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The Ins and Outs of Pearltrees. Biotherapy Publications. Creative / Decor Ideas. Gorgeous Decor. Class decor. Hanging Decor. Interior Designer & Decorators. Infographics. 10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics. Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post.

This means more eyeballs on your important information, more people rallying for your cause, more backlinks and more visits to your blog. In short, a quality infographic done well could be what your blog needs right now. Designing An Infographic Some great tips for designing infographics: Keep it simple! Ideas for infographic formats include: Timelines;Flow charts;Annotated maps;Graphs;Venn diagrams;Size comparisons;Showing familiar objects or similar size or value.

Here are some great tutorials on infographic creation: Creating Your Infographic Plan and research.If required, use free software to create simple graphs and visualisations of data.Use vector graphic software to bring these visualisations into the one graphic. Free Online Tools For Creating Infographics Stat Planet Hohli Creately New York Times Many Eyes Wordle. Science and Health Infographics From The New York Times. September 1, 2010 | Updated On Monday we kicked off “infographics week” on the blog. Yesterday we ran down some of the best infographics on for teaching social studies, current events, politics, history and economics. Tomorrow we’ll provide a list for language arts and fine arts. Here, now, are Times infographics for teaching various topics in health and science. Many of them not only render complex information easy to understand, but are also lovely and elegant. Who ever said that art and science were opposites? Not us. Health Diseases and Disorders – The Times Health Guide – a library of information on more than 3,000 medical topics – includes hundreds of health-related infographics.

Science and Technology Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – The multimedia collection on the spill includes a cross-section diagram that shows how the relief wells work and a map of the spill’s effect on marine life. Infographics Only. How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics. In this tutorial you will learn that data doesn't have to be boring, it can be beautiful! Learn how to use various graph tools, illustration techniques and typography to make an accurate and inspiring infographic in Adobe Illustrator.

Start by using the Rectangle Tool (M) to draw a shape. Give it a subtle radial gradient too. The entire design is based on a grid of four columns. Condense the shape so it fits within the left-most guide and centre guide. Move the shape over to the right and add another guide to the centre here. Using the Rectangle Tool (M) draw a thin white box on the centre line that will be the width of the gap between the columns.

Repeat the process for the other columns with your final result being below. I like to place the most important graphics first and work-in the ancillary charts and graphs afterwards. Early on you can experiment with placing a main graphic that will help give the piece some visual interest. Give the circles a variety of gradients. That's it! Infographic of Infographics. Visual Thinking. Home » All CFT Teaching Guides » Visual Thinking by CFT graduate program coordinator Maria Ebner & assistant director Derek Bruff Introduction Our brains are wired to rapidly make sense of and remember visual input.

Visualizations in the form of diagrams, charts, drawings, pictures, and a variety of other ways can help students understand complex information. Below you’ll find resources for integrating visual thinking in your teaching. On March 17, 2010, the CFT hosted a workshop on this topic. For more notes from the workshop, as well as ideas participants generated during the workshop, see the bottom of this page. Images as Metaphors Presentation Zen: Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, maintains a blog in which he writes about effective presenting. Flickr: A great source for free, high-quality images is Flickr, the photo-sharing site. Images as Stories Schematic Diagrams Timelines: In a timeline, chronological information is represented spatially. Data Visualizations More Resources.

What Is An Infographic And Why Are They So Popular? - Performancing. What Is Revolutionary Media? 3 Key Ideas. Old media is dying. It’s also oppressing people on the way out by throwing a temper tantrum as it dies, and it’s hurting everybody — especially those of us who want to be journalists in a sustainable career, and for anyone who wants to reach people. But new media kind of looks like a sweat shop! On July 1, Digiday published a study on the volume of publishing in modern online media. According to their figures, Huffington Post has 532 full time staff churning out 1,200 articles per day, with an additional 400 unpaid blog posts generated daily. Buzzfeed, the biggest “success story” of modern, list-based journalism meanwhile has 100 paid staff members producing over 350 pieces of content daily.

They both have very different models for how they work, but it’s just a standard of being a journalist today that you’re expected to work for free. And old agendas are getting imported into new media. So here’s three major points to focus on when we imagine revolutionary media. 31 Stunning Photographs Of The Human Race. 31 Stunning Photographs Of The Human Race September 11, 2014 | 11 Comments » | Topics: main "I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in. " A boy rescues his sister from underneath the rubble of their home in Syria Toshimana, an apprentice Geisha in Kyoto (Seiya Bowen/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest) Yezidi girl carries an assault rifle to protect her family against ISIS Lawyer and his assistant Nihang Sikh A mother and her 3 year-old daughter, who were attacked with acid by their husband/father Girl that survived 11 days in Siberian Forest Blind albino boys in their boarding room at a mission school for the blind in West Bengal, India, 2013 3 weeks-old newborn with albinism happily sleeping with his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo photo Patricia Willocq Siberian Family Meal Public bus passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist with a fruit knife Iowa couple of 72 years finally gets married The face of a Chinese coal miner.

