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KGF Actor Yash's Latest Post With Daughter Ayra Is Too Cute To Miss. Famous South actor and Actor of ‘KGF: Chapter 1‘, Yash is creating a buzz on social media.

KGF Actor Yash's Latest Post With Daughter Ayra Is Too Cute To Miss

Recently, the star has posted a picture on his official Instagram account, in a post you can see Yash And His Cute daughter Ayra is staring at each other. Yash posted a photo and wrote, Ayra: Dad I know its summer… but I’m damn sure THIS is NOT summer cut!!! Dad: Well… ahem! The photo is too cute to handle. After sharing the post, KGF star told that this angry look by Ayra is due to her summer hair cut. Yash tied the knot with Radhika Pandit in 2016 and in 2018 they became parents to daughter Ayra. Yash loves his daughter a lot, earlier wife Radhika Pandit shared a post on Instagram and wrote; We got Ayra’s ears pierced.. one of the most difficult things to witness in life as parents.Our hearts broke to see her cry so much! Yash rose to fame with his power-packed performance in the action movie KGF: Chapter 1. Coronavirus: Anand Mahindra Shares An Easy Idea To Make Face Mask At Home.

Inspiring Transformation Of A 73-Year Old Woman Proves That Age Is Just A Number. Coronavirus Scare: Spain's King Felipe VI Gets A Namaste Welcome From French President Emmanuel Macron. The Coronavirus outbreak has left many people scared and horrified.

Coronavirus Scare: Spain's King Felipe VI Gets A Namaste Welcome From French President Emmanuel Macron

The outbreak has infected people all over the world. People are avoiding travel, cancelling conferences and now handshake as well. Fearing Coronavirus has changed many things and now the way western people greet each other has also changed. Exclusive: Makers Of 'Ghajini' Hint About Making 'Ghajini 2' No one can forget about Aamir Khan’s biggest blockbuster Ghajini.

Exclusive: Makers Of 'Ghajini' Hint About Making 'Ghajini 2'

The film was a big hit, so after 12 years of its release, the makers of the movie are planning to come with its Sequel. You may not believe us, check out the tweet by reliance entertainment. After seeing the tweet, twitter is filled with tweets and shows their excitement. Actor Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Diagnosed With Coronavirus In Australia. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and has not spared Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson as well.

Actor Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Diagnosed With Coronavirus In Australia

The actor and his wife were currently in Australia where they tested positive for Coronavirus. Tom gave this piece of update through his Instagram profile where he wrote: “Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Top Beautiful Bollywood Actresses- Know Who Tops The List. Bollywood is famous for its talented and beautiful actresses.

Top Beautiful Bollywood Actresses- Know Who Tops The List

The B-town is tasteless without the glamourous, hot and top beautiful Bollywood actresses. The industry has so far released so many glamorous Bollywood actresses. And it’s not easy to make a list of top 10 beautiful actresses in Bollywood as there are so many hot actresses. However, we have crafted and made a list of Top 10 most beautiful Indian actresses. Check out. 10. Age: 29 years Net worth: 0.3 crores INR. Singer Armaan Malik Says "I Can't Take It Anymore", Deletes All Posts From Instagram. In a cryptic post-Armaan, Malik removes all posts from Instagram where he has 8 Million followers and wrote: “I Can’t Take It Anymore”.

Singer Armaan Malik Says "I Can't Take It Anymore", Deletes All Posts From Instagram

Armaan deleted everything from his Insta account except his IGTV videos. After deleting everything the only post that remained on his profile was: People Are Trolling This Saudi Company For Dressing A Man As A Hand Sanitizer. Try These Homemade Conditioners For Curly Hair. We understand that taking care of curly hair is not an easy task.

Try These Homemade Conditioners For Curly Hair

You have to treat them, nurture them continuously, and when you don’t provide proper care, they become frizzy and puffy. Other than that, they tend to lose their shine and dry up quickly. So, it’s essential to give some care and love to your curly hair from time to time. But if you don’t want to use store-bought conditioners, then homemade conditioners will be an ideal choice for you. Coronavirus Scare: Women Sing 'Corona Bhag Jao' Song, Video Goes Viral.

Coronavirus Recovered Woman Shared Her Experience! Its A Must-Read Story. A Seattle based woman named Elizabeth Schneider shared a post on Facebook, which got viral in no time.

Coronavirus Recovered Woman Shared Her Experience! Its A Must-Read Story

Let’s know in detail about her post. The woman had Coronavirus, and she shared her personal experience while dealing with the much-talked virus so far. In the post, she talked about how she fought the Coronavirus, facts about it, misconceptions about it, and how she recovered from it. Schneider experienced symptoms like nausea, fever, running nose after coming from a small house party. She got tested at ‘Seattle Flu Study’ Washington’s University, which has been checking people for Coronavirus. Priests Put Masks On Idols In Varanasi Temple, This Is Coronavirus Scare. The world is fighting with the terrifying coronavirus outbreak since January.

