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Developing Your Thesis - Steps of Preparing a Speech. Rise up. Be your own Guru., by Jonathan Fields. Inside Santa Monica Studios, Sony's development commune. There's no showbiz, and zero spectacle.

Inside Santa Monica Studios, Sony's development commune

There never really is inside a development studio, no matter how bombastic the games they produce are - but there's something slightly different about Sony's Santa Monica studio, a small two-storey stretch of red brick tucked away on the outskirts of Los Angeles' Mid-City. For a developer that's built its empire on a foundation of shredded intestines, shattered eyesockets and to the war cries of angry Greek gods, there's an unnerving sense of peace throughout the offices.

A Kratos statue rests calmly in reception, while in one corner there's a miniature Japanese garden that's been scruffily combed over. The silence is only broken when Giant Sparrow's Ian Dallas, the developer behind last year's offbeat wonder The Unfinished Swan, rolls in on his bike and has trouble getting past a receptionist who isn't quite sure who he is, but the contemplative quiet soon returns.

It's a studio born out of the desire to be different. Shannon Studstill Producer Of The Video Game God Of War And… News Photo. Shannon Studstill Keynote: "Enhancing Your Leadership Approach Through Productivity Patterns" There are countless books published every year about project and studio management, written by some of the most successful men and women in their fields.

Shannon Studstill Keynote: "Enhancing Your Leadership Approach Through Productivity Patterns"

Each is filled with great advice on communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, schedule management, and budgeting. And the techniques they outline are proven successes, if you happen to be the person who wrote the book. There is no one size fits all management style. No fail-safe methods, no magic bullets to solve the problems your studio faces and ship the product your team has been built to make. Gods Of War: The Legacy And History Of Sony Santa Monica. With the announcement and reveal of God of War: Ascension, Sony Santa Monica opened its doors, allowing a handful of journalists access to a legacy that’s been cemented since the studio’s inception in 1999.

Gods Of War: The Legacy And History Of Sony Santa Monica

We spoke to Sony Santa Monica founder Shannon Studstill about that history — the past, present and future of Sony’s flagship video game studio. “Well, it was 1999. We came down from the mother ship up in Foster City and we really…” Shannon Studstill pauses, grasping at the memory. “We chose to move out of that corporate environment and build a creative space, a space where we could work on new IP.” Inside Santa Monica Studios, Sony's development commune. New Sony Handheld Studio Launches In Santa Monica, Welcome Broodworks. Rumour: Sony On The Verge Of Announcing Mascot Crossover Fighting Game For PS3. Gamers have speculated about the possibility of a Sony mascot fighting game for years, but we never believed it would actually happen We were so wrong.

Rumour: Sony On The Verge Of Announcing Mascot Crossover Fighting Game For PS3

Chalk this up under your rumour folder for now, but investigative gamers have all but proved that a "Sony Smash Bros" type game is in development at US developer SuperBot Entertainment. SuperBot Entertainment describes itself as a "new independent game studio located in Culver City, California [...] comprised of long-time industry veterans and creative powerhouses who have worked on some of the most groundbreaking and successful titles the games industry has ever see". The studio was formed as Broodworks by God Of War producer Shannon Studstill back in 2009. Its intention was to develop "medium casual" games for PSP, but when Shannon returned to take a “senior director of product development" role at SCEA, the studio was renamed SuperBot Entertainment, remaining a second-party Sony subsidiary. “In the LittleBigPlanet stage, Buzz! 5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design. Designing for mobile has evolved dramatically.

5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design

Users now expect fast, immersive mobile experiences, and catering to this is increasingly difficult. When Luke Wroblewski introduced the concept of Mobile First more than four years ago, it radically changed how we approach design. According to him, the reason was threefold: It was clear mobile use was going to take over; designing for mobile pushed you to better and simpler designs because of constraints like small screens and slow networks; and last but not least, mobile devices had capabilities like multi-touch and location detection that allowed you to create new kinds of experiences. Wroblewski is founder of Mobile First, a former Yahoo VP, co-founder of BagCheck (which was later acquired by Twitter). We asked Wroblewski for five powerful app design tips, ranging from speed and signup processes to enforced constraints and the importance of taps. 1. People now expect a lighting-fast user experience each time they use a mobile application.


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