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Home Decor Ideas For A Bright Diwali! Diwali is finally here and we all are full of joy already making reservations, buying traditional outfits to shine on the festival of lights and even decorating our homes in the most unique ways.

Home Decor Ideas For A Bright Diwali!

But, decorating your home can be a huge task when you want your home to stand out from everyone else’s. Don’t worry, here are few unique home decoration ideas for a bright Diwali: The Basic Rangoli With A Twist The moment your family and friends come over the first thing they see is the rangoli at the front of your home. But, making Rangoli using Rangoli colours is very common, right? Hand-Painted Diyas We all use Diyas for lightening up our homes and in the pooja in Diwali. Fairy Lights Fairy lights can be used for multiple types of decorations. Lampshades With coloured paper and LED lights, what’s not possible! Colourful Torans Torans are quite popular and usually, people don’t give a lot of thought about them even though it makes an important piece of decoration.

Simple Flowers And Floating Candles. Katrina Launches Beauty Line 'Kay By Katrina'. Check Out The First Look On Instagram. On World Food Day, Here are Breakfasts From All Around The World! October 16th is celebrated worldwide as World Food Day and I am writing this with an impatient mind and watering mouth!

On World Food Day, Here are Breakfasts From All Around The World!

*Just ordered my food* Food holds a special place in our hearts. Think about it, which crisis didn’t food averted ever? Be it your breakup, academic failure, death of a favourite character, fights with friends, and even existential crisis! We All Go Through These Stages When We Are Crushing On Someone! People say their first love is often unforgettable, well I think that your first crush is unforgettable too.

We All Go Through These Stages When We Are Crushing On Someone!

We all have crushes while growing up, some on real people, others on fictional characters. Nevertheless, having a crush is a beautiful journey no matter how it ended. Do you remember your first crush? Does that memory make you realize how stupid or naive you were? But honestly who wouldn’t love to experience that blissful feeling again, right? Zoe Kravitz Finalised For The Role Of Catwoman In The Upcoming Batman Movie.

Famous Hollywood actress Zoe Kravitz is all set to play the role of Selina Kyle aka the Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie alongside Robert Pattinson (the new Batman).

Zoe Kravitz Finalised For The Role Of Catwoman In The Upcoming Batman Movie

Warner Bros. has confirmed that Zoe Kravitz will be joining the elite list of actresses who played Catwoman in previous Batman movies. Zoe will have to maintain the demeanour of the iconic character played previously by actresses like Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s 2012 The Dark Knight Rises, Halle Berry in a 2004 stand-alone Catwoman film, and Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns. Now that Robert Pattinson nabbed the role of Batman and Zoe Kravitz being the new Catwoman, it would be rather intriguing to see if they’re able to create the same magic onscreen as their predecessors, Ben Affleck and Anne Hatheway! Although, Kravitz has played Catwoman previously in The Lego Batman Movie. Superdad Builds A 3D Printed Lamborghini Aventador For His Son. We all know how much struggle and hard work our parents put in to see a smile on our face.

Superdad Builds A 3D Printed Lamborghini Aventador For His Son

They try their best to make our wishes come true. But sometimes the demands are so big that they cannot be fulfilled in such a small time. However, parents cannot leave their children disappointed and take out some way to keep them happy. Sterling Backus, couldn’t afford a Lamborghini for his son. The 5.1 crore beauty is after all not everyone’s cup of tea. Lip-Smacking Indian Delicacies You Must Make This Diwali. Diwali is the festival of lights and positivity that marks the triumph of good over evil.

Lip-Smacking Indian Delicacies You Must Make This Diwali

The celebration begins with Navratri and ends with Deepavali or Diwali. People buy new clothes, make delicious dishes and decorate their houses. As we all know food adds more value to any festival celebrated in any region. There are many traditional dishes which people prepare at their home. The festivals are the source of togetherness where families gather and celebrate and make new memories. What All You Receive When You're Awarded A Nobel Prize! In the wake of recent announcements of this years Nobel Prize recipients in different fields, we have come to share a rather peculiar piece of information with you today!

