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Free online Gif to Flv converter. Convert gif animation to flash videos. HTML5 Remote Desktop. FiresNet Home Page. 15 MORE Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff. During 2010, we’ve written a bunch of new PDF manuals for you, on all kinds of subjects, from Facebook privacy to Dropbox tips.

15 MORE Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff

After releasing 15 NEW manuals resulting in hundreds of thousands downloads we thought it was about time to look back and review them. If you’re a long time reader you probably know that we did a similar roundup last year. Enjoy! Downloads are free, no strings attached. Even if you’re not a MakeUseOf subscriber you may easily download a PDF of your choice with a click of a button. Please also do us a favor by sharing these manuals with your friends! Lots of work went into those manuals. ReportBox - online report writing for primary schools and teachers. 100 Useful Words & Phrases When Writing Report Card Comments For Elementary Students. In writing report card comments for elementary school students, the words and phrases that are used can have a significant impact on the child, and on the family.

100 Useful Words & Phrases When Writing Report Card Comments For Elementary Students

The purpose of a report card is not only to enlighten the parent and student about the student's progress in school. Report cards can also show parents where room for improvement lies, as long as the report card keeps a positive spin even during negative situations. In order to be most effective when it comes to writing report card comments down for these young students, teachers should make use of the most useful and effective words and phrases in order to better drive their points across. The best way to write report card comments for elementary school students is to form the comments in a way that is constructive rather than focusing on negative aspects of each child's academic career.

B grade, above average grade or equivalent: B grades are above average, and the descriptors and modifiers that are used should reflect that. Writing reports - ATL's New 2 Teaching. Report writing might not feature during your training, but it is an important part of being a teacher.

Writing reports - ATL's New 2 Teaching

Report writing varies enormously from school to school. Some schools supply the parents with a sentence about each subject and others one or two paragraphs. Most schools have computerised their report writing, so each teacher is provided with floppy disks containing skeleton reports. In many, the reports are typed online. Making the task workable If you have to type fairly long reports on the computer, it is almost necessary to use the 'copy and paste' facility. It is tempting to write about four paragraphs and then cut and paste one of them onto each pupil’s report. Try not to send out absolutely identical reports to the parents of twins, or parents who are close friends because they like to feel that their children are being treated as individuals. Before you cut and paste, proofread it at least twice, because if you make a mistake you have to keep on correcting it on every report. Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard.

5 Websites Where Kids Get Free Homework Help. When this happens, panic sets in.

5 Websites Where Kids Get Free Homework Help

Usually both parent and child can get frustrated. The child because they feel helpless and without any options to get a good grade, and parents because they feel as though they are inadequate for not having the ability to help. Thankfully, there are organizations out there that view it as a public service to offer kids homework help for free. Usually they don't offer the service for completely free - it's either offered with advertising or by offering premium, paid homework help services. However, the free services that are available could be all the child needs to get through that especially difficult homework problem.

Student Questions It's very difficult for students that search for free homework help online. Student Questions The system at Student Questions is innovative because it relies on a rating system in order to qualify certain tutors as highly rated. DLTK Kids The PATH to Knowledge 100% Free Live Homework Help Brightstorm Brightstorm Main Page. Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation.