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Web Lab: Home Page. Cap Digital. The Politics of Participation and Collaboration in Contemporary Art. Golden ratio. Line segments in the golden ratio In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.

Golden ratio

The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0, The golden ratio is also called the golden section (Latin: sectio aurea) or golden mean.[1][2][3] Other names include extreme and mean ratio,[4] medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut,[5] and golden number.[6][7][8] MaxMSP tutorial: guía de programación para artistas. Seeing the sounds of the sea - Image 1. 12:07 01 February 2010.

Seeing the sounds of the sea - Image 1

Home - Tricia Wang [ethnographer & sociologist researching cellphones and computers in China & Mexico] SIME 2012: the search for digital opportunities. FanLabs - Sharp. Artists Wanted. Web Site Gives Artists Fame in Times Square. The artist whose work now gets a canvas Rembrandt could never have imagined is a substitute teacher from Allentown, Pa., who has made art for over 30 years but never had the backing of a major museum or gallery.

Web Site Gives Artists Fame in Times Square

Her creation will loom over Times Square because she won an online contest in which users of a Web site gave her more votes than 35,000 competitors. The site,, is not a charity but a business, one that hopes to make a profit identifying artistic talent and connecting it to an audience. Investors are pouring millions into it and similar start-ups and social networks like and, which cater to the growing cadre of people who consider themselves creative and think there’s a market for their work outside the network of galleries and dealers who dominate the commerce in art and design. 10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic. Information can be useful—and even beautiful—but only when it’s presented well.

10 Steps To Designing An Amazing Infographic

In an age of information overload, any guidance through the clutter comes as a welcome relief. That’s one reason for the recent popularity of information graphics. Infographics are visual designs that help to explain complicated data in a simple way (mental-health emergencies at Burning Man, anyone?). Our Future Mobility Now. Software Downloads. Bell Labs offers several software applications for download and use under limited license.

Software Downloads

Please read the requirements carefully for each application, as details of usage may vary from application to application. Any questions about the software should be addressed to the contacts listed on each page. Research Software Distribution Web Site Free software packages developed and distributed by Bell Labs under limited-use license. Sablime® Configuration Manager A Bell Labs-developed tool that handles version control and change management to help developers efficiently and effectively manage, maintain, deliver and support changes to software and documentation. Lucent nmake Product Builder A Bell Labs-developed advanced, efficient and flexible build tool that automates much of the effort normally required to set up and maintain software builds. Lucent Exptools A collection of Bell Labs-developed UNIX™-based tools that can provide added value to software developers.

"Commodity Theory” > teoría de la indiferenciación o de la banalidad. Jedinstveni matični broj građana. Future Centre - Ecosistemi - Il futuro del Retail. Have You Heard It – The Best Music Infographics. Infographics, Venn diagrams, and flowcharts: They are hard to avoid these days and data visualization is a hot topic.

Have You Heard It – The Best Music Infographics

Therefore, HaveYouHeard.It did some research for you and selected the best music related infographics. Enjoy! Electronic music flowchart, via Toothpaste for Dinner: IBM's Big Data Challenge: A Telescope That Generates More Data Than the Whole Internet. There's a massive telescope on the drawing board that hasn't even started construction yet, but when it's finished in 2024, it'll generate more data in a single day than the entire Internet.

IBM's Big Data Challenge: A Telescope That Generates More Data Than the Whole Internet

For scientists to ensure they'll be able to handle all that raw information, they need to start working on new computing technologies now. Fortunately, IBM is on it. The computing giant is collaborating with ASTRON (the Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy) to develop the next-generation computer tech needed to handle the colossal amount of data captured by the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), a new radio telescope that will spread sensing equipment over a span 3,000 kilometers wide, or about the width of the continental U.S.A. Science. Xerox NoteTaker. El Xerox NoteTaker probablemente fue la primera computadora portable.

Xerox NoteTaker

Se desarrolló en el Xerox PARC de Palo Alto, California, en 1976. Xerox PARC. Entrada del edificio del Xerox PARC en Palo Alto (California).

Xerox PARC

Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, ‘centro de investigación de Palo Alto’) es una empresa de investigación y desarrollo, propiedad de Xerox Corporation. Con sede en Palo Alto (California, EE.UU.), fue fundado en 1970 inicialmente como una división de investigación. Hombroich's 'Treasure Island' You name it! - Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. La información con dibujos entra. "Esto no es una crisis, es un cambio histórico" Analytics. Platón. En las páginas dedicadas a Platón encontrarás, en la primera sección, "Biografía", (a la que puedes acceder a través del enlace "Biografía" situado en la cabecera de cada página), una breve exposición de los principales acontecimientos de su vida, en la que se destacan algunos de los momentos significativos relacionados con su actividad filosófica.