What All You Receive When You're Awarded A Nobel Prize!

Have you ever wondered, what is the prize money of the Nobel Prize? Or what all comes with the prize? Or what carat gold is used in making the medal? Some Unrealistic Expectations That Bollywood Gave Us! We Indians love “DRAMA” even if you think you don’t, you still secretly do!

Some Unrealistic Expectations That Bollywood Gave Us!

And from that drama comes our love for Bollywood movies which are dramatic, cheesy, full of Dance numbers and sometimes real-life issues. We have watched these movies over and over again growing up from teens to adulthood, these movies have left a lasting effect on our brain and even gave us some unrealistic expectations.

All You Need to Know About The Infamous "Cola-Heist" Straight out of an Ian Fleming novel, the story of “Coca-Cola Heist” has all the elements of an engaging, thrilling spy story.13 years ago, an irked employee of Coca-Cola tried to sell some confidential documents and the alleged secret formulae to Pepsi and what followed next will shock you to the core!

All You Need to Know About The Infamous "Cola-Heist"

All mortal souls are aware of the ‘Blood-Feud’ between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, also infamously known as the ‘Cola-Wars’. From smashing a Pepsi bottle in a press conference to releasing derogatory controversial adds, these soda companies went to all lengths to prove their sole dominance in the market. This is one reason you’ll be astounded by the story even more! A hot summer afternoon of 2006 witnessed an Ibrahim Dimson wandering around Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport clutching a cookie-box stuffed with $30k. So far so good. But wait, let us take you to the very beginning of how ‘The Coca-Cola Heist’ took off in the first place. 'Motichoor Chaknachoor' Trailer Brings Out An Unexpected Love Story Of An Even More Unexpected Unlikely Couple!

What's With The Face? Twitter Boils Over Bhumi's 'Fake Dusky' Skin Tone In Bala! Almost everything becomes contentious nowadays despite having low significance!

What's With The Face? Twitter Boils Over Bhumi's 'Fake Dusky' Skin Tone In Bala!

Talking about the fresh case of the portrayal of Bhumi Pednekar’s ‘Fake Dusky’ skin tone in Bala trailer! Main hun Mr. Bald ki dost, Ms. Bold! Miliye mujhse, jald hi. Bala trailer released and got us all thrilled over Ayushman’s portrayal of a rather unaddressed issue of male pattern baldness. So apparently Twitter has lost its shit over, first, why a rather fair-skinned actor was chosen for the ‘Brown-Skin’ role, and second, why that make-up is so shitty! Although we do agree to the fact that the make-up artist really ruined the make-believe tan.

Perks Of Being An Introvert! The world is filled with so many different personalities mainly Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. Out of these introverts are the ones who love to spend their time alone and aren’t much into socializing or partying. Do you know anyone like this or are you an introvert? Planning To Watch 'The Sky Is Pink' This Weekend? Here's A Heads-up! Much awaited Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar starrer ‘The Sky Is Pink’ Has released and the first reactions are out! The movie stirred a lot of speculations in itself after the release of the trailer and we’re dying to see how it performs at the box office. FYI, this is the last time we’d be seeing Zaira Waseem in a movie because apparently she has quit acting! Anyway, if you’re planning to indulge in this romantic-tragic roller coaster, this weekend, you might wanna read these Tweets: Just stepped out after watching The Sky is Pink and I'm rushing home to give my dad and my husband the tightest hug possible!

Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Tips To Get A Good Nights Sleep! We never really realize the value of a good night’s sleep until we can’t fall asleep. We all have a night when no matter how hard we try, we just can’t switch off our thinking mode and fall into a dreamless sleep. And the next day, we end up feeling cranky and are in a bad mood.

