum > Home. Do I need a project management degree? By Elizabeth Harrin on 5/02/2014 Recently someone got in contact with me to ask about how to get into project management. I thought I’d repeat here what I said to her, in case anyone else finds it useful. She wrote: I have been advised that you have to do a degree in a particular subject e.g. engineering, do project management training e.g. PMI, PRINCE2 etc and work your way up in order to become a project manager. Project audit - overview of audit process. Audits enable senior management to evaluate projects and programmes against pre-agreed criteria.

Project audit - overview of audit process

They indicate the level of compliance with procedures and processes and identify areas for improvement or where lessons need to be learned. Audits benefit the programme or project by providing a health check and recommending actions. Senior management gain an insight into the problems in the business, the level of risk they are facing and the actions that need to be taken. The companies’ clients can gain confidence in the quality of the outputs and visibility of any areas that need to be addressed.

The responsibility for authorising an audit rests with senior management who should ensure that the audit team have a clear brief of the objectives, scope, timings, restrictions and format. Typical audits will either look at operational, structural or product compliance. The audit process with the inputs and outputs at each stage is shown in the table below: Daily Tasks of a Successful Project Manager – An #Infographic. Project Management Problems & How To Solve Them [Infographic]

Create a Work Breakdown Structure. Gantt Chart - work planning in a machine shop c.1922 H.Gantt. Why Project Management Fails - Project Management Value. By Tim Bryce, M&JB Investment Company In all of my travels, I often run into companies who ask the same question, "Why can't we get our act together?

Why Project Management Fails - Project Management Value

Gantt Chart Project Schedule Example - HTML5 jQuery Chart Plugin by jqChart. Work Breakdown Structure - how to create a WBS to plan a project. This is step 1 of a guide to project planning covering 4 steps.

Work Breakdown Structure - how to create a WBS to plan a project

You can access steps 2 - 4 here. Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4. To plan a project you need to be sure that you have captured all of the deliverables and tasks that make up the finished project in a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The sum total of the parts of a project is the project scope, the WBS represents the project scope. The best way to produce a WBS involves post-its and a blank wall. When you can see plenty of post-its and people are starting to slow down, Write the end product of the project and place it at the top of the wall or white board. Then ask your team to add their tasks beneath each main deliverable. Software go liveStaff trainedSuper users trained Specify skill setIdentify super usersSuper users train agentsTraining prepared Venue bookedMaterials preparedSoftware installedDesktop & firewall settingsIT install exe Brief ITCheck workstations.

Free Project Management Templates - Project MVP Web Sites (most valued professionals in MS Project) MSProjectExperts.

Project Management Software

Project Management. What is Project Management? What is project management? ‘At its most fundamental, project management is about people getting things done,’Dr Martin Barnes, APM President 2003-2012.

What is project management?

Agile project books - top rated, published since Jan 2014. Timeline makers. Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms v3.1. StoryCards For Your Agile Projects. Expert Project Management. What makes a great Project Manager? - PMIS Consulting Limited. Project Management Articles - PM Hut.