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Faqs | Natural Stone Protection, Marble Benchtop Restoration Sydney. What is STAIN STOP? A specially formulated resin based coating system that is clear and can be applied to many types of natural stones including marble, limestone, sandstone etc. STAIN STOP utilising CLEARSTONE is a specially formulated coating that is applied using specifically developed techniques to afford the stones surface outstanding stain, etching and chemical resistance. STAIN STOP is finished in such a manner that it does not look artificial or plastic coated and appears as a natural stone factory finish. STAIN STOP is the ‘branded’ and registered name of the tried and tested stone coating system developed and manufactured in Australia by Innovative Composites Pty Ltd. Why use a coating system on stone? The standard way of protecting stone is to apply ‘sealers’. We have not found a sealer that can prevent ‘etching’, or for that matter, fill all the imperfections in the surface of the stone that can harbor bacteria.

How long will my protective coating last? Yes! Yes! Gallery | Sydney Stone & Marble Floor Polishing, Restoration, Coating. Warranty | Stain Stop | Sydney Stone Specialists. This warranty is for a period of 10 years from the date of application Clearstone must be applied by one of our approved applicators in accordance with the Clearstone Manual. Application of the Clearstone coating must be registered with Innovative Composites Pty Ltd.

This warranty only covers the cost of removal and re-application of the Clearstone coating to any part of the coated stone that does not perform according to this warranty or the removal of the coating and the consequent returning of the stone surface to a honed finish. This warranty covers Defects due to faulty manufacture of the Clearstone coating.The stone under the coating from etching and staining.Cracking, flaking and chipping, due to the breakdown of the coating excluding impact damage.Deterioration of the coated stone’s general appearance due to the Clearstone being deemed to have failed. This warranty does not cover This warranty is given by How to register warranty How to claim warranty. Stone Restoration & Repairs Sydney | Sandstone & Marble Cleaning.

There’s no doubt that natural stone adds beauty and character to your home or office, and when properly taken care of this beauty is timeless! Unfortunately we’re not always prepared or able to take the necessary care of our stone, and that’s when a good restoration team comes into play. Did you know that restoring your natural stone costs about a quarter of the price you would pay to replace it? So what stones can we restore to like-new condition? Our complete restoration and repair services apply to: MarbleGraniteLimestoneTerrazzoTravertineConcreteSandstoneBasalt, and Porcelain Each stone is different; not only in their qualities but also in how they react, which is why it’s so important you have the right restoration team for the job.

So what is it that sets us apart? What caused the damage? To request a quote or to speak with one of our friendly staff about your restoration needs, contact us today! Stone Coating | Stone Coating Sydney | Marble Etching Repairs Sydney. STAIN STOP Coating utilising Clearstone allows the freedom of choice to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other stones for their beauty and opulent characteristics.

The Resin Coating is a special formulation with the following features: • A totally sealed surface that has outstanding stain and etch proofing qualities. • A totally hygienic surface that will not harbor bacteria or odors. • Fills open fissures, cavities and faults. • Covers over joints to give a seamless surface. • The coating can be finished to the same appearance as natural ‘Honed’ stone, or finished to varying levels of gloss equivalent to a higher polished stone. • A worry free practical work surface which does not look artificial. • Increased scope for Architects, Designers and Consumers in material selection • A one time application with a 10 year warranty against staining and etching.

Is a specially formulated resin coating system that comes with a 10 year Guarantee against stains and etching marks. Sydney Stone Restoration | Tile Cleaning, Marble Coating, Repairs, Etching Protection & Polishing. Contacts Us | Stone Restoration Sydney | Send Enquiry | Stain Stop. FAQs | Sydney Natural Stone Restoration, Coating, Repair. Warranty | Stain Stop | Sydney Stone Specialists. Stone Maintenance & Care Sydney | Marble, Granite, Limestone. The following instructions are important for the care of all coated stone surfaces: The coating needs to be treated with care as sharp (knifes) and abrasive (pot scour) materials will cause scratching of the surface, a cutting board is recommended.

It is not recommended that you take hot pots straight of a hotplate or out of an oven and place them directly onto the CLEARSTONE coated surface. CLEARSTONE coating can withstand a considerable amount of heat but we recommend you use a heat resistant pad or board on top of the surface. If the surface does become damaged it can be repaired by one of our licensed applicators. Mild detergents and water should be used for washing and cleaning the surface. Furniture cleaner/polish, i.e. For a high gloss finish, use a soft cloth and ‘CLEARSTONE POLISH’ available from CLEARSTONE. For more information about our products please call us or email us now. Under no circumstances should metal or razor scrapers be used for cleaning the surface.

Stone Restoration & Repairs Sydney | Marble, Granite, Terrazzo. Stone Coating Sydney | Marble, Limestone, Sandstone | Protective Coatings.