National Institute of Standards and Technology. Data Analytics: So, What's Your Algorithm? Unleashing social energy. Big Society. The Big Society was the flagship policy idea of the 2010 UK Conservative Party general election manifesto. It now forms part of the legislative programme of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement.[1] The stated aim is to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a "big society" that will take power away from politicians and give it to people.[2] While some have responded to the policy favourably, its aims have been queried and disputed by other commentators.

The Big Society concept applies to domestic policy in England only. These policy areas are devolved in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and are therefore the responsibilities of respectively the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government in those countries. Background[edit] Big Society. A Chat With Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson (Video) - Arik Hesseldahl. Retratos. Signos matemáticos. CIPAST. Facultad de Diseño y Comunicación - Universidad de Palermo. ThinkBank. Speed of sound. Speed of Sound. Air is a gas, and a very important property of any gas is the speed of sound through the gas. Why are we interested in the speed of sound? The speed of "sound" is actually the speed of transmission of a small disturbance through a medium.

Sound itself is a sensation created in the human brain in response to sensory inputs from the inner ear. Transonic speed. In aeronautics, transonic refers to the condition of flight in which a range of velocities of airflow exist surrounding and flowing past an air vehicle or an aerofoil that are concurrently below, at, and above the speed of sound in the range of Mach 0.8 to 1.0, i.e. 600–768 mph (965–1236 km/h).

This condition depends not only on the travel speed of the craft, but also on the temperature of the airflow in the vehicle's local environment. It is formally defined as the range of speeds between the critical Mach number, when some parts of the airflow over an air vehicle or airfoil are supersonic, and a higher speed, typically near Mach 1.2, when the vast majority of the airflow is supersonic. IBM Open-Sources Potential "Internet of Things" Protocol. The openly stated goal from IBM is to produce a completely new world-wide web, one comprised of the messages that digitally empowered devices would send to one another.

It is the same Internet, but not the same Web. Side channel attack. In cryptography, a side channel attack is any attack based on information gained from the physical implementation of a cryptosystem, rather than brute force or theoretical weaknesses in the algorithms (compare cryptanalysis). For example, timing information, power consumption, electromagnetic leaks or even sound can provide an extra source of information which can be exploited to break the system. Some side-channel attacks require technical knowledge of the internal operation of the system on which the cryptography is implemented, although others such as differential power analysis are effective as black-box attacks. Techonomy: Understanding and Promoting the Integration of Technology with Business and Social Change. HP reemplazará flash y SSD con tecnología memristor en 2013. The H.P. Lovecraft Archive.

Community: Espacio: El Blog de Jamarmu. Hace unos días he estado haciendo ejercicios de ingeniería inversa; resulta que un equipo de uno de nuestros competidores ha pasado por mis manos, y no he podido resistir el ponerlo a funcionar para ver en primera persona las diferencias entre lo que nosotros hacemos y lo que hacen otros; esas cosas que luego alguien pone en un powerpoint, y que a veces no terminas de creerte. Por el camino me encontró un compañero de uno de nuestros partners, fibra óptica en mano, justo antes de virtualizar el equipo del “enemigo”, y el caso es que se quedó sorprendido, aunque no sé si porque dedicara tiempo a jugar con un equipo ajeno, o por el jaleo que estaba montando con las fibras.

Sociedad de la información. La sociedad de la información es aquella en la cual las tecnologías que facilitan la creación, distribución y manipulación de la información juegan un papel esencial en las actividades sociales, culturales y económicas. La noción de sociedad de la información ha sido inspirada por los programas de desarrollo de los países industrializados y el término ha tenido una connotación más bien política que teórica, pues a menudo se presenta como una aspiración estratégica que permitiría superar el estancamiento social. Burbuja punto com. Edificio sede de NASDAQ en downtown, Londres. Joe_Weinman_Time_Is_Money.pdf (Objet application/pdf) El Hundimiento: Las redes sociales y el social media marketing. Ganan las finanzas, pierde la economía real: el futuro ya está aquí - Desde Londres. Salarios monetarios rígidos.

Analytics Valley: Big Data, Data Scientists and SAS Programmers. Kelton Launches Website Dedicated To In-Depth Interviews and StreetSmart Research.