Priests Put Masks On Idols In Varanasi Temple, This Is Coronavirus Scare

New coronavirus cases are popping out every day making more people infected with the COVID-19. To keep themselves safe in this outbreak, people are putting masks and applying sanitizers. Seems like God is also scared of this rapidly spreading virus. Yes! Here’s How To Do Salon Like Facial At Home. Do you feel that your skin has lost its tone and glow?

Here’s How To Do Salon Like Facial At Home

If yes, then your skin needs some nourishment and care. For this facial is the best choice for you as it gives you a new life to your dead skin. But if you have no time to go salon for facial, then home facial will be an ideal choice for you. So, keep reading to learn how to do a salon-like facial at home. Here Are Some Steps To Do A Salon Like Facial At Home: 1.In the skincare routine, cleansing is the most important thing. 2.When it comes to facial, exfoliating is the second main step. 3.The best part is you can prepare your own exfoliators with natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. 4.Steam is the best way to start facial at home as it helps open up pores and relax the skin. 5.Once steaming has done, your face is ready to take on the goodness of facial. 6.Undoubtedly, your skin comes in contact with various damaging factors such as sunlight, dirt, pollution, and chemicals.

Lion Runs Towards The Crowd In Gujarat Village. Watch The Viral Video. In many viral videos, we have seen animals coming out of their territory and trespassing the villages. In a similar incident that happened in a village in Gujarat, a lion was seen charging at the villagers. The video was shared by Susanta Nanda who is one of the Indian Forest Service. From Throwing Balloons To Coloring Animals Lets Pledge Not To Do These Things On Holi. The festival of colors is only a few hours away and like always people are excited about celebrations. However, some people take Holi celebrations on a whole different level. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then let’s read further. Holi is a festival of colors and sweets. People apply Holi color on their relatives and fields face wishing for Holi. However, some people do all the wrong things in the name of Holi.

Try These Homemade Primers To Get A Flawless Makeup. As women, we all like to play with our makeup to enhance the beauty and appearance. But our makeup looks patchy and comes off after some time. Whether we use expensive and good makeup products, this is a common problem that we all are facing. But many of us have no idea why this happens. A weak base is the one big reason behind patchy makeup. We don’t consider the base of makeup, and that ruins our makeup. This Video Of Salman Khan Playing With Niece Ayat Will Definitely Melt Your Heart! Salman Khan loves spending time with his family members. The Dabang star always makes sure that he had a good time with them, mainly with them, mainly with his nieces. Why Henna Hair Pack Is Beneficial For Hair?

We all know that keratin protein present in our hair helps to keep them strong. But many of us might be unfamiliar that these proteins can be damaged due to oxidative stress, pollution, chemicals, UV rays, heating tools, and much more. Therefore, we need something that helps to repair and rejuvenate your hair. So, if you are looking for a solution, then a hair pack is an ideal choice for you. There are so many hair packs available in the market, but henna hair pack is the right choice for you.

Henna is considered as an ingredient for coloring and used in almost every hair color product. BMW Collides With Metro Train: Watch The Video At Your Own Risk. A metro train crushed a BMW car trying to cross the metro track in the US city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles police shared the video of the incident on social media site Twitter. Why Should You Add Cucumber Raita In Your Diet During Summer? When hot weather comes, we all opt for several options to keep us healthy and fit. There are several options that help to keep you healthy and fit, but don’t forget cucumber.

It is considered that cucumber is one of the healthiest and vegetables that contain a good cooling effect. Exclusive: Richa Chadda Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Diamond-Studded Engagement Ring. "Self Made Woman" Neha Kakkar's Journey From One Room House To Buying A Big Bungalow. We have powerful women around us who have conquered the world with their talent and dedication. There are many Bollywood celebrities who have shared their inspirational journey from Rags to Riches.

We know one wonder woman Neha Kakkar who is currently ruling the Bollywood with her mesmerizing voice. This Woman’s Day let’s know her struggle from One Room Kitchen to Owning a big Bungalow. Neha belonged to Rishikesh and spent a major part of her life there. She used to live in a rented one-room house. Ambani's Hosted A Grand Holi Celebration, See The B-Town Celebs Who Came At The Party.

Exclusive: Nick Jonas Caught LoveBirds Vicky And Katrina Romancing At A Holi Party. From Alia Bhatt To Vaani Kapoor- Try These Spring Colors. Try These Easy Homemade Face Packs For Dry Skin. Casual Fridays At Work! Don’t Make These Wardrobe Mistakes. Nowadays, most offices are keeping “Casual Fridays at work” policy to let their employees come in comfortable attire. However, this relaxed dress code policy can put some people in confusion, and they misinterpret the word “casual.”

As a result, they end up dressing as they have just come out from lawnmower. Six Easy And Effective Makeup Tips For Older Women. Yes Bank Crisis, Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes And Jokes. While a sinking economy and banking crisis remains hot subjects in India, Twitterati is bragging about the Yes Bank account holders and Indian government hilariously. 5 Trending Dating Terms To Add In Your Love Dictionary.