How to create and keep an art journal. By aisling d'art ©2006 Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme. An art journal can be a record of your daily thoughts, a travel journal, an exercise or diet diary, a dream journal, a place where you jot down your goals or to-do lists, or... well, almost any record that you'd like to keep in a book or notebook. They become "art journals" when you add any kind of illustration or embellishment to the pages. These pages share ideas and tips for creating and keeping your own illustrated journal. How to create an art journal How I started my art journals - Early notes about how I work, from a 2001 email. Art journaling techniques How to collage in your art journals - A summary of the basics. Color basics for art and travel journals - An overview, preparing for my upcoming workshop and journaling tour. Materials and supplies for art journaling Composition book art journals - Affordable, fun notebooks for all kinds of journals and diaries.

Writing tips, prompts, and ideas. Learn to Draw - Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial. Work In Progress - Step-by-Step Title: "Inner Beauty" Size: 18" x 14" Medium: Charcoal, Graphite, Carbon on White Paper Step One: If you are unfamiliar with the use of frisket film, here's a video that will explain it for you: Step Two: Next, I blended the charcoal with a piece of felt and added the beginnings of wood grain. Step Three: Then, I sprayed the drawing with fixative, Peeled off the frisket and began rendering the subjects. The tape on the right shows what it looking like after I removed the real masking tape. Step Four: I have started adding the holes and lines of the notebook paper. I used charcoal for the holes to match the background. The lines on the paper were produced with a .3 mechanical pencil to keep them as sharp and clean as possible.

Close-up Step Five: Here’s the final. I’ve included some close-ups to give you a little better Idea of the detail. Click HERE for another Step-by-Step Lesson with Pictures and Text Learn How to Draw! Raw Food Diet. Veria Staff | | The Skinny on Raw Food The raw food diet is a diet based on the belief that most healthy food for the body is uncooked. Cooking is thought to denature the enzymes naturally present in food. In general, the act of heating food over 116 F destroys enzymes in food, although with some foods, this process starts at 106 degrees F.

According to raw foodists, if we consume too much cooked food, our bodies are forced to work harder by producing more enzymes. Although most food is eaten raw, heating food is acceptable as long as the temperature stays below 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw food diet Origin of Raw Food Diet Raw foods as a dietary health treatment was first developed in Switzerland by medical doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner.

The German dentist Weston A. Fifty years on, these ideas gained renewed attention with Leslie Kenton’s book Raw Energy – Eat Your Way to Radiant Health. Related Raw Food Stories And Recipes What the Raw Food Diet does raw food diets Side Effects. Herbs for effective blood pressure management. (NaturalNews) One in three adults in the United States today has high blood pressure, medically referred to as hypertension. However, lots of people are not even aware they have this condition, simply because it has no warning signs and symptoms.

It is typically caused by improper diet, smoking and alcohol abuse. When high blood pressure occurs along with increased levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, it could cause severe damage to the vital organs of the body. Nevertheless, this is now easy to detect and manage clinically and naturally. Studies have indicated that smoking a cigarette can elevate one's blood pressure for half an hour. Diet comprised mostly of fat and no exercise can result in high levels of cholesterol, which can lead to blood vessels becoming narrow due to fatty deposits. When this occurs, the heart will have more difficulty in pumping and circulating blood to the rest of the body. Conventional medicines for hypertension Natural remedies for hypertension. 25 Amazing (and Disturbing) Facts About the Hidden History of Medicine. How to Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally - Natural Painkillers.

Raw Food Diet. Broccoli Sprouts Have 50 Times the Anti-Cancer Properties of Broccoli. Sprouting seeds of various plant foods has demonstrated increased health benefits with increased nutrient capacity contained in less bulk with higher digestive absorption. In some cases, it’s been observed to transform the regular food substance of a plant and remove its negative qualities. Broccoli sprouts in particular make regular broccoli’s health benefits seem miniscule; sprouts offer nearly 1000% more nutrition than their full-grown conterparts. Numerous studies have established broccoli as an anti-cancer vegetable. But are broccoli sprouts an anti-cancer improvement over regular broccoli? John Hopkins researchers certainly thought so. From 1992 to 1997, a John Hopkins research team searched for broccoli’s cancer fighting compound.

