The first lime The first lime Hi there! Well, between some of the things I did while I was not posting, this mural is an important one. I have always loved to paint over walls, I believe that mostly all of us as children painted something at least on one wall, many parents tell their children not to do that, but, hopefully for me, they say there's no problem with it at all. I like to write and draw on walls, because, somehow thoughts and ideas that you draw on them, stay there for a long time, and they're always at sight. Many of the drawings are just doodles, but most of them have a meaning, my life is a bit messy, as you can see. (lots of ideas all over the place.)
I have been thinking lately about what a very social thing our clothing is. I actually prefer to shop on my own -- to take time perusing, try things on slowly + just so. It's an exercise in slow-moving for me, shopping is. Watch me sometime in a store -- like molasses being poured out. Deer Circus Blog Deer Circus Blog
Princess Corner Estoy muy contenta (a pesar que estaré encerrada haciendo tareas para la universidad), ya que mañana y domingo podré disfrutar de la playa; al fin una semana santa donde podré ir bien lejos de San José. Iré con algunas amigas, y nuestra salida es en la mañana, saldremos desde la capital hasta llegar a Bahía Ballena, una playa del océano pacífico. I am happy, tomorrow I am going to the beach, Bahía Ballena, in the pacific ocean. I will enjoy two days with friends, and later more off days, because of vacations, but I have many things for university, at least I am going off, beach for weekend. Princess Corner
I've never been a fan of vegetables. But, that changed the day I made this dish. It's the type of dish you want to eat outside on the patio with friends and the sun shining down on your face. It leaves you full without being too heavy. It's essentially just fried vegetables, but the salad on top with the roasted tomatoes and balsamic dijon mustard dressing take it to another level. OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES
today we have teamed up with our partner, naturebox, to giveaway a 6-month snack subscriptions to two lucky readers! (details at the end of this post.) so far on this family trip, we have clocked in something like 15+ hours of travel time in the car (not including the plane, just talking time buckled up on the good old fashioned highway…) that’s a lot of time on the road for a family that doesn’t even own a car back home in manhattan. for the most part, it’s been alright. in my opinion, in order to have a successful road trip of any kind, you need three things. one:: good company, two:: good music, and three:: lots and lots of good snacks! rockstar diaries rockstar diaries
tasteslikelove Luke & I moved back to Newcastle from the Central Coast two weeks ago, & for the majority of that time Luke has still been staying at the Coast finishing up at his old work. I've mentioned before that our move was sudden because finding a house was quite difficult at this time of year because there are lots of people relocating for school & work, so the rental market gets quite competitive. So we didn't have a moving date set in stone for Luke to give his notice, so he handed it in when we moved and agreed to stay an extra week so the head chef could take his holidays. tasteslikelove
dress: gap (similar) necklace: diy shoes: clarks photos by Emma Vidmar Photography About a hundred years ago, my internet homegirl Bri tagged me in this fun little post and I'm just now getting around to doing it because being a fashion blogger/unemployed is sooo time-consuming and stressful you wouldn't even understand. I'm kidding, I'm just lazy. Awkward Girls Awkward Girls
Oh So Lovely
jessica chronicled I love wearing scarves all year round. The perfect accessory detail for every outfit. This is how I personalized my own heart patterned scarf for a one of a kind look: Supplies Needed: scarf, fabric paint (red), potato, knife, sponge brush, newspapers or something to protect your work surface from paint, scissors, and a scrap piece of paper to use as a template jessica chronicled
paper crowns Whew, It's been a while! Happy 2013! I haven't taken my camera anywhere in a month, but I recently switched over from my cracked-screen, constantly-frozen old Android phone to an iPhone 4s. paper crowns
this little port this little port Way back in December, I went on one of my annual de-cluttering sprees. I even managed to get my husband on board, and between the two of us we donated more than a carload of things to our local thrift shop. It's truly amazing how much we have managed to accumulate in the 5 and a half years we've been living together, especially considering that I moved here in 2009 with just two suitcases.
Deer in a Bottle
Gosh. Life is a crazy thing. Sleeping. Eating. Socializing. The Chevron Rose
Shy Scout. Hi all! How goes it? It hit 50 yesterday!!! It was so nice to walk home from work and enjoy the sunset for a change. I am just going to overlook the fact that it is supposed to snow again on Wednesday, because I honestly can't take it any more.
Miss Kait Online This was the perfect way to end summer. We had a lovely little garden party, sipped some iced-tea cocktails (staring DavidsTea – luscious watermelon/sparkling white wine and green tea/sparkling white wine), good food, good tunes and we even made some flower crowns. I’m so lucky to be able to call these ladies my friends, and to be able to work with them as well. I really don’t have much to say about this post… I think the pictures tell the story just fine :). Posted in A Day In The Life , Blabber , DIYs , Events • 8 Comments What could be better than a fun little giveaway on a beautiful Sunday afternoon ;).
One of the weirdest things with pregnancy, for me, has been the way my brain seems to melt days into other days. Everyone always says the last month or two are the longest, and I swear they just keep going faster and faster. On Saturday, I'll be 34 weeks, and I honestly don't know how time has gone this fast. Plus, I feel really awesome. In fact, I feel 10 million times better than I ever did at the beginning. Before I was dreading the thought of having x amount of months left, I was dreading the thought of gaining more weight, and I was horrified at the thought of swelling up like a puffer fish. Carly Kmyta
It's Me, KP After many, many requests I've worked with Studio Calico to bring my popular Sketchbook class back. This is the fifth installment of the class and I'm super excited to be putting another one together. It's going to be the best yet!
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