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Art School. The last explosive change in art education came nearly a century ago, when the German Bauhaus was formed.

Art School

Today, dramatic changes in the art world—its increasing professionalization, the pervasive power of the art market, and fundamental shifts in art-making itself in our post-Duchampian era—combined with a revolution in information technology, raise fundamental questions about the education of today's artists. Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century) brings together more than thirty leading international artists and art educators to reconsider the practices of art education in academic, practical, ethical, and philosophical terms. The essays in the book range over continents, histories, traditions, experiments, and fantasies of education. Questionnaires: Thomas Bayrle, Paul Chan, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Piero Golia, Ann Hamilton, Matthew Higgs, Mike Kelley, Guillermo Kuitca, Shirin Neshat, Paul Ramírez-Jonas, Dana Schutz, Brian Sholis, Fred Wilson.

New York Times Most Popular Articles. Les nouvelles d'Archimède. Le dernier numéro des nouvelles d'Archimède ( le magazine culturel de Lille1) offrent une belle place aux mathématiques : - Cédric Villani, Henri Poincaré et la pensée mathématique revient sur la conférence donnée à Lille en octobre ( par Caterina Calgaro) -Nim, le jeu d’allumettes qui met le feu aux poudres !

Les nouvelles d'Archimède

Espace Culture - Université Lille1 : LNA#62. Accéder aux autres sites de l'Université : Nouveau programme !

Espace Culture - Université Lille1 : LNA#62

Téléchargez le programme de nos manifestations pour la période de janvier à mars 2013. Automática Editorial. Britain’s GCHQ Uses Online Puzzle to Recruit Hackers. : Crambo · Web corporativa : Culture : lancement d'un plan massif de traduction de revues de référence françaises. Saludo.jpg (Image JPEG, 298x233 pixels) Untitled. Ganan las finanzas, pierde la economía real: el futuro ya está aquí - Desde Londres. Durante las últimas décadas se ha venido produciendo un cambio en las economías occidentales. Del capitalismo industrial se ha pasado al financiero , de la preeminencia de la actividad productiva a la crediticia y de mercados.

Acaba de concluir su primera fase que ha implicado la casi desaparición de la economía “real” en favor de la financiera y la concentración de poder en reducidas manos de este sector. Para ello se ha usado la ilusión monetaria que logró convencer a los ciudadanos que endeudarse significaba ser más rico, sin que, en realidad, se operara cambio alguno en su situación. Pero claro, cuanta más deuda, más dependencia del sector financiero. The Little Riot Press. The Little Riot Press.


Definiciones - Enciclopedia Militar El Gran Capitán. The Effective Decision Peter Drucker. The effective decision- synopsis of an article by Peter F.

The Effective Decision Peter Drucker

Drucker. While browsing through the B School library the other day, I happened across an article on decision making by Peter Drucker, originally written in 1967. Naturally as this is our business I was curious to see what one of the true masters of management had to say on the topic. Here is the synopsis together with our commentary. 2 -Teoría general del entorno.pdf (Objet application/pdf) JOBiJOBa. Descargar fotos stock, sin royalties, ilustraciones + vectores. Papyrus Business Applications - Empower Knowledge Workers.

Global Open House and User Conference May 4-6, 2014 ISIS Papyrus Solutions and Competence Center Vienna, Austria.

Papyrus Business Applications - Empower Knowledge Workers

About. The Mission CommunityWalk is a website that is dedicated to providing a powerful yet simple and easy to use interface for creating informational, interactive, and engaging maps.


The Beginning CommunityWalk began as a site for mapping communities. Audioboo. LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment. At CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, beams of protons are accelerated close to the speed of light and smashed together, recreating the conditions that existed when the Universe was a hundredth of a billionth of a second old.

LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment

Although absent from the Universe today, particles known as ‘beauty (b) quarks’ were common in the aftermath of the Big Bang, and are generated in their billions by the LHC, along with their antimatter counterparts, anti-beauty quarks. 'b' and 'anti-b' quarks are unstable and short-lived, decaying rapidly into a range of other particles. Physicists believe that by comparing these decays, they may be able to gain useful clues as to why nature prefers matter over antimatter. Some other experiments in this area have already met with success, but by harnessing the power of the LHC, the LHCb experiment is able to study many more b and anti-b quark decays than ever before.

Mozilla Firefox. LHCb Home Page. LHCb, c’est quoi ? La collaboration LHCbL’expérience LHCb est le fruit d’une collaboration internationale : 660 scientifiques provenant de 48 laboratoires ou universités répartis dans 15 pays, regroupés autour d’un centre d’intérêt commun : l’étude des différences entre matière et antimatière.

LHCb, c’est quoi ?

Ces différences sont minimes et leur étude requiert des mesures d’une extrême finesse. LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment. 9 April 2014: Unambiguous observation of an exotic particle which cannot be classified within the traditional quark model The LHCb Collaboration has published yesterday results of precise measurements of properties of the Z(4430)- particle which allow to determine unambiguously its exotic nature.

LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment

In the traditional quark model, the strongly interacting particles (hadrons) are formed either from quark-antiquark pairs (mesons) or three quarks (baryons). Particle physicists were searching since 50 years for the particles, called exotic hadrons, which could not be classified within this scheme. Cern: Higgs boson answer to come by end of 2012. Cern researchers will have established whether the Higgs boson exists by the end of 2012, according to Cern's director general Rolf Heuer.

Cern: Higgs boson answer to come by end of 2012

Scientists at Cern using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have said they will able to settle the existence of the Higgs boson by the end of 2012. Photo credit: Claudia Marcelloni/Cern The hypothetical Higgs boson is thought to be responsible for giving elementary particles their mass. The question of whether it exists will be settled once the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has generated more statistics, Heuer told the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics on Monday. "We can settle the Shakespeare question of the Higgs boson — to be or not to be — by the end of next year," Heuer told the audience at the event in Grenoble. Hipervisor. 5 + 5 vídeos de Internet de las Cosas « Symplio – Connecting atoms to the Internet.

The concept of Internet of Things is little known to many people because of its technical complexity involving connecting physical objects to the Internet. The idea of the devices connected to the web is create bidirectional data flows, resulting in smart products and services that make people lifestyle better and simpler. To better understand the concept of Internet of Things, their application, use and scope, we collect some of the best videos that explain how it works and we also include some products that are currently on the market.

Escenarios de ejemplo de alta disponibilidad de BizTalk Server. Este tema describe los escenarios de Microsoft BizTalk Server que proporcionan alta disponibilidad mediante niveles de hosts escalados horizontalmente. Alta disponibilidad y resistencia de sitios: ^Ayuda de Exchange 2010 SP1$ Ibmcog1. Alta disponibilidad. Sergi Jorda. Sergi Jordà / Associate ProfessorMusic Technology GroupDept. of Information and Communication TechnologiesUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Find synonyms for disseminates. Enter your text to find synonyms and click Synonyms Search Search Results disseminates 24 results. Live Better Newsletter: Evolve Urban Arts Project Archives. Crowd Funding for Technical Innovation. Graphics & Imaging - Quartz Composer. Sprite Kit Sprite Kit is a powerful graphics framework for 2D games such as side-scrolling shooters, puzzle games, and platformers.

A flexible API lets developers control sprite attributes such as position, size, rotation, gravity, and mass. Sprite Kit’s OpenGL-based renderer efficiently animates 2D scenes. Built-in support for physics makes animations look real, and particle systems create essential game effects such as fire, explosions, and smoke. Timeline. Essence. Concepts. Left vs Right: US Political Spectrum. FlowingData. Joe_Weinman_Time_Is_Money.pdf (Objet application/pdf) LOS TIEMPOS DE LA ULTRAMODERNIDAD ( El tiempo de la Tribu Cibernética) Augment - Android Market. Build a custom feed results. Skip to main content Home News room News room feeds Tab navigation The IBM News Room lets you create custom RSS feeds that combine several categories.

Learn more about RSS The fields indicated with an asterisk (*required) are required to complete this transaction; other fields are optional. (228) 2011-07-28 IBM Announces New Innovation Lab Dedicated To Technology Services. ARMONK, N.Y., - 28 Jul 2011: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the creation of the Services Innovation Lab (SIL), a new global lab that will initially comprise about 200 technology experts hand-picked from around the company.

The lab will accelerate the expansion of real-time analytics and software automation in both IBM's technology services offerings and its global services delivery capabilities. The SIL significantly expands IBM's nearly 10-year-old services research program by bringing together services, research, software developers and industry experts from around the company to focus initially on the creation of services software applications for cloud computing, analytics and mobility.

Sept - uni-leipzig: Service Innovation Lab. The Service Innovation Lab (SIL) is a BMVBS funded project of the International SEPT-Program of the University of Leipzig. Central goal of SIL is the generation and implementation of new services based on technologies and service concepts developed at the University of Leipzig. This is a contribution to the promotion of technology transfer in the service sector in Leipzig.

Furthermore, the dissemination of the concepts of service engineering as a scientific discipline into the practice is an essential part of the efforts by SIL. NESTA - Public Services Lab. Audience Recommendation and Planning Platform: Genome. Wireless Intelligence. Hans Haacke (Colonia, 1936) First solo exhibition in Italy for Hans Haacke - Art. Since the beginning, your work has paid a lot of attention to the context in a way that we could define, in a broad sense, "political". What does it mean "Politics" in Art for you?

In the 1960s, I produced a number of works that reacted physically to the environment, for example clear acrylic boxes in which condensation developed in response to the place in which they were displayed. What I cared about was the dynamic process rather than the object. News. Hans Haacke at C4 Contemporary- Artist Profile / Biography. Tree Branding - Quem somos. Les ressources TBI : sitographie et bibliographie - MATICE. Audiolib DataPool. LIB_ thesaurus. GTI - Glosario Terminología Informática.