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Link. Create whizbang. SLATE Whiz Bang Notes. Teachers – The 10 Stages of Twitter. Stage 1 Sign up to twitter following persuasion/pestering by colleagues. Follow Stephen Fry, a famous sportsman/popstar and a news channel. Read a few tweets, don’t understand what the fuss is about and mock anyone who uses twitter. Stage 2 Overhear colleagues chatting about twitter and a great article they found. Promise to give it a go again and follow two or three recommendations. Stage 3 Think about posting first tweet. Stage 4 Upon realising you have no followers ask colleagues how to get them? Stage 5 Have a mini twitter conversation with colleague, even retweet a couple of statements. Stage 6 Practise a couple of tweets that include @names and hashtags. Stage 7 Retweet any link you find interesting as people might read them. Stage 8 Thank colleagues for introducing you to twitter, impressed with the knowledge you have gleaned and your growing number of followers.

Stage 9 Reflect that twitter is an incredibly positive place and everyone is full of praise. Like this: Like Loading... Stacci Barganz (BarganzS) sur Twitter. QR Code Generator and Management with Tracking, Analytics and Support. Qr code generator.