If this happens more often, it becomes a living nightmare as it affects our health and causes anxiety. Signs You Are A Mentally Strong Person! The world is filled with emotions like Love, happiness, lust, hate, jealousy, anger and so many more. But have you realized that the negative emotions affect us more than the positive ones? That’s when being mentally strong comes in handy. It is something we all need to learn and corporate in our daily lives to be a more positive version of ourselves. Adulting 101 - Your Guide To Be A Successful Adult! As a kid, we always wanted to grow up fast as we thought being an adult was so much fun! Isn’t it? 'Joker' Got A Higher IMDb Rating Than 'The Dark Knight' And We Think This Might Be A New Begining!

Don't Drink Too much water! Here's The Reason Why! Water makes up about 60% of the weight in the human body. And as it is the major portion of our body, we are always told to drink more amount of it. Beauty Essentials That Every Girl Should Own! If you are new to makeup or just starting your college life and don’t have a clue about the. Deadpool Discreetly Welcomed His Third Child And We're Wondering What's With All The Secrets! Instagram Launches A New Messaging App Threads, Just For Close Friends.

To keep pace with Snapchat, Facebook Inc. launched a new camera-first messaging app called Threads for Instagram. Like Instagram and Snapchat, Threads also is based on the one thing Millenials live for, photo-sharing. On World Smile Day Twitter Gives You Some Amazing Reasons To Smile! Health Benefits Of Commonly Used Indian Spices! What Friends Character Taught Us About Real Life! F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the show with six people and that purple door which changed our lives. A Beginners Guide To A Powerful Morning Routine! Believe it or not, but a powerful morning routine can transform your life from messy to peaceful and even lead the way to success. All the successful people and entrepreneurs are following specific routines to utilize their morning time fully to grow professionally and personally, and you can too!

But how do you create a powerful morning routine? Call Of Duty: Mobile Surpasses PUBG By Reaching 100 Million Downloads In the First Week Of Release. Is This A New Beginning? Ever since its release in February 2018, PUBG has established its sole dominance in the mobile gaming world, only to be challenged by Call of Duty: Mobile version. Apparently, Call of Duty has broken PUBG’s record by reaching 100 million downloads in the first week of its release itself. According to Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower: Rajnath Singh Adorns The New Rafael With Lemons To Ward Off Evil And Twitter Swirls With Jokes. It’s kind of becoming a trend amongst Indian politicians to arouse trolls by doing or saying ridiculous stuff. The Promo For Netflix's Special With David Letterman & SRK Has Released And We're Fretting Over What All To-Watch This October!

Pets That Are Low Maintenance And Easy To Take Care For Beginners! Don’t we all just love the cute kitten and puppies on the streets and want to take them home? But, then again we stop our trail of thoughts when we realize that having a pet means taking responsibility, requires hard work and time. Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Indian Postal Service On This World Post Day. 9 things to eliminate from Your breakfast plate. Romantic Comedies That Are Going To Melt Your Heart! The Story Of India's Richest Man: Mukesh Ambani. 10 Random Quotes You'll Relate To If You're Single-In-20s-Something Female! Vegan Substitutes For A Healthier Diet! Latest Navratri Trends 2019! Horror Movie Recommendations For A Freaky Friday Night! 6 Good Luck Plants You Should Have In Your Home.

Craving Sugar? Here Are Some Healthy Options To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth! Here's How You Win Your Fight Against Hair-fall! Attractive Forearm Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls. Learn How To Read Body Language By These Simple Handy Tricks! Marvel Just Released 'The Infinity Saga' Trailer And We Can't Stop Gushing About Reliving Every Epic Moment Of A Two Decade long Journey! What Kind Of A Boyfriend You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign. How Depression Can Affect Your Daily Life! Call Of Duty To Launch Mobile Version. PUBG To Face Tough Competition! This Is The Hidden Secret Behind The Stickers On Fruits. 7 Indian Food Chains That Are Serving Delicious Treats! Best Beaches Around The World You Must See. Best Family Vacation Destinations in Australia. Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Must Visit Across The World.

