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Bare bones Raspberry Pi PC gets ready to launch. 23 December 2011Last updated at 12:29 GMT Many developers are keen to get their hands on the bare bones Raspberry Pi computer.

Bare bones Raspberry Pi PC gets ready to launch

The eagerly anticipated Raspberry Pi home computer is about to go into production. The $25 (£16) machine is being created in the hope that it will inspire a new generation of technology whizz kids. The Pi uses an Arm chip similar to that found in mobile phones and is intended to run a version of the Linux open source operating system. Test versions of finished devices are being checked and if all is well volume production will start in January. The idea for Raspberry Pi came from video game veteran David Braben who was searching for a way to inspire young people to start a career in technology.

Mr Braben got his start in games thanks to the BBC Micro on which he, and school friend Ian Bell, created pioneering computer game Elite. Raspberry Pi is being developed in Cambridgeshire and every update has been watched closely by those keen to get working with the gadget. Backpacking Travel kit & Equipment. Galleries. Rocket Stoves - Cool Name, Hot Stove. Rocket stoves can be made from all all sorts of materials, and are pretty easy to put togther.

Rocket Stoves - Cool Name, Hot Stove

I haven't made one (yet), so I'm probably not the one to try to explain it all to ya. Instead, let me quote from an article I found at wikipedia. ahem: "The rocket stove's main components are: Chimney: a metal box (such as a 5-gallon tin can) or pipe standing vertically and supporting the cooking vessel Fuel magazine: a short length of steel or ceramic pipe fitted horizontally into the base of a chimney Fuel shelf: a flat plate to hold the fuel clear of the bottom of the magazine to allow air to flow underneath Heat exchanger: a tubular metal shield that forces hot gases from the chimney to pass over the sides of the cooking vessel The chimney and magazine are joined at a right angle, forming the 'rocket elbow', and it is at this junction that primary combustion occurs.

" Diagram found here. Technology News And Reviews. Boing Boing. 10 best gadgets to take travelling. The world is getting smaller - not in the literal sense of course, there's no massive implosion event about to take place (any mad scientists feel free to get in touch and correct us) - with more people plugging in, connecting up and generally having mild panic attacks if they're away from some kind of online/techy action for more than a couple of hours.

10 best gadgets to take travelling

Some might say this is unhealthy and that we should all get out and about more - and they're probably right - but thanks to the wonders of the modern age we can have our cake and eat it; as providing you have the right kit you can pretty much go anywhere and still get that all important gadget fix. So, if you're planning an extended adventurous trip abroad and you want to know which tough travel-friendly gadgets to take, then read on. Camera You won't see many people venturing abroad without some kind of camera on their person, as it's pretty much an essential item when considering any kind of trip. Phone Laptop Headphones. Wings -The Home Made Stove Archives - Links.

Links Submit your favorite links, they'll be added to this page. The Lightweight Backpacker Yes you know this one. Don't miss the Make Your Own Gear page and forum. The Ray Jardine's Adventure Page You know this too. Outside Online The on line magazine. Florida Backpackers Trailplace Jeff Walters did a very good job here. Colorado Firstrax A lot of informations, including snow camping and skiing wisdom, avalanche safety, gear, backcountry tales... White Mountain An Aussie maker. Maps and Compasses A State of Queensland (AU) Education Dept. wonderful tutorial. Wanderlust Outdoor Gear Home of the Nomad ultralightweight tents. GVP Gear The GVP ultralight backpack. Get Knotted!

Animated knots for scouts & outdoors people. Equipped to Survive Doug Ritter's outdoors and survival gear testing pages. GoLite Gear Commercial made gear designed by Ray Jardine.