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Can you give me some feedback about gems b-school bangalore for MBA? Hi my name is william kasbe I Personally visited the university it was awesome.

can you give me some feedback about gems b-school bangalore for MBA?

Few Questions that i had asked the university people i would like to post it online for other users. 1. How would you differentiate Industry Synergised MBA with normal MBA? => In normal MBA you get to work after the completion of course whereas in Industry Synergised MBA we give u the feel of work atmosphere along with the course. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Additional Information Gems B School provides you with job guarantee at the time of admission itself max time can extend up to 45 days for you to get placed. one additional foreign Language is thought + one computer Language will be thought Fees to be paid are once in 3 months. Gems follows Tri-semester pattern each tri-sem exam costs 550rs. 3 out location trips are conducted for Project work and Re-creation Hostel Facility is provided @ 4000 which includes Mess charges. Laptops , Suites and course material will be from SAUN. Gems Business School, Bangalore - Courses, Placement Salary, Facilities. Faculty All the faculty at Gems B School are industry professionals with hands on experience in their respective fields.

Gems Business School, Bangalore - Courses, Placement Salary, Facilities

All of them have in depth knowledge coupled with amazing communication skills. All the learning takes place in GEMS through interesting case studies, vibrant deliberations, thought provoking question and answer sessions, mock programs, seminars etc. The faculty because of their rich real life experience are able to mentor students and motivate them to maximize their performance individually and as a team. Work, Earn your MBA too at GEMS B School Bangalore. GEMS Business School-Bangalore in association with a leading UGC recognised Indian University has designed a LEARN-EARN-LEARN/WORK-STUDY-WORK MBA program.

Work, Earn your MBA too at GEMS B School Bangalore

"The moment a student joins this course he/she will be provided a job in a company" says, an advertisement from GEMS in local media...the student will work Monday to Friday in a industry and study on Saturdays and Sundays in the GEMS B SCHOOL campus (per the advertisement) At the end of 2yrs the student will have a full time International UGC recognised MBA with two years of work experience... the job will be related to the chosen field of specialisation such as Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, International Business, Retail, Healthcare, Events etc, so that he/she gets practical exposure of the course in a company for 5-days and classroom exposure for 2days.

This is because management is a subject which is learnt more by practice and less by theory. Gems B School in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 560052. GEMS B-School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Welcome to GEMS, the B-School with a difference.

GEMS B-School, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

We are sure you want to know what the difference is? Right from the ambience, curriculum, methodology, faculty and the conditioning, everything is going to be unconventional and different, all with a specific purpose.GEMS is a voyage. Our goal is to build you like a ship, majestically and meticulously, to enable you to sail unruffled into the choppy seas of business. Whether you are going to choose the passage of corporate executive, business professional or entrepreneur, our aim is to reinforce you in such a way, you are able to cruise with equanimity without ever compromising on business ethics. Every minute you spend here is going to equip and enlighten you, empower and energise you so that you can weather any storm.Set sail, we have many nautical miles to conquer and coasts to anchor. The GEMS MBA program is a unique experiment meant to equip aspiring managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with the best. Gems B School, Bangalore -

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Gems B School, Bangalore -

The services offered by ("" or "we") include the website (the " Website") and any other features, content, or applications offered from time to time by is an offering from Minglebox Communications Pvt. Ltd. GEMS B SCHOOL Bangalore, Fees, Courses, Admission Date Updates. The Courses and methodology are designed to be student friendly and at the same time matching global standards.

GEMS B SCHOOL Bangalore, Fees, Courses, Admission Date Updates

GEMS B SCHOOL's strategic alliance with UK Universities and synergy with corporates enables students to have an internationally acclaimed post graduate degree/diploma fortified with real time industry exposure. The uniqueness of programs offered by GEMS B SCHOOL is, students will be exposed to theory and practice simultaneously, thus making them some of the finest in the Industry. Their class room learnings will get reinforced with their Induatry experiences thus making them seasoned professionals ready to take on challenges.

It's campus, located in the heart of Bangalore city, amidst sylvan surroundings, in the precincts of the Bangalore palace, offers an un-paralleled ambience which is stimulating and soothing. Studying here is going to be an experience of a life time. Gems B School, Bangalore (GEMS Bangalore) Work, Earn your MBA too at GEMS B School Bangalore. Gems B School Bangalore: Post Graduate and Certified Courses. Gems B school is a global standard business school having excellent faculty pool, ultra modern infrastructure, tech savvy campus, well equipped labs to prepare business leaders for the society.

