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Create a product node programatically. Hello everyone, I am in a situation where I need to create a product node on the fly.

create a product node programatically

I am selling products whose information is fed from an external website. I basically used the API provided by that website to retrieve product information, including price, model number, and product category etc. I really like the checkout and order management system of Ubercart and I only want to use that two parts of Ubercart. One important nature I need to emphasis is that, the price of the products change, but the script I have will retrieve the price of the product every page load, thus it always display real-time price. Here is a detailed description of what I would like to do: Variables for a product I would like to convert (existing variables in current script): Product Name, Price, SKU, Category How I would like it to work: 1. If (product is in database) // judging solely from SKU { if (real-time price ! Else {create product using the variables; add product to cart} Quick-and-dirty CCK imports.

Programmatically Create, Insert, and Update CCK Nodes. I am working on a new module (uscongress module).

Programmatically Create, Insert, and Update CCK Nodes

The basics of the module is that it imports data and makes it available via CCK nodes. The dataset is a common one (U.S. Congressional Bills) that many people might want to develop applications around. I decided to try to implement the data using CCK rather than as a custom data model, thinking that CCK nodes would be more flexible to application developers. It has posed three important development hurdles. Create Content Types Export the content type from CCK (admin/content/types/export), save the array in an array, and then pass it to the function below. Function _install_create_content($content) { $type = $content['type']['type']; global $_install_macro; $_install_macro[$type] = $content; include_once './'. drupal_get_path('module', 'node') .' Inserting Nodes See Quick and Dirty CCK Imports.

The correct way to insert and update nodes is with drupal_execute, rather than node_submit because it handles form alter and form validation. Anyone up for explaining the $options array in the l() function for D6? What is the Content Construction Kit? A View from the Database. This article describes the Content Construction Kit, version 5.x-1.4.

What is the Content Construction Kit? A View from the Database.

The Content Construction Kit (CCK) began as a natural evolution from the popular Flexinode module. The Flexinode module allowed you to define your own content types (a blog entry, a recipe, a poll, etc) with a number of custom fields. CCK also allows you to do this, but in a more powerful way. Content types and the content.module. Creating a Compound Field Module for CCK in Drupal 6.x, from Poplar ProductivityWare Articles. When setting up a site using the Drupal content management system, you'll often find that you need to define content types that have fields attached to them, beyond the default Title and Body.

Creating a Compound Field Module for CCK in Drupal 6.x, from Poplar ProductivityWare Articles

In Drupal version 7.x and later, this field functionality is planned to be in the core distribution of Drupal, but in 6.x and previous versions of Drupal, it is provided by the contributed Content Construction Kit (CCK) module and the many associated modules that provide additional field types for CCK. For some sites, you may find that you need to define fields that have multiple values; for example, you might want to place several images along the right side of a page (each one being an Image field). That is no problem, in itself -- CCK allows you to set any field to accept multiple values, and in version 2 of CCK, you can easily re-order, delete, and add new items to the list using a very nice AJAX interface. Here's what this article contains: Getting Started Back to table of contents.

Getting Started with CCK. Last updated September 24, 2010.

Getting Started with CCK

Created on July 26, 2007.Edited by JoostVB, vegantriathlete, Senpai, dougvann. Log in to edit this page. In Drupal 5.x or Drupal 6.x, you have the ability to create as many types of content as you like. The Content Construction Kit builds on this feature by allowing you to add custom fields to those content types. If you use the Views module, CCK also makes all your custom fields available to any View. Install CCK the same way other modules are installed, download and unzip the tarball from and add it to the sites/all/modules folder within your site (create that folder if you don't have it already), then go to the page of your site to activate the new module(s). CCK is actually a group of modules.

TextNumberNodereferenceUserreferenceOptionwidgetsFieldgroup Please note that you need at least one of those enabled in order to see the 'New Field' option when managing the fields of a Content Type. Looking for support?