Amidst Trump's Confirmation On Attending Howdy Modi, Twitter Reacts Queer And We Had Fun Reading The Tweets! Vidya Balan Is All Set To Play 'Human Computer' Shakuntala Devi In Her Biopic And We Think This Might Be The New Begining! Today Is World Ozone Day: 3 Ways By Which We Can Preserve The Earth. Twitter Celebrates Engineers Day Spookily And We Are Confused If Its Compliment Or Comment.

Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body At These Exotic Spas. Types Of Guys Every Girl Dates In Her 20s. Louis Vuitton To Fund Baba Ramdev's Patanjali! Is There Anything Left To See? Every Girl Squad Has These Types Of Girls! Find Out More! Semen And Sperm, All You Need To Know About The Difference Between The Two! Planning To Book Your Tickets For Article 375? Go Through These Tweets First. 5 Skincare Essentials That You Must Have In Your Office Drawer.

Planning To Watch Dream Girl? You Might Want To Read These Tweets Before Booking Your Tickets. Delhi To Re-Introduce Odd-Even Scheme To Joust Air Pollution. Twitter Had A lot To Say! Bollywood Celebrities That Went From 'Fat To Fit' Which Bollywood Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Samsung Galaxy Fold To Go On Sale On 6th September, But Not In India! Know What Not To Eat This Monsoon To Stay Healthy! Jonny Sins Responds To Former Pak Envoy A Day After Being Mistaken As A Kashmiri Pellet Victim, By Him! Teacher's Day Special: 5 Teachers Who Broke All Stereotypes And Dedicated Their Lives To Teaching. Know The Inspiring Story Of The Digital Marketing Mentor 'Digital Pratik' Sunny Leone's Transforming Journey From An 'Item Girl' To An 'Entrepreneur' Twitter Explodes In Reaction To The New Traffic Rules! May Goddess Lakshmi Help Us! - Latest Breaking News.

Mumbai Rains Wreck Havoc. Met Dept Issues Orange Alert To Commuters, Twitter Floods With Memes! Indian Wrestling Icon Geeta Phogat Announces Her First Pregnancy With This Cute Post! 11 Upcoming Movies Of Bollywood in 2019. Game Of Thrones Creators Finally Explain The Starbucks Incident! The Stall Where PM Modi Sold Tea In Childhood To Be Turned Into A 'Tourist Spot'

French Director Accuses Saaho Makers Of Stealing His Script? We Didn't See That Coming! Bengaluru's Citizen Does 'Moonwalk On The Road'. See The Viral Video. Some Of The Lesser Known Facts About PV Sindhu! Sanjay Dutt To Join RSP, An Alley Of BJP After 9 Years Of Quitting Politics. Frequent Selfie Takers Are Mostly Lonely, Insecure And Under Confident Says Study. Historic Win By PV Sindhu As She Becomes The First Indian To Win Gold In 'BWF World Championship' Arun Jaitley Passes Away At 66 After His Prolonged Illness. Planning To Watch 13 Reason Why Season 3? Check Out These Tweets First. Fingerprint Unlock Feature On WhatsApp For Android Beta. ISRO Shares First Picture Of Moon Taken By Chandrayaan 2. Visit India's First Anger Management Cafe: Bhadaas Cafe. Indians Can Now Fly In The Bikini Airlines At Fare Lowest Upto ₹9. 5 Social Media Automation Tools That Are Great For Your Business. Internet is in AWW Over New Zealand Speaker Babysitting MP's Baby During Parliamentary Debate.

Love Tale Of Desi-Videsi Gay Couple Is Winning All Hearts, See Their Wedding Pictures. Sad News: Amazon Forest Is Burning At A Record Breaking Rate. Odisha District Sets Up Milk ATM Machine To Reduce The Usage Of Plastic. Founder And Owner Of 'Cafe Coffee Day' VG SIddhartha Goes Missing. Check Out The Exotic Holiday Destinations Of Your Favorite Bollywood Celebrities. Here's Twitter's New Trend On 'World Lipstick Day'- #RedLipstickTwitter. 7 Most Annoying Things Relatives Say!