Gems B School Bangalore: Post Graduate and Certified Courses

In a quite short span this institute has been a destination of quality management education destination with its undergraduate, postgraduate and certified courses. Gems B School’s all the programs are designed on the basis of in depth knowledge, quality skills and aptitude which is required for better success in business world. This eminent school offers a diverse range of comprehensive undergraduate, post graduate and certified courses to promote educational standards and to create state of art technological knowledge. The eminent B school also offers the innovative Industry Synergised MBA where all the aspiring students can learn while they earn; this preeminent MBA module has been designed by some of the leading experts from USA, UK and India.

The Robust Learning Platform of Gems B School – Gems B School Ranking. In the modern era where one needs to specialize in their working area, business school plays a very vital role in individual’s career, it develops strong business skills, expands business opportunities having capability to change the whole career scenario positively.

The Robust Learning Platform of Gems B School – Gems B School Ranking

Gems B School is one of the best business schools that leads to success and creates leaders for global corporate world. This leading Business school has designed and developed unique and innovative programs for both the students and employed graduates. The innovative Corporate MBA from Gems B School is an 8 trimester 2 year degree through which employed graduates can effectively energize their professional careers.

By adopting an extensive range of academic methods for learning, approaches, and experiences the eminent business school provides exceptional learning environment. Like this: Gems B School Bangalore: Post Graduate and Certified Courses. The Robust Learning Platform of Gems B School – Gems B School Ranking. Gems B School - Photos, Fees & Reviews. GEMS College Bangalore, Gems Business School, Bangalore. Gems B School, Bangalore (GEMS Bangalore) GEMS B SCHOOL Bangalore, Fees, Courses, Admission Date Updates. Gems B School Admission: Reputed Business School in Bangalore. An MBA degree is among the most pursued careers in India.

Gems B School Admission: Reputed Business School in Bangalore

Students from various streams including arts, commerce and science are nowadays opting for management education to boost their knowledge and career opportunities. With numerous domestic and international companies hiring qualified management graduates, more and more students are approaching to business schools imparting management education in India. There are many reputed business schools engaged in imparting superior quality management education in India. Gems B School Placements: Things to consider before choosing a B-School. The time after completion of graduation is most crucial for any student as they have to decide their career.

Gems B School Placements: Things to consider before choosing a B-School

They have to decide whether they want to join a job or they want to pursue higher education. It is an important decision, which affects the entire life. Management is one of the most sought after courses in India. In addition, with more and more multi-national companies as well as Indian companies is setting up their offices in different parts of India, career prospects for the young generation in the field of management is escalating. For the want of having a better future many students are enrolling in different management courses. Even though cost plays an important deciding factor while choosing a college or a university, no matter whether it is for management course or for post-graduation in other courses, there are other factors that needs to be considered.

Infrastructure of the institute: The infrastructure of a B-School is very important. Gems B School Bangalore: Gems B School Corporate MBA. Corporate MBA is a great way of boosting knowledge as well as career opportunities of working professionals. Many individuals somehow manage to step into business management arena without any prior knowledge and experience in the industry. Though, they manage to get entry into the industry, but it remains a herculean task for them to compete with knowledgeable and qualified managers in the industry. The lack of business management degree and knowledge of latest management tools and techniques actually becomes a huge barrier in their career.

Gems B School a Preeminent Learning Platform – Gems B School Ranking. Business education is quite valuable for an individual’s future and the right learning experience ensures great success and achievement in individual future. Gems B School is one of the top business schools in India. Their excellence has been established in specifically emphasizing on some of the learning goals which are imperative for building great leaders of tomorrow. Gem B School offers a wide assortment of MBA programs, these programs have been designed and developed keeping in mind the very requirements of different industries.

The MBA program from Gem B School in Healthcare Management and Hospital Administration caters to the specific requirements of the medical and hospital administration. This is a two years comprehensive program where the aspirants would have the privilege of working with some of the eminent and globally renowned cancer hospital in Bangalore five days a week. Gems B School Bangalore: Efficient Education Modules from Preeminent Institution. Gems B School has been eminently ranked amongst the emerging Business schools of India. It provides an ideal platform for the students to go beyond academics, into exploring their intrinsic skills which would aid them in their holistic growth.