Key Steps To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading In Your Office. 7 Easy Ways To Avoid Sweaty Smell This Summer. Why Should Jackfruit Be A Part Of Your Diet? How To Disinfect And Clean Your Makeup Products Regularly? - Latest Breaking News. Know How To Lighten Dark Upper Lips. Here's Natural Ways To Reboots, Repair And Regrow Lashes. Mineral Therapy Has All The Best Foods For Skin Repair- Read More Here. Rashmi Desai Got Teary Eyed While Sharing Her Casting Couch Experience. Red Flags To Check When Your Partner Use Creative Ways To Show Love.

Here's How To Use Vinegar For Flawless Skin And Hair  This Holi Follow These Tips To Avoid Hair Damage. Bizarre: Soap Helps You To Get Perfect Eyebrows! Here's How To Stop The Habit Of Nail Biting. 5 Hurtful Words In A Relationship That Every Couple Should Avoid. 'Sooryavanshi' Trailer: All That You Need From A BlockBuster Trailer. My Job Is Killing Me! 5 Signs Of Work Stress And Depression. Forgetting Things Quickly? You Might Have Brain Fog. Here's How To Improve Mental Stamina. 5 B-Town Couples Who Locked Lips On Social Media. Amitabh Bacchan's Post for Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor Is breaking The Internet. 4 Simple Hairstyles To Hide Greasy And Oily Hairs. Have You Checked Out The Leap Day 2020's Google Doodle? Meet The Viral Dog Dui, A Dog In Vietnam With Cat-Like Ears Going Viral. Do You Know Sugar Can Damage Your Skin? Do You Want To Lose Those Extra Kilos? Egg Diet Is The Right Choice For You. 5 Amazing Blueberry Face Masks For Glowing Skin.

What Fruits Have More Vitamin C Than Citrus Fruits? These Adorable Pictures Of Ali Fazal And Richa Chadda Are Too Cute To Miss. 5 Relationship Tips You Need To Take With A Pinch Of Salt. 5 Skills To Teach Your Sweet Tween Before She Turns 13. Heropanti 2 First Poster Is Out. Internet Says It Is John Wick's Copy. 5 Insects With Incredible Superpowers That Will Blow Your Mind. Shut Your Temptation To Cheat In Love With These Tips. Amazing Things You Can Do With The Extra Day Of Leap Year 2020. Do You Want Better Skin? Here's Why To Get Red Light Therapy. Tattoo Care: How To Maintain Tattoo During Summer? 334 New Coronavirus Cases Reported In South Korea, Military Drills Postponed. Mallika Sherawat Raises Temperature With Her Latest Post. Pic Of Overflowing Cheese From Bagel Goes Viral, Twitter Asks About This 'McMonstrosity' Hilarious! Death Certificate Wishes 'Bright Future' To A Dead Man. Excessive Discipline Hurts Your Kid Badly, Here's How 

How Milk Wax Is Best For Removing Facial And Body Hair? From Sonam Kapoor To Richa Chadda Celebs Raise Their Voice Disparage Delhi Violence. These Inflatable Trousers Are Trending On Twitter And They Remind Us Of Aladdin. Stress Feels Good! Learn About These Good Stress Examples. Anand Mahindra Shares A Picture Of Dosa With Ice Cream. Twitter Gets Upset By This Combo. Here's How To Eat When You Are Tired! Here ‘s What It Marula Oil And Why To Use It. Viral: People Form Human Chain To Safeguard School Children Amidst Delhi. Amazing Benefits Of Using Greek Herb- 'Oregano' In Your Food. Here's How To Clean Your Aura For Good Vibes. Here's Why Raising A Dog With Your Partner Is Good For Your Relationship? Why Opt For Store-bought Thandai When You Easily Make It At Home? Viral Video: Chris Hemsworth Aka Thor Recites DDLJ's Iconic Dialogue. 7 Signs Of A Sociopath Not To Miss If You Are Dating Someone.

After Success Of Malang, Aditya Now Gets Busy With Aashiqui 3? Internet Is Loving This Boy And His Impromptu Dance In Front Of Melania Trump. 5 Different Types Of Liars You Will Come Across In Your Lifetime. Bandhgalas Are The New Fashion Trend And These Bollywood Divas Are Slaying It. Bandhgalas Are The New Fashion Trend And These Bollywood Divas Are Slaying It. Wood Apple- Here’s Why It Is Good For Health. Ivanka Trump Flaunts Her Desi-Videsi Style In Floral Dress And Pearl Jhumka At 'Namaste Trump' Event.

13 Hilarious Tweets For People Who Overthink Everything. US President Donald Trump To Stay In This Luxurious Hotel, Its Cost Will Shock You. What Are The Benefits Of Crying? Why Is It Good To Shed Some Tears? Watch Amitabh Bacchan's Marathi Debut 'AB Aani CD' Official Teaser. Are You Dating People With Least Relationship Compatibility? Twitter Flooded With The Hilarious Memes Over President Donald Trump’s Visit To India.