A Broccoli Sprout War Few Know About The researchers isolated the cancer fighting phytochemical sulforaphane. Well, the boys at John Hopkins decided they should patent their discovery after isolating sulforaphane. Basic Beginning Sprouting Directions. Medicinal Plants. The Science Behind Consciously Controlling Your Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection.

Educreations - Teach what you know. Learn what you don't. How to Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools. Does your staff need Educational Technology training? The K-12 Teachers Alliance can help you plan your in-service professional development at no additional cost. Regardless of your school’s cell phone policy, the reality in most schools is that students have phones in their pockets, purses, or hoodies. Why not get these tools out in plain sight and use them for good and not evil?

Here are some easy to use strategies to use cell phones in the classrooms. Proven teaching strategies to boost your students' happiness. A few suggestions.on classroom activities that involve performance for... We point out some knowledgeable educators who quickly can become your trusted... Here are a few suggestions on how to motivate students intrinsically. Reasons why a class may be less likely to pipe up and interact during a lesson... Why Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools Cell phones are different from a computer lab filled with computers or a cart of netbooks because the cell phone is personal technology.

The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For. Fabric Flowers. Homemade Drain Cleaner – Green and Non-Toxic. You can make your own drain cleaner using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, with no worries about the toxic and even fatal chemicals found in drain cleaners. You just need vinegar, baking soda, and citrus fruit peels. Drain cleaners are one of the most toxic chemicals there are, in fact, they are on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Hall of Shame because they can cause blindness, burns, and be fatal if swallowed. I got rid of our drain cleaner about a year ago so the children could never get a hold of it – way too risky for me.

I used to work in Internal Communications for a large company and a lady in our office nearly died after accidentally drinking Drano that a janitor had left at the soda machine. She mistook the janitor’s cup for her’s, and had such severe burns in her esophagus that it required many surgeries and several months in the hospital before she could even function normally. YIKES! Garbage Disposal and Drain Cleaning – Baking Soda and Vinegar. 15 Surprising Uses For Eggshells. A couple of weeks ago I bought a composter for my garden. It’s a pretty fancy contraption. It’s actually TWO composters in one. The idea being that you can have one batch “brewing” while another batch is being utilized. They even SPIN…which is apparently important because compost needs to be “stirred” as its’ “cooking”. As you can probably tell, I don’t know a whole lot about composting….YET. But I am learning…things like what you can and can’t put into your composter.

One thing I have learned CAN go in, and is a rich source of calcium and other essential nutrients that plants need, is egg shells! Ironically, since I’ve started saving my eggshells for the composter, I’ve also been learning about many OTHER uses of eggshells. A few fun FACTS about egg shells: An egg shell is made of calcium carbonate, which is also the main ingredient in some antacids. A few SURPRISING uses of egg shells: Powerful Cleaner Ground eggshells make a wonderful (and nontoxic!) Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk. Projectos e padrões. Technology News, Product Reviews and App Reviews | Digital Trends.

Make video slideshows with photos, music. Computers & Technology. Unusual uses for baking soda. Step By Step Guide To Felt Flowers 5 Ways. This guest post was written by Cathy of Catshy Crafts. I’ve always loved felt. It’s easy to work with, relatively inexpensive and comes in a rainbow of colors. One of my favorite things to make out of felt are dimensional flowers. You can glue them to a hair clip or headband for a quick and easy hair accessory, use as a gift topper or just give them as is.

I know my daughters can get pretty excited over a few hand-made blossoms. Materials: 1. 9 x 12 sheets of felt in colors you love 2. Here’s how to make it: 1. Step 1: Fold over over a sheet of felt lengthwise about 2.75 inches. Step 2: With the strip still folded in half lengthwise, cut your felt on the non-folded side in even intervals about 1/2 away to 3/4 down. Step 3: Starting at one end, snugly roll your fringed strip until you get to the other end. Step 4: Now it’s time to sew. Step 5 (optional): Add faux pearl or vintage button to the center for a little glam. 2. To get the loopy flowers, the same steps apply as above. 3. 4. 5. Free Online Book: Beginning Sewing Lessons. Free crochet pattern sites. How to Make Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner and Spray Bottles That Won’t Leach | The Mommypotamus | organic SAHM sharing her family stories and recipes.

Free Books: Sewing Projects, Ideas, Tutorials, & Techniques: Sew Daily. Free Sewing eBooks. 99+ INSPIRE. Writing Quality. Art. Tangle Tangle Tangle. Doodle Daze Designs & Zentangles. Zentangle. Web Tools. Sewing Machine Tips & Information. 50+ Fabric Scraps & Remnant Ideas & Free Patterns.

Free Patternless Sewing: Clothes & More. Creative Things To Do With Lace & Doilies. Tajmahal. Tajmahal. Tajmahal. Tajmahal. Front door. The Cenotaph chamber.